What does a website consist of and what information a website should have

What information should be on a website and what information you should have on your website

Information a website should have

What should a website consists of

What does a website consists of means what information should be on a website or what a website should have. Since we understood that pages form the important parts of a website so we can say essentially that a website consists of web pages mainly.

These web pages are what constitute a website. So our question about what makes up a website also means what are the components of a web page.

This is all we are going to explore, explain and discuss here.

We also know that content is the most important part of a website. So, the first thing every web page and therefore every website has or should have is content.

Without content a website is of very little use or value.

What a website should have or consist of is all about including all the necessary information in the website which someone visiting it would need.

It is about looking at your website as your presence and identity on the Internet which people who do not know you or your business can see.

What information should be on your website

When you want to know what information should be on your website or what information a website should have then there is not one but three answers. Yes, we give you here three answers to what should be on a website or on your website.

Before going into the specific answers, you should also know that the information your website should have is basically depends largely upon these three things.

1. What is your business about

2. Who are your audience

3. Fact that website is your face on the Internet

But overall the type of people you target with your website or for whom you made your website and eventually people who visit your website decide what information you should put on your website.

Also remember this, people who visit your website for the first time and those who do not know you will make an opinion about you or your business based on what they see on your website and what kind of experience they have while they are on your website.

What a basic website should have

Correct type of website

It may look worth considering but it is very important. The first thing a website needs to have is correct representation of the business, entity, person and objective behind having a website.

There are many types of websites we see today. So, the first thing one needs to look at is to have the right type of website. If you are a business then you need to have a business website, but if you are on organization but a not for profit one then your website will be little different from a business.

The correct type of website will best represent your objective. It will build the right platform for the right structure and right information which you should have on your website.

Proper domain name

Your domain name is your identity. It represents your business, entity or the person behind the website. Best is to have a domain name which tells users what you are about and relate the website to the objective.

Even a neutral domain can be appropriate. But having a wrong domain name or a domain name which says completely different thing whereas you or your business is actually about something else, is totally wrong.

The right TLD

Along with domain name comes the TLD. TLD stands for Top-level Domain. Every domain has a TLD.


In the above URL example, “.com” part refers to TLD or Top-level Domain.

There are various TLDs like .com, .org, .edu, .net, etc. All these represent type of businesses like .com is for commercial business, .org for non profit organizations, .edu for institutions.

Similarly there are country specific TLDs like .in for Indian websites, .au for Australian websites, .nz for websites in New Zealand.

Simple web design

Every basic website should have a simple and clear layout and structure. This is achieved by having a simple website design. A basic website usually means a small website or a website for small businesses. If you do not have too much information then it is best to keep the layout and design also simple and clear.

What most people do is to fill additional (and mostly unnecessary) design elements on their sites.

They do this to make their website look somewhat important. This they do to compensate lack of information. But you do not need this. A simple design is an effective design.

Clear Navigation

You need to tell your visitors what all you have or do. You need to tell visitors what they can find on your website. Most importantly, you need to guide your visitors to the right pages to find the information that they might be looking for. And also to tell them that this is also what you can look at here and this is all what we do or have for you.

This is done by providing a clear navigation. The menu which is usually and best placed on the top of every website, in the header section, serves this exact purpose.

So, every website needs to have this basic feature for users.

How to contact

One of the objectives of websites is to help users take an action. Contacting the business or the person behind the website is one such important action.

For this you need to provide all the contact details and the right information. You also need to clearly specify how and where users can find this contact information. And in that section you need to give all the contact details and options you have, very clearly and cleanly.

Your business information

Your business information is the crux of your website. It is this information for which any user will visit your website. So every basic business website needs to have information on what the business is about, what you do, what you offer, and how can a user get what they want and what you are offering.


To really understand what information should your website consist of you should first understand and realize the importance of website for business and for your end users. Once you understand this then you will try your to put the best information on your website and will know well what should be on your website.

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