Complete SEO Course for Professional SEO training and expertise


To learn and do complete professional level SEO

A professional SEO course by definition is specifically designed to prepare a learner for career and also to improve skills. Our best professional course for SEO gives you exactly this and lot more. You will learn complete SEO with this course and ready to full SEO at a professional level even for your first job.

What really makes you an SEO professional? The answer is:

  • Complete SEO basics
  • Good understanding & expertise in whole SEO process (from keyword research to link building)
  • SEO techniques, insights & tools
  • Practical level understanding and practice
  • How to use and apply SEO for different types of websites

Our professional SEO course teaches & trains you all these, in the best way and at advanced level. You learn from experience of doing SEO & practice with exercises, to reach near a professional level while still learning. This makes it the best SEO course for complete professional learning.


Professional SEO course

  • About SEO
  • Best way to start a career and find jobs
  • How search engines work and rank
  • How to start SEO
  • Submit site to search engines & opening Google accounts
  • Learn to do technical SEO
  • Learn to do keyword research
  • Learn to do find keywords
  • Learn to do on page SEO
  • Know what is linkbuilding
  • Learn how to build links

Advanced SEO Techniques

  • Google algorithms & their role
  • How to ready website for Indexing
  • Advanced Technical SEO Optimization
  • In depth understanding of keywords
  • 21 Keyword Research Tools
  • How to select the best keywords for any site
  • How to best optimize keywords with advanced on page techniques
  • Advanced Link Building Techniques
  • How to do local SEO and rank local keywords
  • Do full Mobile SEO
  • How to do SEO Audit

THE Absolute SEO Course to

'Learn Complete SEO'

This course teaches you everything from basics and fundamentals to advanced SEO concepts, insights and advanced techniques. This is a complete expert level course on SEO because it makes you complete professional as it makes you to do best and effective SEO and in a comprehensive way.

This course is professionally complete in SEO as it helps you to best optimize websites with advanced techniques, target the best keywords using expert level and in depth keyword research, and help you rank website for more keywords and in better ways by refining and advancing your skills and by making you experts in keyword rankings.

All this makes it THE COMPLETE SEO course to become a professional with the best advanced chapters on SEO. It is best for all learners whether you are a beginner, a professional, or a business owner or a blogger who wants to build free organic traffic to your site.

How To Master SEO Fast?

BY learning Link building techniques

What makes SEO complete? What makes you an SEO professional? Knowing how and from where to build links. Our Professional SEO course is the best in this. We teach you link building steps, techniques to build many links; and list of websites from where SEO professionals build links in real life.

This is how you become complete SEO professional, quick, fast and easy, with our

BEST Professional SEO Course


Complete SEO course in India with 500+ things to learn in SEO

Master FULL SEO with 500+ SEO techniques, insights, tools

  • SEO specializations (Be a specialist, expert and a master in SEO)
  • Offpage & linkbuilding techniques (many unique methods to become a linkbuilding expert)
  • Linkbuilding websites (jumpstart your SEO and be a professional instantly)
  • Technical SEO techniques (some interesting & unique techniques)
  • On Page SEO techniques (know how to best optimize Title tag)
  • keyword research steps and techniques (find best keywords and many more keywords)
  • Website level factors that impact your SEO (unique factors you won't find anywhere else)
  • Ways to get pages Indexed and avoid non-indexing (maximum methods covered anywhere)
  • Ways to ready website for SEO 
  • Key Google Algorithms 
  • Local SEO techniques 
  • Mobile SEO techniques & insights (best mobile ready sites)
  • Geo/International SEO techniques (do International SEO)
  • Blackhat technique to spot & avoid (keep SEO safer from penalties)
  • SEO backlink profiling techniques & insights (complete linkbuilding expertise)
  • SEO Audit checklist (do best SEO analysis)
  • Tools references to use (make your SEO easy, fast & best)
  • Excel formulas to speed up SEO (easy breezy SEO)
  • examples & exercises (learn SEO in best way and get practice & experience)
  • Redirect types & methods (redirect ways to use and avoid)
  • Link REL attributes (know latest 2019 & 2020 Google update on this)
  • and MORE

This course brings together the best of things to learn in search engine optimization so you do not have to search many places to complete SEO learning.

Learn complete & best SEO. BEcome SEO specialist expert.

ULTIMATE SEO Modules of this Complete course, FOR

FULL professional SEO learning with course

SEO as Career

Understand SEO as a career option. Know the skills and qualifications required, the types of jobs and job titles. We tell you the unique and best way to start your career and be the best.

Understand SEO

Understand complete SEO background and the framework for doing it. Know what factors make some SEO practices best and some bad for SEO. Know who creates the SEO rule book of best practices.

Setting up for SEO

Know how to best prepare a website for indexing, how to submit complete site & URLs to search engines and how to open & use Google analytics, search console & FREE Google adwords accounts.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is very important but often ignored. Incomplete technical optimization may harm your SEO results and rankings. Learn to make a website complete compatible for search & search engines.

Keyword Research

Right keywords give you first page rankings & traffic and this comes only from complete keyword research. Learn find best keywords with 21 tools and how to select best keywords for rankings.

On Page SEO

A complete and best on page SEO optimization can help you gain several search engine ranking positions and give advantage over even stronger websites. Learn the best on page techniques.

Off Page SEO

Off page is not just linkbuilding, it is more than that. Learn off page and linkbuilding completely. Learn what are backlinks and what is linkbuilding. Learn best off page and linkbuilding techniques.

SEO Applications

SEO is complete & professional only when you learn how to apply SEO concepts, techniques & all you learnt. This is why we teach Local SEO, Mobile SEO and Ecommerce SEO.

SEO Course Complete

WITH 10 SEO specializations and expertise

This best SEO course online has more than 500 unique things to learn in SEO to make your learning best and complete, which we listed out and explain above. But what makes this course best is the 10 SEO specializations which you get.

Professional & Advanced SEO training in Delhi, India with
Search Engine Optimization Specializations

Professional SEO expertise in complete SEO process:



On Page


SEO application expertise to become complete SEO Professional:





SEO expertise by search platforms:



A professional SEO course gives best learning in SEO

SEO is a profession and needs a complete professional course for best learning. This is because SEO profession is unique and dynamic one. In search engine optimization things are always changing. The way we do SEO now in 2019 is different from the SEO of 2010 and much different from the way SEO was done in the 1990s.

SEO is also a part of digital marketing and the professional and advanced strategies, methods and practices of SEO involves many other digital marketing channels.

There are no recognized universities, colleges and no standard course structure. SEO is taught by many in the industry including professionals. But, SEO is learned best and complete when it is taught by experienced SEO professionals who have understood SEO little more deeper and thoroughly.

This I realized when I achieved more than 200 keywords ranking for a blog somewhere in the later part of the first half of 2019. That made me realize that I can & should teach SEO to help you achieve your own SEO wonders.

So, I designed this professional SEO course, best and complete for learning search engine optimization, become best professional and have best career growth.

Reasons why you are searching for the BEST SEO Course

You want to learn search engine optimization and therefore you need this course. Then there could be few reasons you are searching for this course to learn SEO.

Make a career – You want to make a career in SEO and so you need an SEO course. You found SEO as a good career option want to learn it.

Add Skills – You are already working in any marketing or digital marketing area like social media, content marketing, website designing, and you need this course to add SEO skills.

Shift to SEO Career – You want to make a shift to SEO career from other related profession like the ones mentioned above or even non related field like sales, customer handling, etc.

Business/Website owner – You own a small business or are offering professional services or own a blog or website. You know you can grow your website with SEO and so want to learn it.

Provide SEO consultancy or services – You want to start SEO as a service or add it to your portfolio of services you are already providing.

Reasons why you should have THIS Best Professional SEO Course

Because of these SUPERIOR BENEFITS of this Professionally Advanced SEO Course for ALL

Benefits of full professional SEO learning for job seekers

Learning SEO from this complete course can help you in many ways. For beginners learning complete PLUS advanced search engine optimization will make you know more in SEO and improve your skills and qualifications. Knowing more and in depth will always help you in interviews, make you more confident and therefore help you get better job and faster.

Our complete SEO course is the perfect learning platform for beginners and entry level professionals to learn in depth, and more about SEO. It advances, perfects, compliments and completes your SEO learning and skills and help you to be the best in your jobs and careers, and this makes it the best and complete SEO course.

Professionally best SEO course benefits for blogs & website owners

Every blogger and website owner wants to make their blogs and websites reach many people. And believe me, SEO is one of the best, cheapest, flexible and long term beneficial way to make your website reach as many organic visitors as you want. Growing a blog and making it reach thousands of people is best done with SEO. But you need to learn it more thoroughly, little more deeply and more completely. Just learn that you can select a keyword, put it in meta and title tags and do some link building is never enough.

Knowledge and skills from a complete and advanced SEO course can make you grow your blog to as many search visitors as you want and also in a faster and more effective way.

This is why we all need to learn complete SEO and for this our course is one of the best.

How our professionally expert SEO course completes your learning

Complete in SEO Coverage & Concepts

Practice what you learn (with EXERCISES)

Best Advanced SEO techniques to become experts

These 3 FEATURES make our SEO COURSE fully advanced & best to help you be a COMPLETE PROFESSIONAL and FULLY JOB READY

Learning search engine optimization is fine and needed but with competition, it is better to be effective and smart and know how to get better results with the same methods and techniques and with even less effort.

This full SEO Course, is a part of our series of best SEO courses, to teach search engine optimization in the best and most complete way. The aim of this SEO course is to focus on your career development and growth through skill building, depth of knowledge, building competency, training on techniques, and a result oriented approach.

It is a self-study course with easy to understand language and teaching methods with examples to make you understand. You can learn at your convenience and pace and even fast track it if you want.

Thorough Professional Training in SEO - complete with how to do Google & Bing SEO

What most courses teach is Google SEO

Whatever is taught in SEO in all or most of the courses is focused on Google and therefore, the courses are Google SEO courses. There is a good reason too to learn Google SEO. Google is the leading search engine and accounts for about or more than 90% of the search and much more share of the traffic for most of the websites. Therefore, there are benefits of teaching Google SEO courses.

SEO training course for complete SEO expertise in Google & Bing

But, Bing SEO is a unique opportunity. This is because, it is explored less by the websites. We can therefore say that ranking on Bing can be little easier. Bing follows more or less that same ranking and optimization standards and practices yet there are few differences in Google and Bing approach and SEO.

Our complete SEO course teaches how to do Google SEO and Bing SEO. Chose our SEO course to learn to build more rankings and traffic from search.

Detailed and FULL SEO syllabus

This is the SEO training course that teaches you every right thing that you need to learn to do search engine optimization in the right and the best way. First you will learn the basics and the right things, and then how to find easy keywords and make them rank on first page.

There are no tricks and there is no magic. You need to learn all the necessary things about search engine optimization first. Without this you will not be able to do those simple and smart things that this course will teach you in the end, to make you rank as many keywords as you want in top search engine pages.

This course covers SEO through 30 detailed and in depth chapters.

Look at the chapters and modules of this SEO program:

Module 1: About SEO & Career
  • What is SEO
  • Why Learn SEO
  • SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
Module 2: Understand SEO Background
  • What are Search Engines and how they work
  • Google algorithms as rule book
  • Major Google algorithms
Module 3: Setting up for SEO
  • Google accounts set up
  • Ready website for indexing
  • Submit site to search engines
Module 4: Understand Technical SEO
  • Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Checklist of Technical optimization techniques
  • How to do Technical Optimization
Module 5: Understand Keyword Research
  • Know Keywords
  • 11 Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • 21 Keyword Research Tools
  • Long Tail Keywords and their importance
  • LSI Keywords
  • How to find your keywords
  • How to validate and select right keywords
  • How to find keyword difficulty
Module 6: Understand On Page SEO
  • Introduction to On Page SEO
  • Checklist of On Page optimization
  • How to do On Page optimization
Module 7: Understand Off Page SEO
  • What are Backlinks
  • What is Link building
  • Off Page and its Techniques
  • Link Building Techniques
Module 8: Understand Local SEO
  • Local SEO and How to optimize and rank
Module 9: SEO Audit
  • How to do SEO Audit

What you learn from this FULL SEO course

This is complete and best SEO course for beginners. You will be able to increase your knowledge, professional skills and expertise in search engine optimization from learning the following from our course and training.

  •  Deeper and wider knowledge of SEO
  •  How SEO works
  •  What creates SEO rules & its best practices
  •  What to do before submitting site for indexing
  •  How to submit site & URL for indexing & re-indexing
  •  How to ensure all pages are ready to rank
  •  Technical optimization techniques
  •  How to do technical optimization
  •  How to find more keywords
  •  How to select best keywords for your site
  •  What are long tail keywords
  •  Best on page SEO techniques
  •  How to do local SEO
  •  Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks
  •  Role of Nofollow backlinks
  •  Off page SEO techniques & how to do it
  •  Best of Link building techniques
  •  Learn what is SEO audit

THE DEFINITE SEO Course for 2019 and 2020

This is the best and complete course for beginnners to learn SEO in 2019 and beyond for 2020 because it is complete and covers much more of search engine optimization and its techniques than other similar courses around the world. After this course, you may not need to learn anything else in SEO from any other course.

I got these results in the year 2019 from using the techniques which I teach in this course. Therefore you can also learn and achieve the same in 2019 and in year 2020 and even beyond.

  • Learn complete SEO and how to do it
  • Learn all the relevant and required techniques
  • Learn to find and target more keywords
  • Learn to best optimize websites for keywords ranking
  • Learn to build links with safe and white hat techniques
  • Learn local search
  • Learn how to audit websites

Skills you gain from our FULL SEO course

One of the best features of our complete course on SEO is that it will add many skills and capabilities to your CV and therefore help you be better job ready and help you become a complete SEO professional. So, you will be able to full search engine optimization and handle full SEO projects, from start to finish. What most SEO beginners and SEO executives, with very less or no experience, do is small parts and tasks of search engine optimization. With this course and some practice you will be able to take on larger SEO job responsibilities and grow more in your career.

This is because of these skills and capabilities that you gain from this course.

  • Open and manage SEO accounts
  • Identify and track SEO metrics
  • Check SEO of websites
  • Prepare complete website for SEO
  • Take up complete SEO projects
  • Do general website SEO
  • Do local website SEO
  • Do full technical SEO
  • Prepare and submit sitemaps
  • Know & Identify keywords
  • Find keywords for a website
  • Do complete keyword research
  • Do full on page SEO of complete websites
  • Fully optimize websites & keywords for rankings
  • Create better Titles & headers
  • Understand Dofollow & Nofollow links
  • Build links for a website
  • Do complete link building
  • Do full off page SEO
  • Do a complete SEO audit from this course

Who can enroll in our course

  • Students who want to enter into SEO field
  • Beginners who want to make a career in SEO
  • Graduates who want a start career early
  • Anyone who wants to have a high paying career
  • Individuals of any age who want to be freelancers
  • To take up projects in search engine optimization
  • Anyone who wants to start a career in digital marketing
  • Small business owners to make their business website grow
  • Professionals of digital marketing fields
  • SEO Professionals who want to advance their career
  • Working SEO Professionals who want to be SEO experts
  • Bloggers who want to grow their blogs and get organic traffic
  • Content writers who want to grow
  • Website designing experts and professionals
  • Marketing professionals

Why Learn full SEO & enroll in this course

  • To start a career in SEO
  • To take up freelancing work
  • To make your own website grow
  • To get organic traffic to your blog website
  • SEO as a career has bright future
  • One of the most sought career by students
  • One of the top careers in 2019, 2020 and beyond
  • For a high growth career
  • For a high paying career
  • By learning SEO one can enter into digital marketing
  • First & most important step to be digital marketing expert

Learning methodology

How to learn best & Complete SEO from this course

This complete SEO training course is delivered online. You will be mailed the course in PDF with all the techniques and complete process. Keeping in mind the online teaching methodology and home based self learning, everything in the course is explained in detail and with examples where needed.

Anyone from any of the countries can enroll in our complete course on SEO. We will provide full support and learning assistance through mails.

You can complete this course and learn SEO from it in about a month. The method of learning we advise for this course is go through the entire course content once. You can devote 2-3 hours daily. This way you may complete it in about a week or 10 days. After this, you will a good understanding of SEO and what all this course teaches.

The first two modules i.e. About SEO module and Understanding SEO background module are for referrence and you may refer to these from time to time. For learning SEO through this complete course needs you to go through these two modules just once to understand SEO background and how search engines work and what role algorithms play. When you develop a better and complete understanding of search engine optimization you can search for more algorithms and how they impact the SEO we do today.

Now, go back to the course and one by one fully complete these modules with exercises.

  • SEO setting up Module
  • Technical SEO Module
  • Keyword Research Module
  • On Page SEO Module
  • Off Page SEO Module

Make notes for each module. Go through the notes again. After this you will have complete understanding of how to do SEO step-by-step.

The exercises will help you understand SEO more deeply, help you know the practical aspect of SEO.

Lastly, go through these two modules

  • Local SEO Module
  • SEO Audit Module

The reason you should learn these two modules in the last is that local SEO is doing SEO with a local focus. So, when you go through local SEO Module after complete the rest of the course, you will be able to better understand how the whole SEO process and each of the step is applied for doing local SEO.

SEO audit means checking the SEO preparedness of a website. You cannot do an audit unless you know about SEO and what we do in SEO for making websites rank. So, going through the SEO audit module in the very last will make see how and why each of the SEO steps are done and how to check these.

Lastly, these two modules will be a kind of revision of the whole SEO course. After this you can again go to your exercises and do these again. Probably, this second time you will be able to see and observe much more than you did at the first time.

When you learn this SEO course in this method and process, you will learn more, see more deeply into SEO and how it works and therefore become gain much better understanding and expertise in SEO and be better job ready and become a better professional.

For any query about this course and to ask questions after you purchase the course you can mail us at and we will reply to you as soon as we can. You will have email support with this course for doubts and problems. Please note that all these doubts, queries and problems will be addressed as per the availability of time, but will be answered.

SEO Course Duration

60 to 75 in Hours

2 weeks to 1 month

This is a self learning SEO course. You can finish this course at your own pace and speed. We recommend you to study 2 to 3 hours a day and you can complete the entire course in about a month or less. You can also study fast track by devoting up to 5 hours a day and complete this full SEO course in 2 weeks time.

SEO course fees

Entire Course Fee – Special Pre-Launch OFFER! INR 2,250 ($32)

US Dollar course fee will depend upon the current conversion rate

Our SEO course fees is just about $32 or INR 2,250.

There are many advanced and specialized SEO courses available around the world from different SEO experts, ex SEO professionals and SEO institutes. And they all are good. But they come at a high price too. Going for a complete and advanced SEO course will cost you $200 to $300 and even goes upwards of $500 for many courses.

Our SEO course which is complete, advanced and specialized is available to you at just about $32. The prices is in India rupees which is INR 2,250 and when converted into US dollars it comes to around 32 US dollars. Yes, it will cost you LESS THAN US Dollar Thirty Two.

BUY NOW before the price increases to the level of other International SEO courses.

Pay INR 2,250 ONLY for this BEST online SEO Course via Instamojo here

SEO course support

For any query about this course and to ask questions after you purchase the course you can mail us at and we will reply to you as soon as we can. You will have email support with this course for doubts and problems. Please note that all these doubts, queries and problems will be addressed as per the availability of time, but will be answered.