Why website is important? Advantages of website for business & its Benefits

The Importance, advantages & benefits of a website for businesses is unparalleled as the only platform to go online & digital.

Importance, benefits and advantages of having a website

Website Importance - Why you need a website

What is the one thing that you need to make the following happen?

Reach people all over the world

Make anyone from anywhere know about you

Let all those who do not know you, actually know you

Have presence on the web or Internet

Make use of digital marketing

You need a website.


World is (going) digital now

Digital platforms and channels are best ways to communicate and market

We now rely more on the Internet and digital information

In many cases upto 90% of buying decisions are based on search and website

More and more Mobile users and local customers make buying decisions on the basis of websites each day

This shows (in brief) and proves the Website Importance

Every business needs a website.

Websites serve important purposes and therefore are needed by everybody

Getting a website for a business, company or even for personal use is now more common. But when you know the importance of websites then you can take all its benefits and grow your business through your website. This decision to have our own website arises due to various reasons like when you look around you see everyone having their own websites. Among these reasons could be the fact that you know the benefits a website brings and how important it can be for business presence and growth and also for personal uses.

In this digital world your website holds tremendous value and importance. Your website is everything and does so much for your business. It plays many roles and it is the only platform that will take you to all your customers online.

Let us tell you the importance of having a website for a business or for an individual and the benefits you can get from that website.

Know in detail what are the real significance and roles of a website. Why actually every small and big business now a days have their own website, and what all benefits it brings for these businesses.

Most importantly, let us tell you all the various benefits of websites and how especially important it can be for a small business or a startup company. What added advantages a website gives to a small business or a startup, why it is perhaps more important to them than for anyone else, and how they can use it more effectively for their growth.

Understand the Importance of Website from its need and role

There are three ways to understand why websites are important for businesses and for everyone. These are also the 3 factors making websites important and 3 roles that websites play in this world. These 3 factors to understanding website importance are:

Websites as the base of internet & world wide web (WWW)

Website's roles for businesses

Advantages & Benefits of having a website

These 3 factors also answer 3 questions

Do you need website?

Why everyone business needs a website?

Why you need website?

Importance of websites as the base of Web & Internet

The Web is a network of websites and everything we do, see or read is through websites only

Websites have become a need and very basic platform to do so many or all the things in this digital world. It is integral and essential for Internet and in our day to day lives, yet we sometimes do not see its value and significance.

Internet has grown so fast and so wide that it is now a very essential part of our lives. With this, websites have also become a thing which we come across in our daily activities. Reading a blog like this one, looking for best restaurant near you for dinner out, shopping online, watching videos, etc. These all are web pages which are part of some website, portal or platform.

There are so many types of websites like blogs sites; company websites; personal portfolio websites; ecommerce websites or portals; news sites; huge information websites; websites as tools or platforms for various activities like games, database of videos or images; and so much more.

If we look closely then we will find that whatever information we search for online or go through social media and click on some links, basically everything is delivered through websites.

So, even if you do not fully understand the importance and benefits of a website, you still want to go ahead with having a website of your own. This is probably because you see websites everywhere around you or you at least know that you can do many things with a website which you may not be able to do without it.

All the information and content, in any form, is delivered and consumed through a website.

Websites are IMPORTANT, needed and used by every common person on this earth, and this includes your every customer.

Importance of website for business due to the 3 KEY Roles

A website is important for everyone because it plays key role and assists in many functions for businesses and individuals. Right from presenting & representing an entity, and creating an identity for them to a point of contact and communication, reaching out to people, a platform for conducting business, and more.

A website is the best, simple and most effective way for an individual, professional, a business or any type of organization to present itself and reach out to people. A website provides the best platform for information sharing, reaching out, marketing, and also help your audience segments to keep in touch and engage with a person, business or organization.

It is important because it serves many different purposes. Your company or business website is that platform which represents and also carry out your entire or most of the activities of your business.

A website is very important for every small, medium and large businesses as it can handle and assist in many corporate functions of a company. A business can do marketing; make sales through a website; post jobs and receive resumes from candidates.

Websites important as Identity of a business on the Internet

You just might know or realize that your website is the first thing an individual who does not know you or your business will see. It can be your first point of contact, first impression of your business. If you do not take care of your website then such people who can come to you through your website may not come at all as they did not like your website and the impression created was not good enough.

Website is your address, home or office on the Internet. A website is your identity on the Internet and in the digital world. It lets people know about you and reach you. It is a place for you to share information with people and make them know about you and to build interest and trust in you or your business or services of organization.

It is a tool which you can use to create your own unique identity and place in the market. It is one of the best tools which is now used to build identity and do brand building by businesses.

Strategic advantage of website for small businesses and startups

It is also the best tool and platform which any business can use to build a competitive advantage in your market. And this becomes especially significant for small businesses and startups. Markets everywhere are getting tough with so many products, and businesses with huge resources. So, how does a small business or a startup compete and create its own identity? A website can be and should be the first platform to use here.

A small business or startup can create a much better identity by creating a better website with more functionalities and ease of use as compared to its large competitors. This can help small business to build your own identity in a competitive market space which is better and unique than many of the larger competitors.

And this branding is not just limited to the online world. One gets recognition in the offline world due to your online presence, which starts and is centered around your website only.

People remember a business due to the uniqueness of their website or the content they used in their website like logo, unique images or videos, interesting and unique stories, information or other content. Your website is the best tool to make all this unique content which you create to thousands of people in a very short time and consistently make it reach many more people over a longer period of time.

Importance of website for business marketing

In this digital world all this is done with the help of digital marketing, which is the most effective and fastest way to make a person or business reach to its audience and customers. Here, website plays the most important role, as without it there can be no marketing in the digital world.

Website is the very base of every type of digital marketing campaign using any kind of platform or channel. Whether it is social media marketing, search engine optimization, email marketing, content marketing, search or display advertising, mobile advertising, or any marketing or advertising method.

You need a website. This is because, it is the website that you market or advertise, and it represents your business there. And it is the website where you finally bring your audience. Where else will your customer go to know the details of your offer or product or to read more?

Your site is where your customers will take the necessary action like contact you by mailing you or simply filling the contact form; submit their feedback or interest for your offer or product; or better select your product and make the purchase online and also make the payment then and there.

What websites do for us – Role & Importance of Websites

10 Types of websites

As we mentioned before, all and everything we search for, read and do on the world wide web or the Internet, is done ONLY through websites. There are so many different types of websites which serve different purposes, roles. All these different sites serve our different needs too. Let us look at few of the types of websites that we see when we are online and when we surf or search anything.

Through websites all types of businesses, entities, organizations and individuals can create and build their presence. This is the most important role which these sites play for all these. It is the most important and the only platform for your digital identity and presence.

All these stakeholders have created the various types of websites that the Internet is made of today.

And when companies use digital marketing or its channels like social media or SEO to enhance their online presence then it is the website that creates that all important platform.

Without a website a business cannot have its online presence, cannot make use of online marketing channels, cannot share what it offers with unlimited number of people, and do a lot many other things which they can only do if they have a website.

These are the key roles a website plays and these make it that more important for businesses especially.

If you are a business owner or blogger or are planning to have your own website then you can also start learning digital marketing or SEO to realize the potential and importance of your website. Here is a list of best SEO courses to help you do that. You can also know how to learn SEO and then jump to this beginners search engine optimization tutorial.

Benefits and advantages of having a website for every business

Website is important because it brings so many benefits and advantages for all types of businesses, small, medium and large. They are especially important for small businesses and startups because they can also be used as a competitive advantage, apart from the various benefits which it can bring for such businesses and startups. Let us look at the various advantages of having a professional website and the benefits which a well designed and optimized website brings.

Benefits of having a website comes from the roles it can play and the various uses and advantages it brings for businesses and individuals.

List of seven most important benefits of a website:

1. Benefit of having online presence and identity

2. Build an online profile of your business

3. Makes your business available and online 24 hour

4. Make your business reach to every place

5. Provides the benefit of quick & easy access

6. Unmatched benefit of reaching customers all the time

7. Platform for all online marketing

Let us look at how it benefits entities, professionals and individuals and brings various general, informational and commercial advantages for them.

7 Advantages & Benefits of website for businesses

1. Benefit of having online presence and identity

It is a digital world and almost everything starts with the Internet or online. And that is where everyone is. So, how do you create presence of your business in this online world and in front of all those who use Internet in their daily lives? This is where your website provides the first benefit, and a benefit which only a website can provide.

Your website creates your presence in this online or digital world and builds your identity.

When you have your website, you have your own unique domain name, your URL. This domain name and URLs are like your address on the Internet and your identity. These are by which people come to know you and your business. Through these they can reach your website. Then your website becomes your very own place on the Internet where people can come to know you, reach you, engage with you.

Through your domain name you can also have your own unique email IDs, which again are like medium to reach you, just like your mobile number.

The first benefit of having a website is that it makes your business reach to the audience online, and equally let your audience reach you.

2. Build an online profile of your business

Whether it is a business or an individual offering something and looking to reach out to people, it is because they have something to offer to them. Hence you need to tell them many things about you or your business. That is profile.

You can create a permanent profile about yourself and your business through a website. You can design it as you want, say what you want to say and in your own ways, include all or whatever information you want to convey to the people.

A website is very scalable where you can add as many pages for so many different purposes.

This way your website brings value to your business. It is your very own, scalable and fully controlled profile and face in the online world. You can design it the way you want, change, scale it up and do lot more.

Your website is your permanent face and profile of your business for your audience.

3. Makes your business available and online 24 hour

This is perhaps the best use of a website. Your website is online and available for your audience 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. This is the best benefit your website gives to your business by making it available and visible to its audience all the time.

There are no office timings, no non working hours, no weekends and no holidays.

This is very important and beneficial for your business, to maintain a regular and continuous visibility through your website.

This is because by having a 24 hour access to devices like computers and mobile, people use Internet all the time or any time of the day. So, even when they want to know something about your business or they search for related information, they can reach and access your website all the time they want to.

This feature and use of having a website benefits a business by reaching out to audience in different time zones. People in countries with different time zones can reach you when it is working hours for them or day time and it is non-working hours for your business which means night time in your country or city.

All this brings so huge advantage for business having a website as even if it is non working hours for your office, or it is a weekend, or holidays, you do not have to worry. Your website is very much online and reachable to everyone and every minute.

4. Make your business reach to every place

In the offline world if you want to create a presence in cities and countries other than where you are based at then you needed to be physically present there. You needed to have an office or an employee or agent there.

With a website you can reach to every place on the earth without being there physically.

A website knows no geographical boundaries. It can reach to anyone in any place in the world. And any person living anywhere and in the farthest of cities and countries can access your website and know about you and also do business.

A website saves tons of manpower, time and cost.

5. Provides the benefit of quick & easy access

There is one more access benefit which a website provides. You must have heard that usage of mobile is growing all over the world. You might be a witness to that when you access the Internet from your smartphones.

Website are also mobile based or at least can be made completely mobile friendly so that people who want to access Internet or websites through mobile have no problem in viewing it.

Website can be made compatible to be viewed with all kinds of screens and in all formats. This increases the reach of websites even to the mobile users.

6. Unmatched benefit of reaching customers all the time

So, with a website you can reach your customers always, everywhere and any time. A website is actually created mainly for that purpose only. Of course there are other reasons and benefits but making a business reach its customers and providing those customers an easy and all time access to their website is the most important benefit of a website.

7. Platform for all online marketing

Website is the base and entry for an entity into the digital world. It is also the base and the platform for digital marketing which means all types marketing using digital and online channels.

We mentioned this above when we talked about importance of website in marketing. Marketing is the essential part of any business, and even individuals. Without marketing a business cannot survive and grow. Digital marketing is the preferred marketing method that has taken over the traditional marketing methods. This is due to various benefits and reasons the main among which is the growing internet usage and presence of people on these online channels like search engines, social media, mobiles.

A business may adopt whatever online channel for marketing and advertising, from search engine optimization, search or display advertising to social media marketing & advertising, content marketing, mobile advertising, or even email marketing.

They will need a website for that, all of that, and without it you cannot do any kind of digital marketing. Also, because with all marketing and advertising you attract customers to your business. So, you need a platform to bring customers to and provide them all the information they need to make a decision.

Website is the platform where you bring and convert audience into customers and therefore it is your best tool and platform for marketing and growth.

Let us understand and sum up importance of a website, case by case

Website importance for small business

A website is and can be the very important tool for small businesses. A website is important for a small business as with it any and every small business can properly establish itself in the market. It is the best way for such types of businesses to create and build their space and identity in the online market space.

Small businesses usually find the competition tough. And as we understood above that a website can play the very important role of a strategic tool or platform which can make a business stand apart and compete.

A website can in fact help a small business win even in the most competitive market.

Importance of website for education

A website is very important for education just as website is important for businesses.

We are an online expert SEO Institute, and consultants too, and have online SEO courses. We have a free SEO tutorial and also blogs on various topics. Without a website, all these would not have been possible.

Therefore, a website is very important for online education. There is much more to it. It is not just the online delivery of education through online courses or tutorials. Websites have helped tremendously in spreading education and making it reach millions of people. Websites have helped in educating people about education. They have helped in making more and more people get educated, know about many more learning options and take the right education.

What makes a website important

The most important tool to go online

Always available & visible platform

The single platform where one can publish all what you want to share with audience

The only platform that can be viewed by anyone, anywhere and anytime

Your most important identity in the online world

Your website is that tool and place through which you can share all what you want with your users, no matter where they are. You can publish all the content about your business there and let everyone see that and know you and your business.

Just like your website, the website content is important too, and that is what people read to know you. However, without a website that content can never reach all those you want and be visible all the time, anywhere and anytime.

To conclude Website Importance - Presence and usage

Some number according to websitehostingrating to point to vast presence and use of websites and therefore their importance.

As of January 2019 there were over 1.94 billion websites on the Internet.

As of January 1, 2019, there were 4,100,667,287 (4 billion) internet users across the globe.

Global Population: 7.7 billion

What does that tell us?

One website for every 2 internet users

One website for every 3.8 human