Best Beginners Practical SEO Course

The best beginners SEO Course with career oriented practical & professional SEO training

A practical training course in SEO can be your best investment, especially at the early stage of your careers. Learning and to be able to do SEO properly and fully is more practical than theoretical. Yes, you need know what is SEO, learn all the basics, understand the fundamentals, know the techniques. But when you start doing it on live websites then you began to see and understand how practically SEO works.

Your experience makes you learn more than what you learned in the theory. Because of this, learning from others experience can be a huge bonus and a jumpstart to your career. It gives you the necessary knowledge & skills, make you know what works best in SEO from the start and help you do it better than other freshers and even professionals.

Here is the complete professional & practical SEO course to make you an SEO expert and jump to the higher and professional level in SEO.

This is our SEO course for beginners added with full practical online training.

What SEO course is best for beginners?

What SEO course or training is best for beginners to learn SEO. The best SEO course for beginners is the one that gives full professional and practical training to beginners. This is because the beginners are the ones who do not know much about SEO. They are the ones who are looking for a course to help them learn how to do SEO. This would greatly help them in jobs and careers.

This is why a practical SEO course is gives the best training for beginners. Our Practical SEO training course teaches what is SEO and what all it involves and what all you need to do in search engine optimization. But more important than this is that with our Practical SEO training beginners will learn exactly how to do SEO step by step.

If you are a complete beginner in search engine optimization or digital marketing then you need this SEO course. You will get complete training on all aspects, concepts and techniques which professionals use when they SEO for any website. You will learn how to do SEO and how to use each of the techniques.

You will be more job ready with this course. This is because you will learn and know how professionals do SEO step by step and you will learn and know how to do each step and each technique.

This training course covers each aspect, step and stage of doing professional SEO from initial website analysis, opening Google accounts, submitting of website to Google, keyword research, on page SEO, technical SEO, and off page SEO or link building.

Complete Beginners SEO course syllabus

This is the complete course syllabus which a beginner will learn online from our SEO training course for all learner in Delhi and in India.

With this syllabus and course you will learn complete basics and all the techniques you need to learn and use to do SEO. Learn the complete and more techniques which you can use to do SEO for Delhi based websites and businesses.

Look at the modules, chapters and what to learn in SEO in Delhi:

  • Module 1: Initial Site Analysis

    • What is Initial Site Analysis
    • Why need Initial Site Analysis
    • Steps to Initial Site Analysis
    • How to manually find indexed web pages
  • Module 2: Start with knowing about SEO & Career

    • What is SEO
    • Why Learn SEO
    • SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
  • Module 3: Understand SEO Background

    • What are Search Engines and how they work
    • Google algorithms as rule book
    • Major Google algorithms
  • Module 4: Learn how to set up website for SEO

    • Google accounts set up
      • How to open Google Search Console Account
      • How to open Google Analytics Account
      • How to install Google Analytics website tracking code
    • Submit site to search engines
  • Module 5: How to submit site to search engines

    • Steps to submit website to search engines
    • When to submit website to search engines
    • How to create sitemap
    • How to create robots file
  • Module 6: Understand how to do Technical SEO

    • HTTP vs. HTTPS
    • Link Internally
      • How to create Internal Links
      • HTML code for crating a link
      • How to use anchor text for internal links
    • Absolute or Relative URLs
    • Use Canonical tags
    • Missing pages
  • Module 7: Understand Keywords & how to do Keyword Research

    • Know Keywords
    • Various Types of Keywords
    • What is Keyword Research
    • Find keywords using related searches
    • How to find more keywords using Google auto suggest
    • Amazing FREE TOOL to FIND EVEN MORE Keywords
    • More Keyword Research Tools
    • Long Tail Keywords and their importance
    • LSI Keywords
  • Module 8: Learn how to do On Page SEO & learn the techniques

    • Title tag optimization
    • URL optimization
    • Meta description
    • Unique Meta Tags
    • Main Header tag optimization
    • More header tags optimization
    • Alt tags optimization
    • Image file names
    • Folder names
    • Content
    • User friendly design & layout
    • Responsive design
    • Optimized Images & other media
    • Keyword Density
  • Module 9: Learn Off Page SEO and link building techniques

    • What are Backlinks
    • What is Link building
    • Off Page and its Techniques
    • Link Building Techniques
      • Business and NAP Listing
      • Profile creation
      • Forum participation
      • Q&A participation
      • Blog commenting
      • Publish Articles
      • Links through image publishing
      • Links through PDF/PPT publishing
      • Links through video publishing
      • Links through infographics publishing
      • Social bookmarking
    • Dofollow & Nofollow links
  • Module 10: Understand Local SEO

    • What is local search
    • What is Local SEO
    • Need for Local SEO
    • Types of Local results & rankings
    • On Page Local Optimization techniques
    • Local SEO link building

What is practical SEO and why you need to learn it

What is the purpose of learning SEO? Why everyone, from student to business or website owner or a blogger, actually learns it? The goal of learning is to become good at doing it and to successfully practice how to do SEO for your own website or for others’ website as a service. When you know how to do SEO and when you learn how to do it in the real life you have learned practical SEO.

Practical learning means knowing how to do SEO, how to use all the techniques and how to get traffic to a website and how to make different websites rank higher for their targeted keywords.

A course that teaches you all that, teaches complete theoretical aspect, full basics and techniques, and most importantly also focuses on implementing various techniques is a practical SEO course.

Practical SEO training to help you do SEO in real life

This is the Purpalyn practical SEO course which prepares you best on how to do search engine optimization for websites in real life.

This course gives you all the practical knowledge and skills and prepares you with experience based training so that you can do SEO in a better and more effective way.

Along with detailed and complete training in SEO you will learn realistic and workable techniques and methods which you can implement easily on websites in your career. You get trained not only on techniques but also on how to use these to get results. This practical SEO course is best to give you tips and tricks on what works in SEO and how to use the same.

How is this practical course best for learning SEO?

This practical course & training in SEO is best for you, and these are the reasons why.

You will learn complete SEO starting right from the very beginning and the basics & fundamentals. You need to learn the basics and understand these completely to do any level of SEO. This is this practical course starts in SEO.

After this you learn all the professional techniques which are used and implemented when you do search engine optimization. The basics are needed to build the base. But it is the techniques that you need to learn to start doing SEO.

Then this course gives you practical training on how to use these techniques. You will learn the practical approach to look at SEO and all its techniques. After this course, you will be able to look at search engine optimization and its methods from the perspective of how it will work in real life.

You learn to look at getting results and plan and execute SEO and its techniques in that way. Therefore, this practical SEO course is the best course in SEO that you need.

Is this practical SEO course best to learn how to rank?

Yes, this is the best practical course on search engine optimization that you will ever need to learn how to make websites rank.

This is because you learn from years of experience of doing real life search engine optimization. You learn:

  • the approach that works in SEO
  • how to start and do complete SEO
  • how to do it more effectively to aim for better results

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