Advanced SEO Course to become complete SEO expert

Learn advanced and expert techniques of proven keyword ranking and best optimization

About our Advanced SEO Course

We introduce THE TRULY ADVANCED SEO COURSE as it gives training on complete search engine optimization and not just one part of it. What advanced SEO learning and training should mean and should be about is the full SEO. It should not be about any single technique to do any single or particular task or aspect of SEO. Through our complete training, we take your entire SEO to an advanced level. We make you an expert and a specialist in complete SEO. We develop and improve your SEO and take it to an expertise level.

We make you experts and masters in ranking keyword. And when you achieve a proficiency in ranking then you become expert in whole SEO because achieving rankings means being able to do the complete SEO in the right way.

Therefore, our advanced course trains you on not one or two but MANY PROVEN TECHNIQUES covering the ENTIRE SEO as a specialization.

Our course actually takes that expertise to another level. We help you achieve a mastery in finding easy keywords. Keywords which can be ranked easier and faster than other keywords.

We train you to spot easy ranking opportunities.

PLUS we train you on various techniques across the SEO process to improve rankings of any type of keyword and even if it is a difficult one. Easy ranking is one part, but the main keywords are often difficult ones. But with this training you can always improve rankings and gain many search positions quicker.

What this means for an SEO professional?

You can build rankings and relevant organic traffic for any website, and in a more effective way and lesser time.

ONE – This means that in the short run, you can build rankings and traffic faster than others in the short run and not wait or ask your clients to wait for months to see rankings and traffic.

TWO – You can build rankings and relevant traffic for even new websites which do not have enough or very low domain authority.

THREE – You will be able to improve rankings of difficult keywords faster and achieve top ranking for those keywords in lesser time than what a normal SEO would take. You can target the difficult keywords with more surety and confidence and make them rank.

Unique Features of our advanced SEO training course

Rank training – This is the core feature and advantage of our advanced SEO training course. We train you on how to rank fast, how to rank for more keywords, and how to improve rankings of any and every keyword with right approach and right techniques. Follow the right approach to ranking and build many first page rankings and tons of traffic. We train you on more than one techniques to identify easy ranking keywords and find keywords for even new websites and make it rank.

The approach – This specialized advanced SEO course is more about the approach and not any particular technique. This training is about improving your overall SEO through many techniques for each SEO specialization or task. We have techniques for keyword research, for on page, for content, for link building.

Universal application – The techniques taught in this advanced training program can be applied in every situation and for every website. These are not techniques which only work for some particular website or situation. They work everywhere. It is actually about training you on smart SEO and not any one technique.

YOU CAN - Rank keywords just with right optimization

Advanced SEO training focus – THE Smart Approach

Picking the Right Keyword and Creating Right Content.

This is our unique 4 step approach and strategy which we will teach you. With this approach and the techniques included within each step you can find easy to rank keywords for any website. Then following the rest of the techniques you can rank the keywords on the first page. What more with this approach you will be able to rank any keyword on the first page. This is what you will be learning in our 4 step SEO keyword ranking approach:

1. Find easy keywords

  • 2 techniques to find many keywords you can rank successfully

2. Create better content

  • 5 points to create best content to rank on first page

3. Do better Optimization

  • How to create best optimized URLs, Title and H1s
  • Create best Titles for more clicks & top ranking with 4 examples

4. Build right links

  • Step by step link building process for top page ranking
  • How to create off page articles to rank blog for more keywords (not even mentioned in the blog post)

The most powerful thing with this approach and technique is that if you do the first two steps thoroughly and properly then for some keywords you might rank on First Page even without building any or many backlinks!

Learn to spot ranking opportunities and improve ranking of any keyword easily.

This powerful approach will give you:

Rank your page on top (faster)

Rank your website for many more keywords (faster)

Build relevant traffic and leads to your website (faster)

Easily build FREE organic traffic in Thousands with our advanced SEO course training.

Improved SEO expertise with advanced training

This is a master level SEO course to make you experts in Keyword Ranking and on improving rankings of any keyword with deeper SEO understanding and the use of better and advanced SEO techniques. You will gain master level knowledge and the following expertise from this advanced course on SEO and ranking training:

  • Create and find many relevant keywords for a website
  • Know how to find the best keywords to rank for websites
  • Know how to select the right keywords to rank
  • Know how to identify easy ranking keywords
  • Know which keywords you can rank
  • Even estimate (approximately) time to rank your keywords
  • Know the type and quality of content to make a page rank
  • Know what is better content and always create content that is better than top ranking websites
  • Know the best on page optimization techniques
  • Know how to build links and rank your keywords
  • Know how to rank your page for even more keywords. Rank your page for keywords not directly mentioned or optimized in the page

How this advanced course improves your SEO

Become a complete SEO expert

Do full scale and better SEO

Start managing complete SEO

Handle bigger SEO projects

Handle complete SEO projects

Achieve bigger and better SEO results

Start own SEO consultancy, agency or company

Grow your blog or website

Make your blog or website rank for hundreds of keywords

Bring thousands of organic traffic to your blog or website

Start own SEO consultancy, agency or company

Start freelancing work

Be best and more accurate in SEO

Master keyword finding and ranking techniques

Who should enroll in this advance SEO training

Everyone with these questions are best suited for this course

How can I do complete SEO

How do I get best results from my SEO

How do I make my website grow

How do I grow my blog and build both fast and long term organic traffic

How can I rank many more keywords for any website

Can I improve keyword with just on page? YES you can, we train you in this.

How can I do better on page and improve keyword ranking

How do I write content which is better than the top ranking websites

How to rank more keywords and faster for any website

How do I find keywords for a website which I can rank easily and faster

Why you need Advanced SEO course

Search engine optimization is one such area of learning and expertise where one can benefit the most from an advanced SEO learning course. This is because there are no specific and written methods or ways to do SEO and achieve results. Further, there are so many different ways of doing each and every aspect or task of SEO from keyword research to building links.

It becomes little hard for a junior level working professional and even SEO guys working for few years to really understand and identify best techniques. Even if you do, it takes months and even years to apply it and see actual results.

This course is based upon years of experience and also experiments. By enrolling for this course you can learn & start using my advanced level expertise. This way you save time which normally takes for anyone to become true expertise in SEO.

Learning proven techniques from my SEO advanced course can make you SEO Expert in a very little time.

THE BEST part is that I teach easy to understand and easy to apply techniques. I developed these techniques which will bring wonderful results in SEO. If you can master the art of finding the right keywords, master the skill of ranking the keywords on the first page then you have truly mastered SEO. This is because the ultimate aim of SEO is to rank keywords on the first page and get more of relevant traffic.

SEO is after all learning from experience and experiments.

So, why not learn from the experience and experiments of others and save tons of time and energy by learning proven methods.

Eligibility for this course

Know the basics and fundamentals of SEO

Knowledge and experience (preferably) in keyword research

Knowledge and experience (preferably) in on page SEO

Knows technical SEO

Can write or compile content

Knows off page SEO and link building basics

Interest in SEO and to learn, test and practice on your own

Our Advanced SEO Training methodolgy

This advanced SEO training course is delivered online. You will be mailed the course in PDF with all the techniques and complete process. Keeping in mind the online and home based SEO learning focus, everything in the course is explained in detail and with examples where needed.

We are based in Delhi, India and located in Dwarka, yet anyone across India can enroll in our course. We will provide full support and learning assistance through mails.

For any query about this course and to ask questions after you purchase the course you can mail us at and we will reply to you as soon as we can. You will have email support with this course for doubts and problems. Please note that all these doubts, queries and problesm will be addressed as per the availability of time, but will be answered.

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