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Learn SEO: Learn how to rank keywords; Learn how to get traffic; Learn how to grow your website; Learn how to create a growing career


What is SEO? - The day I realized and HOW!

The day I realized, my website is not reaching anyone. People on my contact list and social media contacts are just that much.

The day I realized the HUGE GAP there was!! There are millions of people for whom I made my website and the data in it. I was not reaching any more, I was not reaching anyone new.

The BIG Question, that was! How do I let those people know that I have a website for you? How do I make my website reach to all of them?

I searched the Internet, Google basically. Never did I realize that what I was searching for was actually functioning or working right in front of me and that I was playing a part. Only I was on the other side of it.

That's when I realized. There is something called search engine optimization!!!

I read more about what is SEO, how it works and what I can do with it or how can it help me in what I wanted to achieve. It took me few days to realize and truly understand the meaning of search engine optimization, and not just its full form or definition. Then I fully understood search engine optimization and why it is needed and what it does.

AND. That was it!!! That was the moment!

I realized and knew that SEO is what I was looking for. It was the answer to my question, "How to make my website reach the audience for whom I made it".

SEO was the answer, the solution. SEO meant to make my website reach any number of people I want. Search engine optimization can make my website reach people I do not even know, and wonderfully also find out who are these people that are looking for the information and exactly what they want.

Why learn and do SEO

These are some of the reasons why you should learn search engine optimizations. These are also what you get, what you can do and the benefits you can get from it.

Help grow many businesses

Grow your own business

Build a growth career

Do better digital marketing

Get more results from content marketing

SEO is that one very important tool and digital marketing channel which will bring and ensure growth of your business for a long time. It will give you long term and a consistent growth. Search engine optimization is the best way to reach your target audience. Not just this it is the best way for any business to know your target audience and then make it reach them.

No matter how good and best your products, services are if they do not reach the audience for which you created and designed those, you will not get any success. And no matter how best your business idea is, it still needs to reach people otherwise it will just remain an idea and not turn into a business. Every business needs marketing to succeed.

Every business needs SEO and so it needs you as SEO professionals who can grow their business.

SEO is a very specialized way of marketing and can help do so much more. It is the most accurate way of reaching your audience and method of marketing your business. With SEO you can build and grow businesses.

You become important for their business when you are an SEO professional.

Learning SEO online and making a growing career in it is therefore among the best thing one can do. And the demand and popularity is growing and will grow even more. Our BEST complete SEO course bundle prepares you for a growing, exciting and wonderful career.

Get online SEO training for a great career and always be in demand for helping businesses grow by

Ranking more keywords

Bringing more traffic

How I learned SEO

I read and read and read. It took me few weeks to really know what is SEO and what it does. Then it took months and years may be to actually learn SEO, and also practice it on my website.

I got some results. I developed and followed an approach, without realizing what it was and how wonderful it can be. Even now not every expert talks about it and even fewer apply it I guess, although I can never be sure of that.

I made keywords rank, although I was still learning and it took me months to do that.

I was not getting traffic, but it was ranking.

I realized the value of keywords, keyword research and targeting right and different keywords to target and build more traffic.

Due to the nature of my website I contacted and mailed many organizations. I developed online partnership and association with many of these organizations. The result was that I was offering some value to them and as a result they were linking back to my website.

What I did not realize at that time was that I was following the approach to building natural links to my website. I was indirectly doing email outreach for backlinks.

I did many other things and learned through the process and strengthened my SEO skills.

I wrote blogs, improved my blogs and wrote many articles. I learned content promotion, content writing, content marketing.

In nutshell, I learned how to do SEO in an effective way. Discovered ways and techniques and formulated few of my own.

The result of all is this. We are in the year 2019. The strategies I started in 2018 and I ranked one of my blogs for more than 200 keywords in the early part of 2019. All the keywords on the first page. Not just this. I have little more than 50 snippet rankings, the Number 0 position in 2019.

3 ways to learn SEO 3 stages of learning complete SEO

Learning SEO online and free

One can learn SEO online and free. There are so many websites and blogs which talk about SEO. They cover many things on search engine optimization from basics to the techniques and some even talk about advanced strategies.

There are, however, two problems in learning this way. First, you may not know these websites and blogs. Second, even when you do know, it may take quite a bit of time to go through various blogs and guides and tutorials.

Learning SEO from paid courses

The second and probably the best way is to find a good SEO course in India and learn from it. Yes, it will be a paid course but there is a benefit from this. The benefit of learning from a course is that you can learn much more in much less time and you also get guidance.

The one problem could be to find a good course and also to find a course that is suitable to your needs. For this we have designed few SEO courses so that you can select the one that is best for you. Also, we have the best course which is a complete advanced SEO course and is best for beginners and also for entry level professionals.

Learning SEO on the job

Many SEO professionals have learnt complete SEO while working. This comes from the incomplete learning one may get from learning it free or learning from an average course on SEO. This is why we created this complete course on SEO.

Even if you learn most of the SEO there is still much room for learning. This is because search engine optimization is such a vast and dynamic field. Also, it keeps on changing. Every year there are new things and developments in and around search engine optimization which affect how it is done. So, learning in SEO never stops.

How will you learn SEO

You do not have to spend months and years learning all what I learned slowly and painfully about how to do search engine optimization and how to get results from it. Yes, you will learn how to get results by doing and not just learn all the theoretical aspects.

You will learn SEO in just few weeks time. You will learn all that you need, to do optimization, to find keywords, to write content, how to build links, and most importantly how to rank keywords.

You will learn search engine optimization in depth. When you learn it deeply and with interest and enthusiasm you can achieve wonderful things with your skills. You can also do experiments and create your own wonders and add capabilities and skills, as I did. Like, ranking a new keyword on top in just few weeks, and not months; or making a dead and stagnant website grow with constantly rising traffic.

Search engine optimization is the only tool, method and the only digital marketing technique & channel which ENSURES a steady, consistently growing and a very long term flow of traffic to a website and therefore for the business. This makes a business reach more and grow in the best way.

Reasons why one should learn SEO


Many career options

One can take many different careers and types of jobs and do different things after learning SEO.

Inhouse Job

Job in SEO agencies


Work as an SEO consultant

Start own agency

Work in content marketing

Work in digital marketing


Growing career

Whatever type of job one may take, SEO offers good growth. This is because of increasing demand of SEO, increase in online channels, increase in the number of websites and other reasons.

Career itself has growth

Every digital marketing agency needs SEO professionals

Every content marketing agency needs SEO professionals

Traditional marketing companies are going digial

Websites are growing

Growth in search usage trends

Every website needs SEO guy

Every online business needs SEO guy

Growth of online & websites means growth of SEO

What will you learn in SEO

Our SEO course teaches you all the fundamentals and basics, and also all the aspects of search engine optimization and those that are related to it. This will give you comprehensive knowledge and understanding how search engine optimization works.

Then we teach you what you need to do in search engine optimization. You will learn the complete SEO process covering every aspect, methods and techniques.

We also teach you how to apply search engine optimization basics and techniques to do different types of SEO.

This is what our BEST online SEO course will teach you.

  • What is SEO and what all it covers
  • How SEO works and what it is based on
  • What are search engines and how they work
  • What are algorithms and their impact on SEO
  • How to submit and prepare your website for indexing
  • Website Factors for SEO
  • What is technical SEO and how to do it
  • What is keywords research and what are keywords
  • 11 Types of keywords
  • Long tail and LSI keywords and their importance
  • What is on page optimization and how to do it
  • What is off page SEO and how to do it
  • Local search and local results
  • What is local SEO
  • How to optimize and rank websites for local keywords

Learning SEO is best to open many career opportunities

Learning complete and best SEO is the best way to learn and understand digital marketing. A career in digital marketing is a natural extension of SEO and often starts with search and content specializations.

You can do many things after you learn SEO completely and in the best way. Making a career is just one of them. You can do freelancing and take up projects and grow; you can make your own blog website and make it grow; and you can further grow your career and start doing content marketing and digital marketing and be one of the best in it.

This is because when you understand and master SEO you also discover and understand that how you can apply your skills in many ways and areas and grow.

To build and achieve all that start learning the right and best techniques and skills. Learn the techniques that I used achieve rankings and build traffic. Learn what I discovered learned. Take advantage of my years of experience and experiments. Learn in just few weeks all that took me years and become an expert.

Learn the best in SEO skills

Learn to rank keywords

Learn to grow traffic for websites

SEO is THE important part of digital marketing

SEO is THE essential part of digital marketing. Most of the organizations start with it and also no matter which other online marketing channel they take search engine optimization to make their reach and grow and build a reliable flow of traffic.

This is also because search engines are the best and largest source of website traffic. Search engines provide you two types of traffic. Organic search and traffic, which is the largest and the very foundation of search engines; paid traffic which is costly and low in volume.

SEO is the only way to target, attract and leverage organic traffic. And to get paid traffic through SEM or PPC most of the SEO basics and principles apply. And even if you are doing social media marketing or optimization, there are few similarities like optimization and audience study, and social media is always a part of advanced SEO techniques and full scale search engine optimization campaigns.

In the same way content marketing and SEO become inseparable at many or most points.

SEO is the core of digital marketing & the most widespread online marketing channel. It is also a growing and promising area and career opportunity.

Start Learning SEO

Search engine ranking and optimization practices, techniques and strategies are the core of digital marketing. These are the most widespread which involve and become part of many other online marketing channels.

SEO is the need of every type and size of business. This makes it a growing, promising area and always in demand career opportunity.

The best way to learn SEO is to start from learning all the basics and fundamentals and understand what search engine optimization truly is and how it functions. Properly and fully understand its aspects and practices like keyword research, optimization and off page. Learn its practices and acquire expertise and skills. Learning from experienced and experts always helps as you save time and gain from their experience.

This is what this course teaches and gives you. Share my experience and expertise with you through this SEO course.

Start your SEO journey now.

Learn SEO

Develop best skills in online marketing

Be best prepared for digital marketing and many other career opportunities