How to select best SEO training course through these parameters

What you should know before enrolling for a course. Know the checklist to select your course. Look at the parameters to find and select the best SEO course in India.

How to select best SEO course from syllabus

How to find a good online SEO course for learning

You are here to find how to select a complete, advanced and best SEO course online and we believe you now know that the best online course is the answer to how I can learn SEO fast, from scratch.

So, let us begin to tell you how to select your best online course so that can teach yourself best SEO.

The very basic and foundation of your whole learning of SEO and your SEO journey, skill development, growth and all somewhere starts with an SEO course, whether it is an online course of a classroom training course.

Now when it comes to start learning SEO at home, finding and selecting a good SEO course online has many advantages. As we said before that you can also learn by finding free resources. It takes time, so a course can save that time.

Also, the best SEO course provides complete learning. This means that you do not have to look for what all to learn in SEO, find different resources to learn different things, and then also judging which one is better and more relevant.

Start with the best SEO course online.

So, let's now talk about that now. Let me put in little help through some detailed, unique and perhaps not covered before information and content. This will make you more aware and knowledgeable about the various courses on search engine optimization that are available. This will probably give you new angles to look at these courses and how you can select the best SEO course.

Questions in your mind about selecting an SEO course

Is SEO a good career

What I need to learn in SEO

Which is the BEST SEO course?

How do I know which SEO course is BEST?

Which is the best SEO course online

How to find and enroll for the best course to learn SEO?

These are the few questions that every SEO beginner or learner asks themselves and tries searching on search engines like Google. Even SEO professionals who are looking for an advanced course and for the SEO complete course to advance and improve their learning and skills ask the same questions. We also searched the same but sadly did not specific answer to this question.

So, I am going to share with you a list of few parameters which will help everyone, from an SEO beginner or dummy to SEO professionals or experts to select the best SEO course for themselves.

These are universal factors which apply equally well to all types of courses. Whether you are looking for the best international course on SEO or best online course you can use these criteria. Even if you want to select a course in a certain country like Best SEO course in India or you may want to go deeper and find a course within a city boundaries like Best SEO course in India you can still apply all or much of these parameters and find YOUR best course to learn search engine optimization.

How to be more thorough in selecting your online professional SEO course

When it comes to the decision of selecting the right course for any professional field, like SEO or digital marketing in this case, you may face or suffer from one of the following issues or question:

Problems you may face while selecting a course

  1. Not knowing how to start or select, at all
  2. Selecting a course on wrong parameters
  3. Selecting a course for wrong reasons
  4. Lack of guidance or advice or reference for course screening & selection
  5. Not knowing what all criteria or aspects to look in a course
  6. Not fully understand or setting learning goals & matching these with the available courses

What you should understand before selecting your best SEO course

Knowing and understanding your learning goals fully and deeply is the first step to selecting the right course or taking the best possible learning path.

Few things to help you look deeper into your learning goals and help you make them right, relevant and helpful.

  1. Starting to learn without fully understand all aspects related to a course may be a wrong decision
  2. Learning ONLY for a job is incomplete
  3. Deciding to learn any new thing without fully understanding its usefulness, scope and utility for you would be incomplete (but not wrong entirely)
  4. Learning a professional skill without knowing few things about the actual job environment could make it difficult to adjust later
  5. Deciding to learn a new skill without finding out other job related skills or qualities may be incomplete

How to select the best course

If you decide to go for an SEO course to learn full and complete search engine optimization then what you need to find for yourself is one good or best course. The question is, "How to find the best SEO course" for yourself. This would depend upon many factors. We have listed those factors or parameters against which you can evaluate the different courses.

These parameters are not exactly to decide the best course, but are about how to know which course is more suitable for your needs and what are the things that each course teaches and the level of knowledge and expertise you can expect from different courses. The one you select for yourself which ticks all the boxes of your suitability and needs, ultimately will become the Best SEO training course for you.

If you are going to enroll for an SEO course, then you can evaluate the courses against these few questions or parameters.

  1. SEO course vs. training
  2. How complete the course is
  3. Course content
  4. Delivery mode
  5. Time and duration
  6. Projects or exercises
  7. Certificate
  8. Course level and target
  9. The base of the course

Let us look at the various parameters in detail now

SEO course vs. training

SEO course is basically more of theoretical teaching on search engine optimization basics and fundamentals. It is usually designed for beginners. An SEO training is and should be specifically focused on training a learner on advanced SEO or some specific and expert level SEO techniques. Training means to train someone and it is more than just theoretical teaching. Not all SEO courses are training even if they say so. A truly SEO training course is the one that says specifically what area of SEO it trains you on. It will train you to be an expert or professional on some aspects of SEO or complete SEO.

How complete the course is

Whether the course is for beginners or for professionals the one thing you should look for in it is that it should be complete in teaching you SEO. It is more applicable for beginners. You cannot again and again go for some courses to learn something or the other. You should learn complete SEO at one go it is always best to select a SEO complete course.

Course content

Look at what all the course covers and delivers. You should know before selecting a course what all it will teach you. You can look at the SEO course syllabus. A good and detailed syllabus of an SEO course can tell you everything about that course and what you can learn in SEO from that course.

Delivery mode

Check how the course will be taught and delivered. Studying the course page will make you know if it is a classroom based course or an online. As we discussed before on online course can be delivered in various ways. It may be through videos or PDF files or may be both.

Time and duration

If it is a classroom based course then check the timings and the duration of the course. Check what are the timings and duration of the classes. Also check the complete duration of the course. You should be comfortable with the timing and duration or make dedicate that time for the course.

Projects or exercises

This is one of the features which you may not find in all the courses. Live projects or exercises can be very helpful and beneficial if you want to learn the best and complete in SEO. Only the best of the courses will have this feature. You should check with the institute or the agency or expert who is providing the course. Like our online SEO courses have exercises which allow you to practice what you learned. You will also gain insights into looking how SEO works and little experience of how to do it.


There are courses which provide certificates and there are courses which do not. If you ask me, it does not make much of a difference. Students may feel more confident and comfortable with a course which comes with a certificate. However, the thing to note is that whether the Institute is worthy of providing a certificate.

Course level and target

Check the level of the course. There are so many courses and each of these courses are designed for beginners or for professionals. Then there are courses for different types of professionals like there are SEO courses for bloggers, courses to learn SEO for particular types of websites or courses for specific types of SEO aspects like courses for local SEO, courses on keyword research or optimization or on linkbuilding.

The base of the course

This may more apply when you are looking for an advanced level SEO course. Advanced course means teaching expert level and advanced aspects of SEO including techniques. This only experienced SEO professional or an SEO expert can teach or train. So, look at the expert level SEO courses and SEO training programs and check what they say about their training or course. They should tell you something about their experience or expertise which is the base for designing this course.

You should also know the SEO teachers, all those who teach search engine optimization. Find out how best to teach yourself SEO.

A key advantage of online course over classroom course

A classroom course can only tell you what had happened in the past related to these updates. And that's it. Once you have cleared the course, you are on your own, mostly. From there on you need to learn on your own, either on the job or (again) online. This is probably a reason why many early professionals go for online courses.

An online course may go one step ahead by updating its course content and providing you the same regularly.

How to check syllabus to select best SEO course

What is SEO course syllabus?

An SEO course syllabus shows you a list of all the subjects and topics that every search engine optimization course covers. A syllabus is an outline of course in the form of a list of chapters or lessons of that course on SEO. It is also the curriculum of a course and it gives you a good idea about what the complete SEO course with its modules cover.

There are two different ways to show and publish SEO course syllabus. It can be in a very brief format which only lists the chapter names. The other way and the better way is to publish a detailed and informative SEO syllabus which has a list of all the chapters and also briefly introduces what each chapter covers. This gives a student much better idea about the course.

You can find the detailed or brief syllabus on the website along with the course or also as a separate page in case it is a detailed and more informative syllabus. It can be published in both ways also.

Importance of SEO syllabus

The SEO syllabus of an online SEO training is the first and also one the best parameters to know how good that course is. The course syllabus can show both the width and depth of the course and how complete and comprehensive the course is. A syllabus can also make you differentiate between two different courses or programs. An online training program teaches search engine optimization in a different way than the best SEO course, and you can know that by looking at their syllabi.

When students want to start learning search engine optimization or even digital marketing then they need a good and easy way to look into the courses and institutes and also look through the courses to know how good these are. Also it is best if the method is quick because visiting each and every institute can take lot of time & effort and waste crucial time of students which could be invested in actually learning.

A syllabus provides that quick and easy method. A syllabus is a very important tool or method with which students can evaluate different courses and programs. They can see which courses provide what and also check which courses are better and more suitable to their career needs and can help more in starting and growing their careers.

One of the important factor which a syllabus can show and help you evaluate is the quality of the best SEO courses is what makes the syllabus best. However, it is also the presentation of course aspects in the syllabus that makes it more relevant and student friendly. Also, the focus and emphasis any institute gives on providing a complete syllabus for students to see also contributes towards the quality of syllabus and also shows the willingness of the institute to help students.

We created the a comprehensive and most complete SEO course in India which covers every aspect of SEO and its techniques. It also teaches students the techniques to apply their SEO knowledge and skills and rank keywords on search engine pages. Then we also the best SEO course for beginners. Reading syllabus of each of these course can tell you their quality and their relevance for their respective set of learners. All these aspects of our course reflect properly in our syllabus.

How to select best SEO course through its syllabus

We have created a 3 easy check point and a 3 step guide for students to evaluate various courses through their syllabi.

These 3 steps will help you select the best SEO course for your career. Here, you can also look at our SEO course syllabus. You can evaluate our syllabus and check how complete and informative it is, how students friendly it is and how it represents our course in the best way.

Let us take you through these three steps or checks now.

Step 1

The first thing a student should see whether the institute or the SEO agency or the SEO blog website provides a syllabus or not. You can find the syllabus on the course page. Or it could be a separate page. It has to be there and the institutes which do not publish syllabus may not have a good and reliable course to offer to the students.

Step 2

The second criteria is to look at the chapters. Look at how many chapters are there and what all are they about. If you want to learn SEO then do some research before and go through as many courses as possible to see which course and their syllabus has wider and deeper coverage of SEO.

Step 3

The third thing to check is to see if the syllabus is just a list of lessons or it is more detailed and informative. An informative syllabus fulfills two objectives. One, it lets you know better about what will be taught in each of the chapters. Second, it tells you how sincere course providers are. Having informative syllabus also means that the course has good content and you will be able to really benefit by learning from the course. And that the course can be a good for your career start or growth.


So, when you want to pursue and select any digital marketing or SEO courses in India then check out their syllabus and use this small checklist to see how good that course is for you and for your career.