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Best SEO Training Course in India

THE BEST course for Learners to BE SEO Professionals

A special Package SEO Course for you [88% OFF]

The BEST SEO Course

30 Complete Chapters

Learn everything to be a better SEO professional.

18 Exercises

Gain practical experience & insights with course.

ONLY INR 2,025 (88% OFF)

The Course BONUS

4 Advance Chapters

Bonus Chapters to add more SEO expertise.

3 Magic Tracksheets

FREE tracksheets fro easy & quick start your SEO.


Purpalyn Best SEO online training course fees & details

This is a special SEO training course package. The reason why this is special course is because it combines the following BEST SEO learning materials& features:

1. The Best & complete SEO course for professionals and beginners (All 30 chapters)

2. 4 advanced level SEO chapters from our soon to be launched Advanced level SEO training course only for SEO professionals. I share SEO insights I gained from ranking a blog for +200 keywords on first page and other quick top rankings.

3. 3 magic tracksheets which I used when I ranked the above keywords and use all the time.

4. THE HUGE promotional and special discount I am offering [88% OFF].

To enroll for this course you can pay INR 2,025 via our online payment partner instamojo. You will get the basic course material comprising of full SEO course with 30 chapters as soon as we receive the payment. The bonus chapters and tracksheets will be mailed to you within 2-3 days time.

Please note these email IDs and keep them saved with you for any further communication regarding the course. Our Email IDs: courses@purpalyndigital.com and purpalyn@gmail.com.

Value of this course package:

Complete professional SEO course worth INR 9,549

Adavance level bonus chapters and tracksheets combined worth INR 6,991

Combined SEO online training course package worth INR 16,540

What you are paying is JUST INR 2,025

The FREE course material you are getting is worth INR 14,515. Discount offered 88%

You can pay online via instamojo links we have given in this page. Go here to pay INR 2,025 for the SEO course in pdf download. The payment is to be made full after which you will be mailed the SEO course PDF.

Complete SEO Training Package [worth INR 16,549].

For INR 2,025 ONLY!! 88% OFF


4 ADVANCED SEO Chapters as FREE (Bonus)

Bonus Chapter 1 – How to know & beat SERP competition

Know the type and category of your SERP competition then you are better prepared to beat them.

Bonus Chapter 2 – How to analyze top ranking pages' content

Know how to look deeper into page content and analyze it to create good & better content.

Bonus Chapter 3 – 5 ways to get pages ranked without indexing

Know how your pages can appear for search and get ranked even without indexing.

Bonus Chapter 4 – 4 Pre SEO Factors for SEO

Know the different (unique) factors which not directly related to SEO but affect SEO results.

FREE Tracksheets for EASY SEO

Tracksheet 1 – SEO Accounts

Easily manage SEO accounts & website links & know link profile. Also manage internal links and image files.

Tracksheet 2 – Keyword Ideas

Your keywords are your base. Create more & relevant keyword ideas so that you can target best keywords.

Tracksheet 3 – Select Best Keywords

Keyword selection process made very easy with this tracksheet to track top SERP sites find easy keywords.

Get the BEST in SEO Training with this Package [worth INR 16,549].

For INR 2,025 ONLY!! 88% OFF

Now THE BEST SEO Course details

Best online SEO course training

SEO Coverage

Best and most complete SEO course with 30 chapters covering everything to learn to be a professional.

All Basics & Insights

Learn all the basics and insights into how to best do SEO & how it works.

Best Keyword Research training

This SEO course gives you best coverage & training on keyword research to find many keywords.

Best On Page SEO training

Best on page techniques & training with our course to rank more keywords.

Strategies & Techniques

Step by step guide on strategies and techniques to follow to achieve better SEO results.

Learn Right Approach

Follow the right approach to ranking and build many first page rankings and tons of traffic.

Practice to add expertise

Gain practical first hand experience on how SEO works with 18 Exercises to add expertise

Rank your website to first page with our approach and techniques. I DID IT!

Not just SEO Course. Best training to Rank Keywords.

For INR 2,025 ONLY!!

Complete SEO course to learn the BEST in SEO

Module 1: About SEO & Career
  • Lesson 1 - What is SEO
  • Lesson 2 - Why Learn SEO
  • Lesson 3 - SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
Module 2: Understand SEO Background
  • Lesson 4 - What are Search Engines and how they work
  • Lesson 5 - Google algorithms as rule book
  • Lesson 6 - Major Google algorithms
Module 3: Setting up for SEO
  • Lesson 7 - Google accounts set up
  • Lesson 8 - Ready website for indexing
  • Lesson 9 - Submit site to search engines
Module 4: Understand Technical SEO
  • Lesson 10 - Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Lesson 11 - Checklist of Technical optimization techniques
  • Lesson 12 - How to do Technical Optimization
Module 5: Understand Keyword Research

BEST Keyword Reseach Module
  • Lesson 13 - Know Keywords
  • Lesson 14 - 11 Types of Keywords
  • Lesson 15 - Keyword Research
  • Lesson 16 - 21 Keyword Research Tools
  • Lesson 17 - Long Tail Keywords and their importance
  • Lesson 18 - LSI Keywords
  • Lesson 19 - How to find your keywords
  • Lesson 20 - How to validate and select right keywords
  • Lesson 21 - How to find keyword difficulty
Module 6: Understand On Page SEO
  • Lesson 22 - Introduction to On Page SEO
  • Lesson 23 - Checklist of On Page optimization
  • Lesson 24 - How to do On Page optimization
Module 7: Understand Off Page SEO
  • Lesson 25 - What are Backlinks
  • Lesson 26 - What is Link building
  • Lesson 27 - Off Page and its Techniques
  • Lesson 28 - Link Building Techniques
Module 8: Understand Local SEO
  • Lesson 29 - Local SEO and How to optimize and rank
Module 9: SEO Audit
  • Lesson 30 - How to do SEO Audit

Best and advanced SEO Course worth INR 16,549.

For INR 2,025 ONLY!! 88% OFF

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What you learn from this complete SEO course

You will be able to increase your knowledge, professional skills and expertise in search engine optimization from learning the following from our course and training.

  •  Deeper and wider knowledge of SEO
  •  How SEO works
  •  What creates SEO rules & its best practices
  •  What to do before submitting site for indexing
  •  How to submit site & URL for indexing & re-indexing
  •  How to ensure all pages are ready to rank
  •  Technical optimization techniques
  •  How to do technical optimization
  •  What are the 11 types of keywords
  •  How to find more keywords
  •  Best 21 Keyword Research Tools
  •  How to select best keywords for your site
  •  Learn to find more keywords to rank
  •  Learn to find easy keywords to rank
  •  What are long tail & LSI keywords
  •  Best on page SEO techniques
  •  Learn to create best SEO Titles for your site
  •  How to do local SEO
  •  Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks
  •  Role of Nofollow backlinks
  •  Off page SEO techniques & how to do it
  •  Best of Link building techniques
  •  Learn what is SEO audit
  •  Learn to do general SEO audit for a site
  •  Learn to do SEO audit for a local business site

Learn Smart SEO. RANK (& BE) Smart.

Skills you gain from this SEO training course

By enrolling and learning from this course you will become Complete SEO Professional and Ranking Expert. So, you will be able to full search engine optimization and handle full SEO projects, from start to finish. What most SEO beginners and SEO executives, with very less or no experience, do is small parts and tasks of search engine optimization. With this course and some practice you will be able to take on larger SEO job responsibilities and grow more in your career.

This is because of these skills and capabilities that you gain from this course and training:

  • Complete SEO Expert
  • Website analysis experts
  • Keyword research experts
  • Keyword ranking experts
  • Technical SEO experts
  • On page SEO optimization experts
  • Content writing and optimization
  • Full scale Link building experts
  • SEO Audit experts

Who can enroll in our course

  • Students who want to enter into SEO field
  • Beginners who want to make a career in SEO
  • Graduates who want a start career early
  • Anyone who wants to have a high paying career
  • Individuals of any age who want to be freelancers
  • To take up projects in search engine optimization
  • Anyone who wants to start a career in digital marketing
  • Small business owners to make their business website grow
  • Professionals of digital marketing fields
  • SEO Professionals who want to advance their career
  • Working SEO Professionals who want to be SEO experts
  • Bloggers who want to grow their blogs and get organic traffic
  • Content writers who want to grow
  • Website designing experts and professionals
  • Marketing professionals

Become Expert in Top Page Keyword Ranking.