How to learn SEO - Best Approach - At Home, Online

12 steps to best learn SEO online at home - to be an SEO expert

how best to learn SEO in 2019 & 2020

What to know before you start to Learn SEO

This is a 101 & complete guide on how to learn SEO complete and in the best way. While reading this complete SEO learning guide you will realize that you can learn much more & advanced and even complete expert level search engine optimization by taking the online learning approach.

What you will also understand that learning SEO at home is and can be best way of learning SEO online.

Learning SEO at home is a decision and also the best way for many like professionals, working people. Learning at home is more like a concept which means and includes an approach, a method and a style of learning.

It does not mean relaxing at home and learning whenever you find time. It is certainly not anywhere the less effective and less popular way of learning anything.

However, any decision to learn SEO, or any other professional subject, online at home or even through regular or weekend classes has to be a well informed decision and should follow a systematic and dedicated approach to learning.

Therefore, we have covered many points and facts about learning SEO, online, at home and even through classes. This will help you make an informed decision about which approach is best to learn search engine optimization.

Learning how to Learn SEO: Let's start at Home

Starting to learn SEO is a journey and not a one time destination. If you want this journey and your career ahead more rewarding, enriching and growing then the first step is to decide how and from where to learn. This is what I will to cover through 25 topics on how best to learn SEO.

You will also understand fully that learning never stops for SEO, how and why it is best learned online, how and why online learning is the best & universal approach.

You will also understand how learning SEO at home makes it much more easier to learn & master search engine optimization.

This is all you will be reading here:

  1. What is SEO - A brief introduction
  2. The day I realized what is SEO
  3. Need & Importance of SEO
  4. Who wants to Learn SEO?
  5. The decision to learn SEO at home
  6. Concept of learning SEO at home
  7. Learning SEO at home means the following
  8. Reasons to learn SEO at home
  9. Advantages of learning SEO at home
  10. What to learn in SEO
  11. How to learn SEO - 4 ways how people usually learn SEO
  12. How I learned SEO
  13. Best approach on How to Learn SEO
  14. Questions in your mind about selecting an SEO course
  15. How to be more thorough in selecting your online professional SEO course
  16. How to select the Best Course
  17. Know the Expert, Instructor or the Institute behind the Course
  18. Why SEO is best learnt online (at home)
  19. How learning SEO at home & online is better
  20. The very nature of SEO demands online learning
  21. How to learn SEO better by online practice at home
  22. How to learn SEO at home
  23. How to turn learning SEO at home into a true advantage
  24. How best to learn SEO at home in 12 steps
  25. What all in SEO you can learn ONLY online
  26. Reasons why one should learn SEO
  27. Conclusion: Online is fast & complete

Through this blog we aim to give you some information, facts and a broader (and perhaps the better) perspective on How to learn SEO, in best and complete way.

What is SEO - A brief introduction

SEO is the synonym for search engine optimization and hence it basically means optimizing websites for search engines.

SEO improves visibility of websites on search engines so that the visitors click on your website within the top search results and the website gets traffic.

It is about getting or attracting search traffic or the users who ask (or search) for various queries (or questions) on the search engines.

SEO is an inbound marketing method and is one of the important channels of digital marketing.

SEO is a continuous process and not a single task or step and not at all a "Do it and forget it". It involves research, monitoring, tracking and doing it on a consistent basis, and provides a steady and growing results.

The day I realized what is SEO

And why it is important and why I need it

The day I realized, my website is not reaching anyone. People on my contact list and social media contacts are just that much.

The day I realized the HUGE GAP there was!! There are millions of people for whom I made my website and the data in it. I was not reaching any more, I was not reaching anyone new.

The BIG Question, that was! How do I let those people know that I have a website for you? How do I make my website reach to all of them?

I searched the Internet, Google basically. Never did I realize that what I was searching for was actually functioning or working right in front of me and that I was playing a part. Only I was on the other side of it.

That's when I realized. There is something called search engine optimization!!!

I read more about what is SEO, how it works and what I can do with it or how can it help me in what I wanted to achieve. It took me few days to realize and truly understand the meaning of search engine optimization, and not just its full form or definition. Then I fully understood search engine optimization and why it is needed and what it does.

AND. That was it!!! That was the moment!

I realized and knew that SEO is what I was looking for. It was the answer to my question, "How to make my website reach the audience for whom I made it".

SEO was the answer, the solution. SEO meant to make my website reach any number of people I want. Search engine optimization can make my website reach people I do not even know, and wonderfully also find out who are these people that are looking for the information and exactly what they want.

Need & Importance of SEO

SEO Importance

No matter how good and best your products, services are if they do not reach the audience for which you created and designed those, you will not get any success. And no matter how best your business idea is, it still needs to reach people otherwise it will just remain an idea and not turn into a business. Every business needs marketing to succeed.

SEO is a very specialized way of marketing. SEO is that one very important tool and digital marketing channel which will bring and ensure growth of your business for a long time. It will give you long term and a consistent growth. Search engine optimization is the best way to reach your target audience. Not just this it is the best way for any business to know your target audience and then make it reach them.

SEO Need

SEO is needed because there is a ready and huge demand and market which is the search engines (yes, GOOGLE).

These are some of the reasons why you should learn search engine optimizations. These are also what you get, what you can do and the benefits you can get from it.

  1. Help grow many businesses
  2. Grow your own business
  3. Build a growth career
  4. Do better digital marketing
  5. Get more results from content marketing

Who wants to Learn SEO?

Any talk about learning SEO cannot be complete or can be started without talking about the learners of SEO. If you are here then are an SEO learner. And there is a reason why you want to learn search engine optimization.

That reason for learning is important and you should understand it. You have certain needs and some goals as a learner. When you understand your reasons, needs & goals then you take the right path and get the right learning.

There can basically be three types of learners:

  1. Those who are looking for a SEO course for job & careers – Job Seekers
  2. Those interested in learning SEO online for learning & growth – Career Builders
  3. Those looking to learn SEO for their website or business – Business or Website Owners

Job seekers

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are a fresher and looking for an SEO course to get your first job and start a career. Career is usually the secondary objective at this time, job is the main goal. What will really help you at this stage is learn more, learn thoroughly & seriously and learn with sincerity. Your job and whole career may depend upon how much and how well you know SEO.

Career Builders

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are already working, in SEO, in other digital marketing fields or some related area. You want to learn more in SEO and advance your knowledge, understanding and skills.

Website Owners

Are you looking for the best SEO course for career and job?

About You: You are mostly experienced with many having entrepreneurial experience too. You may be a business person, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a website owner, or running your ecommerce site. There could be few reasons for you to learn SEO, however, you want to use SEO as a tool to market your business website or blog.

The decision to learn SEO at home

The decision or even looking to explore how to learn SEO at home means one thing for sure. That is looking to learn search engine optimization. The second aspect is the way or method of learning which is at home.

Now you may have few questions. There will always be two types or sets of questions. These would be about learning at home, and secondly about SEO and its aspects.

  1. How to start learning SEO?
  2. How best to learn SEO?
  3. What is learning SEO at home?
  4. Is learning SEO at home a good option?
  5. Can you actually learn SEO or digital marketing at home?
  6. Why should one learn SEO at home?
  7. Can you learn SEO all by yourself?
  8. How can I learn SEO from scratch?

Then you may also have the following questions about SEO:

  1. Is SEO a good career
  2. What I need to learn in SEO
  3. Which is the best SEO course online

Let us find the answers to your questions about SEO learning from home.

Concept of learning SEO at home

First Thing First.

Home based SEO learning means learning SEO online.

Learning at home is seen as opposite of classroom based learning, but it is not that different. In the classes you are taught about SEO while at home you learn by reading and watching. But there are SEO courses for both styles of learning.

Even when you are attending SEO classes, you have to learn few things on your own, and it is never that an instructor will teach you everything on SEO completely.

Before going further and to help you understand the concept and position of home based learning, let us briefly discuss the various styles or methods of learning search engine optimization.

Learning SEO at home means the following

  1. It means DIY (Do-It-Yourself) concept
  2. Learning by self
  3. It means an enterprising thinking - DIY is usually take by persons with entrepreneurial
  4. DIY also means control
    1. doing my way
    2. having or demanding flexibility

Knowing or unknowingly learners or students who are looking for and select learning at home option in SEO or any other field they are looking for learning more, learning better. And more often than not, these learners learn the best in SEO.

It does not always mean

  1. you have a low budget
  2. you cannot attend classes
  3. there are no good SEO institutes near you
  4. you cannot find a good institute
  5. shy of attending classes

It only means that you chose to learn search engine optimization at home for its many benefits, because you are more technically inclined and because you like that approach of learning.

Reasons to learn SEO at home

Know what is SEO

To find a job

Learn more in SEO

Learn advanced things in SEO

Planning to shift to SEO from other related fields

Have a blog and want to get traffic

Know how to get traffic to a website

Build basic SEO knowledge

For a school/college project

To help someone in website development & marketing

Content writers wanting to add SEO skills for more projects and growth

Small business owners or marketers looking to target and bring search visitors

Advantages of learning SEO at home

Learning SEO at home is a wonderful opportunity.

There are some big advantages which learning SEO at home will give you and which will be very valuable for your future career and growth. These will help you develop your skills, confidence, knowledge, expertise and the ability to do SEO with practice.

To learn more

Learn on your own

Learn as much as you want

Go as deep into learning SEO as you want

Learn and practice doing research (which is very important in SEO)

Practice SEO while you learn (SEO is online & learning online & on your own makes you go through the issues you might face, practice the process of SEO)

Building your own way of thinking and doing

Encouraged to search and find more for answers

Flexible timings

Plenty of resources to learn

What to learn in SEO

When you start learning search engine optimization you will be learning about the keyword research, technical SEO, on page SEO optimization, and link building. Let us look at what all these are about and what you will be learning in these.

Keyword Research

Keyword research means finding all relevant keywords for your website. With this research we try to find all the keywords which are relevant for a website and which we can use on that website.

What you will be learning in this are the various steps that are involved in keyword research. You will learn how to find keywords and the steps or the process of finding and selecting relevant keywords for a website.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO basically means making a website accessible, readable by search engines. This makes sure that a website is technically ready for search visibility.

You will learn all the various steps and techniques of doing technical SEO.

On Page SEO

On page SEO or on page optimization means two things. First, it means using the keywords which you found and selected for your website. You will be using various keywords on all different pages of your site. Second thing that you do is to optimize the content and various parts of it according to your main keywords, and also to find and use other supporting keywords.

What you learn in on page is where all you should use your keywords, and the various techniques you can use for that.

Link Building

The most talked about thing in SEO is link building or backlinks. Backlinks are the links which you get from other websites that link those sites to your website. In order to make your pages rank for your keywords and build and improve your search visibility for your various keywords every website needs backlinks.

So, you will learn how to do link building and how to build backlinks for your website. You will learn about various techniques of link building, different types of backlinks which you can get, what types of backlinks you should get and which types you should not.

How to learn SEO — 4 ways how people usually learn SEO

Take SEO classes

This is the first approach and the very obvious way that comes to mind for all the freshers. All SEO beginners who have just completed their studies and want to learn SEO to get a job and start a career in search engine optimization field look for nearby SEO institutes to attend classes and learn about search engine optimization.

There are however two important things that a learner and beginner in search engine optimization needs to look at.

ONE, Institutes are location based. Learning through classes from institutes is therefore location based. This means that you are always going to prefer an institute near to your home. Not all the institutes near your home may be the best in teaching SEO.

TWO, you will always have to support your SEO learning through supplementary online studies. This is because of the very nature of SEO. As a professional field SEO requires you to look at how the theory is applied and used. So to master anything in SEO you need to go, look and search online.

Learning SEO online and free

One can learn SEO online and free. There are so many websites and blogs which talk about SEO. They cover many things on search engine optimization from basics to the techniques and some even talk about advanced strategies.

There are, however, two problems in learning this way, especially for beginners. First, you may not know these websites and blogs. Second, even when you do know, it may take quite a bit of time to go through various blogs and guides and tutorials.

When you are just starting learning you do not know much on SEO. Therefore, you may not be able to find all the resources and know which ones are best.

However, this changes one you start working and develop a good understanding and are in constant touch with online reading. You then know who and which resources to follow, which are more relevant and best.

Learning from online SEO courses

You can start learning with an online beginners SEO training course. This is of course paid courses but can provide the best platform for learning and for your jobs and career. Online courses, most of these, are designed to keep the online learning in mind. Therefore, they tend to cover more in SEO as both beginners and early professionals are likely to enroll for such courses.

They also cover better and more as they have to compete with classroom trainings which is the preferred choice for beginners.

The benefit of learning from a course is that you can learn much more in much less time and you also get guidance.

The one problem could be to find a good course and also to find a course that is suitable to your needs. For this we have designed few SEO courses so that you can select the one that is best for you. Also, we have the best course which is a complete advanced SEO course and is best for beginners and also for entry level professionals.

Learning on the job

Many people learn many things on the job and search engine optimization can also be learned while on the job. It is possible when you have colleagues doing SEO work in your office and you can start learning from them.

This also means that you are either working in an digital marketing or SEO consultancy or agency. Or you working in a company which has its own in house SEO team or have hired one or two SEO experts.

How I learned SEO

I read and read and read. It took me few weeks to really know what is SEO and what it does. Then it took months and years may be to actually learn SEO, and also practice it on my website.

I got some results. I developed and followed an approach, without realizing what it was and how wonderful it can be. Even now not every expert talks about it and even fewer apply it I guess, although I can never be sure of that.

I made keywords rank, although I was still learning and it took me months to do that.

I was not getting traffic, but it was ranking.

I realized the value of keywords, keyword research and targeting right and different keywords to target and build more traffic.

Due to the nature of my website I contacted and mailed many organizations. I developed online partnership and association with many of these organizations. The result was that I was offering some value to them and as a result they were linking back to my website.

What I did not realize at that time was that I was following the approach to building natural links to my website. I was indirectly doing email outreach for backlinks.

I did many other things and learned through the process and strengthened my SEO skills.

I wrote blogs, improved my blogs and wrote many articles. I learned content promotion, content writing, content marketing.

In nutshell, I learned how to do SEO in an effective way. Discovered ways and techniques and formulated few of my own.

The result of all is this. We are in the year 2019. The strategies I started in 2018 and I ranked one of my blogs for more than 200 keywords in the early part of 2019. All the keywords on the first page. Not just this. I have little more than 50 snippet rankings, the Number 0 position in 2019.

Best approach on How to Learn SEO – What I suggest

Combined Approach!

Yes! To be a complete SEO professional and an expert you need: learning from a good course (either online or classes) to start + free online learning + on the job learning.

The whole purpose of learning SEO is to either do a job or work on your own. Basically you need to learn SEO to apply it. So, here is the thing. To get a job you need to learn SEO. BUT to effectively and properly learn SEO you also need to apply it side by side. Because only then you will be able to see how it actually works.

How can you apply it without having a job and how will you get a job without learning it?

Here's the answer. Here is how best to learn SEO.

  1. Search the internet to know about SEO
  2. Find a good course
  3. Start learning the fundamentals
  4. Figure out a topic you have interest or knowledge about
  5. Create a basic website
  6. Start writing few blogs or posts
  7. Use your SEO knowledge on your blogs
  8. Focus on content and users
  9. Do not pay attention to the noise (the more you listen when you do not have the right understanding the more you get confused)
  10. Build a platform and skills
  11. Observe, observe and observe
  12. Figure out and build upon your strengths
  13. Ask questions & build relations (build relation with fellow learners, experts or experienced persons, and learn and share with them)
  14. Go little deeper and advanced into SEO

Learning SEO is NEVER skimming through a list of topics. And the best SEO course is also not a one which ONLY covers and shows a large set of topics and sub topics on SEO. The key content characteristic that makes a course the best paid SEO course is the depth and width in which it covers the topics.

You need to apply and use and see the practical aspect of every technique.

The very basic and foundation of your whole learning of SEO and your SEO journey, skill development, growth and all somewhere starts with an SEO course, whether it is an online course of a classroom training course.

So, let's now talk about that now. Let me put in little help through some detailed, unique and perhaps not covered before information and content. This will make you more aware and knowledgeable about the various courses on search engine optimization that are available. This will probably give you new angles to look at these courses and how you can select the best SEO course.

A key advantage of online course over classroom course

A classroom course can only tell you what had happened in the past related to these updates. And that's it. Once you have cleared the course, you are on your own, mostly. From there on you need to learn on your own, either on the job or (again) online. This is probably a reason why many early professionals go for online courses.

An online course may go one step ahead by updating its course content and providing you the same regularly.

Questions in your mind about selecting an SEO course

Which is the BEST SEO course?

How do I know which SEO course is BEST?

How to find and enroll for the best course to learn SEO?

These are the three questions that every SEO beginner or learner asks themselves and tries searching on search engines like Google. Even SEO professionals who are looking for an advanced course and for the SEO complete course to advance and improve their learning and skills ask the same questions. We also searched the same but sadly did not specific answer to this question.

So, I am going to share with you a list of few parameters which will help everyone, from an SEO beginner or dummy to SEO professionals or experts to select the best SEO course for themselves.

These are universal factors which apply equally well to all types of courses. Whether you are looking for the best international course on SEO or best online course you can use these criteria. Even if you want to select a course in a certain country like Best SEO course in India or you may want to go deeper and find a course within a city boundaries like Best SEO course in India you can still apply all or much of these parameters and find YOUR best course to learn search engine optimization.

How to be more thorough in selecting your online professional SEO course

When it comes to the decision of selecting the right course for any professional field, like SEO or digital marketing in this case, you may face or suffer from one of the following issues or question:

Problems you may face while selecting a course

  1. Not knowing how to start or select, at all
  2. Selecting a course on wrong parameters
  3. Selecting a course for wrong reasons
  4. Lack of guidance or advice or reference for course screening & selection
  5. Not knowing what all criteria or aspects to look in a course
  6. Not fully understand or setting learning goals & matching these with the available courses

What you should understand before selecting your best SEO course

Knowing and understanding your learning goals fully and deeply is the first step to selecting the right course or taking the best possible learning path.

Few things to help you look deeper into your learning goals and help you make them right, relevant and helpful.

  1. Starting to learn without fully understand all aspects related to a course may be a wrong decision
  2. Learning ONLY for a job is incomplete
  3. Deciding to learn any new thing without fully understanding its usefulness, scope and utility for you would be incomplete (but not wrong entirely)
  4. Learning a professional skill without knowing few things about the actual job environment could make it difficult to adjust later
  5. Deciding to learn a new skill without finding out other job related skills or qualities may be incomplete

How to select the best course

If you decide to go for an SEO course to learn full and complete search engine optimization then what you need to find for yourself is one good or best course. The question is, "How to find the best SEO course" for yourself. This would depend upon many factors. We have listed those factors or parameters against which you can evaluate the different courses.

These parameters are not exactly to decide the best course, but are about how to know which course is more suitable for your needs and what are the things that each course teaches and the level of knowledge and expertise you can expect from different courses. The one you select for yourself which ticks all the boxes of your suitability and needs, ultimately will become the Best SEO training course for you.

If you are going to enroll for an SEO course, then you can evaluate the courses against these few questions or parameters.

  1. SEO course vs. training
  2. How complete the course is
  3. Course content
  4. Delivery mode
  5. Time and duration
  6. Projects or exercises
  7. Certificate
  8. Course level and target
  9. The base of the course

Let us look at the various parameters in detail now

SEO course vs. training

SEO course is basically more of theoretical teaching on search engine optimization basics and fundamentals. It is usually designed for beginners. An SEO training is and should be specifically focused on training a learner on advanced SEO or some specific and expert level SEO techniques. Training means to train someone and it is more than just theoretical teaching. Not all SEO courses are training even if they say so. A truly SEO training course is the one that says specifically what area of SEO it trains you on. It will train you to be an expert or professional on some aspects of SEO or complete SEO.

How complete the course is

Whether the course is for beginners or for professionals the one thing you should look for in it is that it should be complete in teaching you SEO. It is more applicable for beginners. You cannot again and again go for some courses to learn something or the other. You should learn complete SEO at one go it is always best to select a SEO complete course.

Course content

Look at what all the course covers and delivers. You should know before selecting a course what all it will teach you. You can look at the SEO course syllabus. A good and detailed syllabus of an SEO course can tell you everything about that course and what you can learn in SEO from that course.

Delivery mode

Check how the course will be taught and delivered. Studying the course page will make you know if it is a classroom based course or an online. As we discussed before on online course can be delivered in various ways. It may be through videos or PDF files or may be both.

Time and duration

If it is a classroom based course then check the timings and the duration of the course. Check what are the timings and duration of the classes. Also check the complete duration of the course. You should be comfortable with the timing and duration or make dedicate that time for the course.

Projects or exercises

This is one of the features which you may not find in all the courses. Live projects or exercises can be very helpful and beneficial if you want to learn the best and complete in SEO. Only the best of the courses will have this feature. You should check with the institute or the agency or expert who is providing the course. Like our online SEO courses have exercises which allow you to practice what you learned. You will also gain insights into looking how SEO works and little experience of how to do it.


There are courses which provide certificates and there are courses which do not. If you ask me, it does not make much of a difference. Students may feel more confident and comfortable with a course which comes with a certificate. However, the thing to note is that whether the Institute is worthy of providing a certificate.

Course level and target

Check the level of the course. There are so many courses and each of these courses are designed for beginners or for professionals. Then there are courses for different types of professionals like there are SEO courses for bloggers, courses to learn SEO for particular types of websites or courses for specific types of SEO aspects like courses for local SEO, courses on keyword research or optimization or on linkbuilding.

The base of the course

This may more apply when you are looking for an advanced level SEO course. Advanced course means teaching expert level and advanced aspects of SEO including techniques. This only experienced SEO professional or an SEO expert can teach or train. So, look at the expert level SEO courses and SEO training programs and check what they say about their training or course. They should tell you something about their experience or expertise which is the base for designing this course.

Know the Expert, Instructor or the Institute behind the Course

This is one of the important factors to decide your best course. For us, it is little more important hence we decided to cover it as a separate section. This section will tell you all about the types of SEO institutes or SEO experts and other individuals or organizations or websites who or which provide or can offer various SEO courses.

There could be few types of websites or providers for any SEO course. Looking at the course and its factors is important. Equally important could be to look at who has designed or created the course. Please note, the instructors who teach in classrooms are not the ones (usually) who designed the courses. They are just teaching it. Let us look briefly and explain to you who all are the persons or organizations behind the various SEO courses and who are the course creators.

BEST SEO Experts

SEO or learning it can be of much little fun and excitement if it were not for these renowned and true SEO experts. Every industry, field has experts, but SEO experts are in their own separate league. Learning from any of these experts is like learning the best, most advanced and truly complete SEO.

This section or anything about "Learning SEO" cannot be complete without two names, Brian Dean and Neil Patel.

SEO Institutes

The first one is the institutes. Many of these institutes are owned and were started by SEO professionals and experts. While some were started by digital marketing pioneers and entrepreneurs.

So, while selecting SEO courses from any of these institutes you can, and you should, look for who started it. They are the ones who would have designed the courses or at least played an important part in creating the course material. Institutes usually have, and should have, a page about their founders. You can also find this information in their about us page.

Few of such institutes may have contributors who can also be professional or industry experts and have helped in designing the courses. These institutes and their courses can be considered best.

SEO Professionals

There are SEO professionals who have designed courses. Look at their experience, expertise and anything that can validate this.

More SEO experts

Then there are SEO experts. They will specifically tell you about their expertise. Because for them expertise matter more than experience. Please note expertise are different from experience. Not all experienced professionals have true expertise. Their courses are best for advanced learning.

SEO Agencies or Consultants

Some of the SEO consultants and agencies also offer courses on search engine optimization. These courses can provide some practical knowledge and perspective on SEO for beginners. Such courses are also called SEO agency course.


There are bloggers who provide their own courses which may be focused more on blogging and SEO for bloggers.

Course Aggregators

You will also see plenty of course aggregator websites like coursera, udemy where SEO experts have their own courses which are provided through these course focused websites.

Reputed SEO sites

There are reputed and authority SEO websites like MOZ, searchenginejournal which provide SEO tutorials for free.

Non SEO websites

Lastly, there also could be any other non SEO websites which may offer SEO courses. These courses may be designed by someone else and are just offered through these websites. It is important to look at who has designed the courses.

The very nature of SEO demands online learning

  1. SEO is all online
  2. SEO needs practice which is done online only
  3. SEO keeps changing, so you need to keep updates with online reading

These three basic and important points about SEO show its nature. These points and the nature of SEO also shows that it is best to learn it online.

As soon as you begin your career you will have to start and continue reading and learning online to do search engine optimization in a better or best way and to improve on your knowledge and skills. Following are few important reasons why you need to be online for SEO:

to practice what you learnt

to see how basics, aspects & techniques work

to add to your knowledge and skills

to keep yourself updated in this professional field

to keep yourself updated about the trends, search engine updates

to read about and understand all the algorithm and other updates brought by Google and other search engines

for expert advice and view points on each aspect

and for many more

SEO is very unique and requires everyone to know about and properly understand the latest trends & updates. SEO is largely based on algorithm and other updates by search engines.

But you need online learning, absolutely.

Why SEO is best learnt online (at home)

Why learn SEO online or at home

SEO is best learnt online which includes at home and on your own. This is because of the nature of SEO and all the aspects which are related to it; the way it is done; and because there are many more resources which are available only online.

SEO needs time and practice. What learning search engine optimization best and full also requires is looking at how each concept & technique works, practicing it more, going little deeper into what you learn in the course.

All this you do at your own, and at your home often. All this you do online.

This you can do only when you are at ease, at comfort level and without any pressure to complete something in a given time. You can do this when have time to go deeper, search for more & supportive & clarifying resources which are related and relevant.

Few facts about learning SEO

There are no colleges teaching SEO

It is taught best by experts

You will always have to learn (more) online at later stages and to learn more, deep & advanced

There is no standard in learning. There are no set benchmarks that SEO course should include this only or should be of this level or should teach this much theory and this much practical, or should have practical also or just theory.

There is no official certificate or degree in SEO. You don't even need one. Your knowledge, skills and expertise will speak for you in the real world.

All that is taught in SEO is from experience and the courses, content, blogs and all are designed and written by professionals and experts. And if you want to learn from SEO experts then these experts mostly teach online. This is because, they can reach to learners in all parts of the world by going online.

Why learning SEO at home & online is better

If you want to master search engine optimization and be a professional and an expert then you need to do two things:

  1. Learning the basics, foundation
  2. Practice what you learned

Both learning and practicing SEO is largely online based. This means you will be using online tools, Google tools, other websites and search engines to learn, experience and practice SEO.

Therefore SEO learning is incomplete without going online. And this is best done at home and by giving it enough time.

Therefore, learning complete SEO course online and at home gives you opportunities to learn more and deeper.

How to learn SEO better by online practice at home

how best to learn SEO at home in 2019

Let us go through each of the part of SEO which you will be learning and see how it is better to learn those things online and how online approach will help you learn more and better.

Keyword Research

Keyword research means doing research to find keywords and phrases which are relevant for a business and its website. These are the keywords or phrases which people are searching on the search engines like Google.

These are the word or phrases you will be optimizing your website for. These are key terms around which you will be writing content and optimizing it to make your keywords rank higher on search engines.

Once you understand the basics of keyword research then right away select any topic, preferably the one which you know a little about as it will help. Now you will be using online platforms for your keyword research.

Use the various tools and websites suggested for keyword research and find all the keywords that people are searching for. These would be the keywords that are popularly used on Google, Bing and other search engines.

You will find these keywords as suggestions or as auto complete on Google or Bing. You will also find keywords on youtube and other popular search, social, networking and forum sites.

The keywords give you an idea about how people search for your business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO means and covers the techniques which make a website accessible, readable by search engines. It means improving your website's search visibility.

Although this part of SEO is more technical, still there are many things which you can learn, observe and practice by online learning at home.

Few of the technical things to learn and do are improving website speed, ensuring mobile friendliness, knowing about HTTPS, URL structure, site structure, Internal linking, etc.

Use this Google tool,, to check mobile friendliness of websites. You can check and see the parameters used for mobile friendliness. Also you can open any website and then press 'Control + Shift + i' to check any page for its mobile versions.

Then use,, to check what are various speed issues for any website. You will see a score for every website, both for desktop and mobile versions, and how good or bad is that score.

You can search for and open few ranking blogs or pages from search engines and check their URLs and how they are structured. You can also check how many of these pages are using internal linking. Internal linking means linking a page to another page on the same website.

All this technical SEO practice will make you learn and understand more about SEO and this you can only do online and more comfortably at home.

On Page optimization

On page optimization or on page SEO is that part where you use all your targeted keywords at the right places. This also means improving your content to better fit and represent your keywords.

On page actions and activities help in establishing the relevance of a keyword on a web page and improve its ranking on search engine pages so that it is visible to more and more of our targeted audience and also gets more clicks and visits by them.

Few of the important things to do and learn in on page optimization are: how to use keywords in Title; using keywords in header tags and meta tags; using keywords in content; avoiding over use of any keyword; writing content which is right to support those keywords; and more.

How you can learn on page better and practice it at your home with online learning?

Search for your targeted keywords on Google or any other search engine. You will see 10 or 9 results you see on the first page. The first thing to learn is that only the most relevant and optimized pages appear on the first page of search engines.

Second thing to note is that each result is a web page from a SEO optimized website. Each result has 3 components:

  1. The Title in the first line
  2. The URL in the second line
  3. Meta description in the third line

So, the second most important thing you learn while practicing SEO online at your home is that you can attract a search visitor only through these 3 KEY on page techniques.

Now it is upto you only how you use these three things. Look at each of the results and see what keywords have they used in each of the three places.

Key learnings:

How each page is using these differently. What keyword variations or forms are they using. How have they structured their Titles and URLs using the keywords. How many keyword variations or forms did you find from these results.

Link building

Links are the most important part of SEO and the key factor in keyword ranking. Links make help keywords improve their search visibility and rank higher. More and quality links means more authority for a website and this makes it can rank higher on search engines.

Link building is the part of SEO where you now aim to build authority of your website to make it rank in the search engines. This is primarily done by building good backlinks.

Link building is also the part where you everything you do is outside of your website. It means finding other websites to link with, finding relevant websites and link building opportunities.

To understand link building and practice it, you have to go online. It is also like networking and also like another research of finding useful websites.

Few of the types of websites from which you can get backlinks are:

  1. Business listing websites
  2. Social media sites
  3. Profiling websites
  4. Classified sites
  5. Forums
  6. Questions & answer sites
  7. Networking websites
  8. Blogs
  9. Image publishing sites

To be good at link building you need to be good at finding such websites to get links from. You will have to go online and find these linking opportunities.

How to learn SEO at home

Now when it comes to start learning SEO at home, finding and selecting a good SEO course online has many advantages. As we said before that you can also learn by finding free resources. It takes time, so a course can save that time.

Also, the best SEO course provides complete learning. This means that you do not have to look for what all to learn in SEO, find different resources to learn different things, and then also judging which one is better and more relevant.

Start with the best SEO course online.

But, your learning does not stop right there.

SEO is very dynamic area. SEO of the early 2000s was different from that of the 1990s. SEO of 2010 was again quite different from that of the early 2000s. And the SEO which we do now in 2019 is very very different from all the type, approach and method of doing it before.

Search engines keep evolving, their methods and algorithms keep evolving. The whole search industry, its related aspects and industries and their demands from search keep changing or evolving, technology is definitely changing so fast. Due to all this SEO also keeps changing.

What also comes with this constant change is the approach, methods of SEO which worked before may not work that well or may not work at all now.

To illustrate this, let us give you a brief look into the real life SEO evolution. When it started, somewhere in 1990s, and sometime later too, it was too focused on keywords.

All you had to do that time was put few keywords, repeat these as many times as you like and you will rank. The more times a keyword was repeated in the content, the better and more relevant that content was seen by search engines. Hence it ranked on the top.

It later became a spammy tactic and was called keyword stuffing. The focus slowly shifted to wholesomeness of the content.

What all this means is that you also will have to take a complete and wholesome approach to learning SEO. Start with a good online and home based learning SEO course. As you progress, keep learning through other online resources.

Do read SEO blogs, watch SEO videos. Find out about who all the top SEO experts and influencers and follow them or some of them. Be active on social media, join SEO groups. Ask questions online on these groups and on forums and read answers on question and answer websites.

All this will help you become an SEO professional and expert.

How to turn learning SEO at home into a true advantage

We discussed few advantages and benefits you can have when you learn SEO at home and online. These advantages purely come from focus, dedication, efforts, you give to your learning.

There is one hidden but a huge advantage which you can get or you get from this approach of learning. It is actually a dual advantage.

  1. Having a good learning platform to build foundation
  2. Having to search and research for more answers

Both these aspects will help you become an SEO expert. You will be better than those who just read and learn what they are being told.

When you question more then you get more answers. Then you learn more and become better at what you are learning.

Now let us look at what steps you can take to turn learning at home into a true advantage and become a SEO expert at home.

How best to learn SEO at home in 12 steps

This is how I would suggest you to make SEO learning into an advantage and best learning approach to become an expert in search engine optimization, sitting right in the comfort of your home.

1. Buy a good online course

Yes, you need a good online SEO course to start learning. Although, you can learn much of SEO from various free online resources, but that will take time. A good course gives all (or most) that you need to know and learn on SEO right to you in one place. That is much better than surfing and searching for days and weeks to find what to learn.

2. Start with the basics

Start learning the basics one by one. Read and learn what are the basic SEO things you need to do. How all these are done. Be thorough in learning the basics. Also, for each chapter or section, after you finish it or even in the middle of it, try to look and find how that part of SEO looks like in the real life. This means how it looks and is used or done on websites, how it looks on search results, etc.

3. Select a subject or industry

You need to focus on a subject or industry to start building a website. Start with developing your website. Select a subject or take an industry which is more familiar to you and with which you are more comfortable and have knowledge too.

4. Get a website for practice

You do not need to be a professional website designer. For SEO learning point of view all you need is a basic website, even without much designing, but where you can upload content. You need it for practice. You can either learn the basics of One of the best ways for this is to take the basic individual plan. If you have a friend or someone who can design then go for it. You can even go to bigrock or Godaddy and they have website builder plans with hosting & domain names.

You need 3 things:

  1. Domain name
  2. Website designed
  3. Hosting account

5. Open Google Accounts

When you start doing SEO you will be needing these two Google accounts, for monitoring your search and rankings progress and do lot more. The two accounts are Google Search Console or GSC and Google Analytics (GA). Google Search Console was known as Google Webmaster Tools or GWT till 2018.

For Google Search Console (GSC) go here

google search console

For Google Analytics (GA) account go here

google analytics

6. Submit your site to Google

You need to submit your new website to Google so that it can crawl and index all your new pages. You need to submit a sitemap and also a robots file to Google.

Submit sitemap to Google

A sitemap is an online document which you upload on your server as a unique webpage which lists out all the pages of your website. It is an XML, and not HTML, page. It is called XML sitemap. It is written in plain text with no linking or hypertext.

You can create a sitemap in any HTML editor and it is named as sitemap.xml. This is how it looks like

You need to write the following codes for every web page to prepare your sitemap manually.

<url> to start each page section

<loc> represents your page URL

<lastmod> has the date when you last or latest modified your page or date of its creation whichever is latest

<changefreq> How frequently you change page, monthly, weekly, yearly

</url> to end each page section

Submit robots file to Google

This is the first thing you should submit. This tells Google and other search engines that they are welcome to visit and crawl your website. You can also tell the spiders and bots of all search engines if you do not want them to crawl your site or certain pages in it.

7. Improve site speed & mobile friendliness

Use the two Google free tools we mentioned above in technical SEO section to improve mobile speed and friendliness of your website. Both factors play important roles in improved search visibility and rankings.

8. Practice Keyword Research

Once you have selected your industry or subject, try to find all the keywords that you can find on that subject. Here one SEO insight will help you in selecting which keywords to write for.

There are basically three types of keywords which you will see and will be using. These are head or main keywords; body keywords; and long tail keywords or LSI.

Head keywords are used as the main keywords to represent a page. These are the shortest in length, and are typically 1-2 words. Head keywords have a high volumes but are very difficult to rank for.

Second are body keywords. These are little longer than head keywords and are 2-3 words long. These also have high volumes but lower than the head keywords. These are usually used in the body of the page, in the content. Body keywords are easier to rank than head keywords but still tough for any new website.

Third are LSI or long tail keywords. These are longer keywords which are used in the body or content along with other body keywords. LSIs have much lesser traffic volume and are also much easier to rank compared to the other two types of keywords.

What you should do to start your keyword research is build a group or set of keywords which you want to start with on your practice site. Find all or maximum keywords under each of the three types. Start using the ones which little less difficult to rank.

To find your keywords use Google search and type in the words that come to your mind on your topics. Refine your keywords with Google suggestions and auto complete. Look at the competing websites and take keywords from there. Use Google planner or adwords to expand your keywords with many relative and long tail keywords.

9. Start writing content

You need to create or learn to create content for a website. It could be blogs or content about companies and products. You can start with your website for practice.

Start writing content focusing on your keywords. Take one keyword at a time and write blog or pages on that.

Content plays a very important role in ranking. Its importance in search visibility and rankings has been increasing continuously.

If you can develop a practice and skill of writing user friendly and keyword specific content then it will help in your search engine optimization a great deal. Write content in natural language without over focusing on your keywords. Your language needs to be simple eight grade English.

10. Practice On Page

In the basics about on page you would have learned how and where all to use your keywords and how to optimize existing content or create new content around your keywords.

So, to publish a page for the content you wrote, optimize that page with the on page techniques. Then publish the page.

11. Build Links

Once you have your site ready with at least few pages you can start building links to your website. In the course link building and its techniques are covered. You can also do some search and research to find new and more techniques.

Start with building the foundation or basic level links for your website. Then do link building for each of the new blogs or pages, one by one.

12. Track your performance

Once you start doing these and give few months to your site, you will see your website and its pages ranking for many keywords. These would include your targeted keywords, but will also have some new keywords which would be the variations of your targeted keywords, synonyms and few more related ones.

Use GA and GSC accounts to track new backlinks you are getting, keywords and queries for which you are gaining search impressions and rankings.

Few of the things in SEO you learn online ONLY

Here is the list of few very important things which are available online ONLY and that is how you can learn it. Moreover, classroom training courses, especially the ones you try to find in your city or local areas, usually do not teach these or go that deeper.

And, since SEO is never learn once and do it all the life thing, you will be learning most of it online only. The very nature of SEO is dynamic, where every now and then there are new developments. You need to keep yourself updated.

So, here are few interesting and wonderful things you can and you should learn through these resources.

History and Evolution of SEO

How SEO came to existence? What was before SEO? How search engines were born or created? What made us create search engines? When Google was started, who started it? There are so many questions which you should ask if you are truly interested and excited about learning SEO. The answers to all these questions and many more like these will broaden your horizon for SEO learning and about the industry. It will better and completely prepare you towards becoming a learned person in the SEO industry.


SEO history

SEO trends 25 years

Google: Web History & Search History

Updates & Technicalities:

The Google webmaster blog is the first thing that every SEO expert follows. It keeps you update with all the latest that Google introduces in SEO and that which applies to the SEO and search engine industry.


Google Webmasters blog

This one is for advanced learning and learners. Do check it out once.

SEO by the sea

Reasons why one should learn SEO

Learning SEO is best to open many career opportunities

Learning complete and best SEO is the best way to learn and understand digital marketing. A career in digital marketing is a natural extension of SEO and often starts with search and content specializations.

You can do many things after you learn SEO completely and in the best way. Making a career is just one of them. You can do freelancing and take up projects and grow; you can make your own blog website and make it grow; and you can further grow your career and start doing content marketing and digital marketing and be one of the best in it.

This is because when you understand and master SEO you also discover and understand that how you can apply your skills in many ways and areas and grow.

To build and achieve all that start learning the right and best techniques and skills. Learn the techniques that I used achieve rankings and build traffic. Learn what I discovered learned. Take advantage of my years of experience and experiments. Learn in just few weeks all that took me years and become an expert.

SEO is THE important part of digital marketing

SEO is THE essential part of digital marketing. Most of the organizations start with it and also no matter which other online marketing channel they take search engine optimization to make their reach and grow and build a reliable flow of traffic.

This is also because search engines are the best and largest source of website traffic. Search engines provide you two types of traffic. Organic search and traffic, which is the largest and the very foundation of search engines; paid traffic which is costly and low in volume.

SEO is the only way to target, attract and leverage organic traffic. And to get paid traffic through SEM or PPC most of the SEO basics and principles apply. And even if you are doing social media marketing or optimization, there are few similarities like optimization and audience study, and social media is always a part of advanced SEO techniques and full scale search engine optimization campaigns.

In the same way content marketing and SEO become inseparable at many or most points.

SEO is the core of digital marketing & the most widespread online marketing channel. It is also a growing and promising area and career opportunity.

Many career options

One can take many different careers and types of jobs and do different things after learning SEO.

Inhouse Job

Job in SEO agencies


Work as an SEO consultant

Start own agency

Work in content marketing

Work in digital marketing

Growing career

Whatever type of job one may take, SEO offers good growth. This is because of increasing demand of SEO, increase in online channels, increase in the number of websites and other reasons.

Career itself has growth

Every digital marketing agency needs SEO professionals

Every content marketing agency needs SEO professionals

Traditional marketing companies are going digial

Websites are growing

Growth in search usage trends

Every website needs SEO guy

Every online business needs SEO guy

Growth of online & websites means growth of SEO

Concluding How best to learn SEO online at home

Now I believe you are in a much better to know what all to learn in SEO, how best to learn SEO, and that learning SEO online is the best and the universal way. You will be learning much about SEO online during your SEO career and growth journey, so why not start it that way.

And yes finally, you can of course attend SEO classes but on the other hand learning SEO at home can be a much better approach and option. And when can learn so much and everything in SEO right at your very home with all the comforts and flexibility then why not take this approach.

To start your Home SEO journey, take this next step to get new insights on online SEO courses and know how to select the best online SEO course.

Few interesting facts to conclude and say learning SEO online is fast & complete

SEO is done online and is best learned online too. Why? Because

  1. You are already & always learning SEO online While practicing SEO you read blogs, answers, every now and then
  2. Online has many resources
  3. Online is both paid and free
  4. Learning never stops and so you will always be learning something in SEO and it will be online
  5. Online is easy and 24/7
  6. Online is convenient
  7. Online is fast

Learning SEO online is very easy and convenient way of learning. In fact it is the best and easiest way. Learning online means you can learn SEO at home, at office, during travelling or anywhere you are. You just need Internet, a computer or your smartphone.

You can even learn a full SEO course at home or anywhere else without always needing an Internet connection. That is learning SEO with PDF downloadable file. So, learning online and self learning is the easiest and best way to learn SEO, and downloadable pdf files are the best way to learn SEO online. Anything which you can download and save on your system gives you the easier way of learning anything.