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Digital Marketing Services

Purpalyn offers personalised & result oriented digital marketing services to help clients in their business growth through online marketing. Starting from search optimization & marketing including search engine optimization (SEO) & search engine marketing or paid search (SEM & PPC or Google Ad-words services), we offer social media optimization, social media marketing & advertising, content optimisation, writing & marketing, and website optimisation & designing.

Search Engine Optimization | SEO

Our approach to SEO is very simple. We focus on quality and not quantity. Its the content that drives traffic, rest is all supportive. So, we design websites keeping in mind the objective & content. We do not just build links for you, we build your online network.

Some of the techniques we follow are:

  • Optimize Keyword Profile
  • Maximise Keywords ROI
  • Structure & Flow
  • Optimization
  • Best Fit Approach
  • Value Chain Analysis
SEO services for increasing traffic to your website and provide more & higher keywords ranking

Social Media Marketing | SMM

Social Media is a great resource not only for marketing & promotion, but also for knowing your target audience; engaging with your customers & getting feedbacks; to create awareness about your brand, products and services; and brand promotion.

Not only this, if utilized properly, social media can contribute towards SEO and also helping in strengthening the market position of a website.

  • Facebook  
  • Twitter  
  • Youtube  
  • LinkedIn  
  • Google Plus  
  • Pinterest  
  • Tumblr  
Social media marketing & advertising to make your business reach & market to its audience

Website Designing

We design websites that best suit your business, profile & your needs. Your website should speak for you, because your website is constantly reaching out to your audience.

We give you mobile ready (responsive) websites to maximize your reach. We can design a range of websites, like:

  • Dynamic
  • Static
  • Mobile Ready (responsive)
  • E-Commerce
  • For Business
  • For Profession
  • Personal
  • Blog
website designing & website optimisation solutions to get more organic traffic & higher keywords rankings