Designing your Digital Marketing Strategies

Why do you need digital marketing

Now, whether you know why you should go into digital marketing and its various benefits or not, we feel we must point here out in brief why should you actually take the digital marketing route.

Because it is offers you THE platform where most of your audience is present, and through which you can reach them. Digital marketing is more commonly used now among small and big businesses and the focus of companies on the online marketing is increasing day by day. And if you look around, many of your competitors would already be using it.

What are strategies

A strategy is nothing more than a planned way of doing something. When applied in online marketing a digital marketing strategy would ideally be creating best & effective ways to communicate your business objectives with your target audience.

Strategy is creating best & effective ways to communicate your business objectives with your target audience.

A strategy can be as simple & short as designing an email or a post on social media or linking to websites for SEO to much more complex as planning for new customer acquisition through social media, planning a whole email campaign with certain objective or planning link building strategies to position your website & improve its authority & branding.

Any strategy is as much about planning for the future as it is about deciding what to do at present or in immediate future.

Why do you need a strategy

Everybody is doing marketing, but what we all want to achieve from it differs from organization to organization. Because we all are at different stages of growth at any given point of time. Also every company or organization has different needs, different problems and different audience. A strategy is the thread between these and a roadmap to achieve the goals. Further, we cannot achieve everything at once, and so with the help of right strategies we would be able to design a process to get best results within the given situations.

And then digital marketing is not just about marketing, it is also creating long term digital assets of and for your business that you can leverage to create, establish and strengthen your brand image, perception & position; company position; position your products/services in the market and do lot more like knowing customers, winning their trust, customer awareness, customer feedback and listen to & rectify their complaints. In order to achieve results from all or even some of these

A broad strategy helps you see and define what goals you want to achieve through digital marketing. When we define your goals our immediate and future actions become more coordinated and in sync, improving the result and outcomes.

How we design digital marketing stragies

We design and base our digital marketing strategies on two main aspects. We base strategies on our 3R approach and while designing strategies we focus on the BABN. Our 3R approach implies - base strategies on Research to get better Results which improve the Returns on investment. There is, and should always be, some research when we want to base our marketing on strategies. There can be no strategy without proper research. But what that research has to be? What should be its focus? Here, we focus our research on BABN - Business, Audience, Behavior, Needs - which according to us are the 4 foundation of any digital marketing strategy.

The more we research and know about these 4 important and critical cornerstones more effective would be the strategy and better would be the results or outcomes of marketing campaigns.

It is absolutely critical to know about the business and their needs because after all we are going to do the digital marketing for that business only. But that is just the start, if we do not know our audience and how they behave, we would not be able effectively connect with them and market our business to them.

Whatever, we do in digital marketing starting from the very basic which is creating a website to writing content and then towards doing SEO, social media marketing and email marketing, there will always be some strategy, and therefore there will always be our 3Rs and BABN. But, yes, the strategies and campaigns do take some time to give results and show improvements in the results. But then of course, as we say, there is no upper limit to your growth potential, what you just need is someone who can make you see that, and make you reach that potential.

So, if you are a start-up or a small or medium size business looking to start or boost your marketing and outsource it to an agency, then you can get in touch with us and know how we can help you and make you see what online growth potential you can aim for and reach.

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