Advanced SEO Course in Mumbai for complete SEO learning

Best SEO Course in Mumbai with complete, advanced & specialized training in entire SEO

This is the best Complete & Advanced SEO Course in Mumbai if you want to become SEO specialists. This is because this course teaches the best, complete and specialist SEO. This is the professional & expert course in SEO and a must for beginners & professionals in SEO, digital marketers, bloggers.

Our course is the best and complete SEO course for all beginners, entry level SEO professionals in Mumbai, digital marketing professionals working in Mumbai, all the bloggers and website owners. You will learn complete SEO and become SEO masters. For these reasons, learning SEO from this course is the best for Mumbai students, professionals and everyone in digital marketing.

It is also one of the best SEO courses which gives you THE SEO specialization in Mumbai because it offers advanced and specialized learning in search engine optimization. With this course you will learn new concepts, get deeper understanding of SEO.

Become an expert specialist in SEO with the 5 SEO specializations course in Mumbai.

Advanced SEO course in Mumbai WITH

Complete SEO training in
5 SEO specializations

Complete Basic SEO





SEO Specialization course in Mumbai

Why SEO learners Absolutely NEED THIS

SPECIALIST SEO Training in Mumbai

It is because of these COMPREHENSIVE and ABSOLUTE benefits for ALL & EVERYONE

Complete SEO learning for best SEO jobs & careers in Mumbai

Learning SEO from this complete course can boost your SEO career. Becoming an SEO expert and being based in Mumbai you can have a great career in search engine optimization as it is one of the top Metro cities in India and a top global city with thousands and thousands of companies of all sizes. Mumbai also lists a one of top 5 cities for startups. There is a huge demand for SEO professionals in this capital of Maharashtra and this course will help you become one of the best and complete SEO professionals in Mumbai.

Our complete SEO course is the perfect learning platform for beginners and entry level professionals to learn in depth, and more about SEO. It advances, perfects, compliments and completes your SEO learning and skills and help you to be the best in your jobs and careers, and this makes it the best and complete SEO course in India.

Advanced SEO training for Mumbai based bloggers & marketers

Mumbai is such a lively city. Life in Mumbai is very active and there is so much happening there all the time. This gives bloggers so much to write and also provides ample blogging opportunities. With a young and active population it is not hard to see growth of websites in Mumbai.

As a blogger or website owner based in Mumbai you will surely want to make your blog or website reach as many people in that city and also many more in nearby cities like Thane, Navi Mumbai, or other cities like Pune, and the whole Maharashtra.

SEO is one of the best, cheapest, flexible and long term beneficial way to make your website reach as many organic visitors as you want. Growing a blog and making it reach thousands of people is best done with SEO. But you need to learn it more thoroughly, little more deeply and more completely. Just learn that you can select a keyword, put it in meta and title tags and do some link building is never enough.

Specialist SEO course in Mumbai with complete SEO training course . Best course for eveyone to learn FULL SEO.

SEO Modules, FOR Complete SEO Specialization in Mumbai

Complete SEO basics

Learn everything in basic SEO with setting up accounts, understanding search engines, rankings, algorithms to technical SEO, keyword research, on page optimization and link building.

Advanced SEO

Learn to take SEO to advanced level and achieve better results. Learn expert & advanced techniques in technical optimization, finding keywords, on page optimization and link building.

Mobile SEO

Learning SEO is incomplete without learning complete mobile SEO optimization and targeting. Learn to target mobile searches and how to target and optimize for mobile organic search traffic.

Ecommerce SEO

Learning to do Ecommerce SEO makes you complete SEO expert. With rising trend and popularity of ecommerce websites and online buying we teach you how to do best SEO for ecommerce websites.

Local SEO

Learning SEO is incomplete without fully understanding local SEO. And local SEO is much more than just the techniques. Learn FULL local SEO - local search & results; local keywords, optimization & ranking.

SEO Audit

Learning how to audit a site makes you do complete SEO. Audit makes you know what is needed in SEO. Learn what is SEO audit and how to do it. Learn how to do general audit and local website SEO audit.

Detailed and FULL SEO syllabus

This is the SEO training course that teaches you every right thing that you need to learn to do search engine optimization in the right and the best way. First you will learn the basics and the right things, and then how to find easy keywords and make them rank on first page.

There are no tricks and there is no magic. You need to learn all the necessary things about search engine optimization first. Without this you will not be able to do those simple and smart things that this course will teach you in the end, to make you rank as many keywords as you want in top search engine pages.

This course covers SEO through 30 detailed and in depth chapters.

Look at the chapters and modules of this SEO program:

Module 1: About SEO & Career
  • What is SEO
  • Why Learn SEO
  • SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
Module 2: Understand SEO Background
  • What are Search Engines and how they work
  • Google algorithms as rule book
  • Major Google algorithms
Module 3: Setting up for SEO
  • Google accounts set up
  • Ready website for indexing
  • Submit site to search engines
Module 4: Understand Technical SEO
  • Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Checklist of Technical optimization techniques
  • How to do Technical Optimization
Module 5: Understand Keyword Research
  • Know Keywords
  • 11 Types of Keywords
  • Keyword Research
  • 21 Keyword Research Tools
  • Long Tail Keywords and their importance
  • LSI Keywords
  • How to find your keywords
  • How to validate and select right keywords
  • How to find keyword difficulty
Module 6: Understand On Page SEO
  • Introduction to On Page SEO
  • Checklist of On Page optimization
  • How to do On Page optimization
Module 7: Understand Off Page SEO
  • What are Backlinks
  • What is Link building
  • Off Page and its Techniques
  • Link Building Techniques
Module 8: Understand Local SEO
  • Local SEO and How to optimize and rank
Module 9: SEO Audit
  • How to do SEO Audit

BEST SEO Course in Mumbai for 2019 and 2020

This is the best and complete course for beginnners to learn SEO in 2019 and beyond for 2020 because it is complete and covers much more of search engine optimization and its techniques than other similar courses in India. After this course, you may not need to learn anything else in SEO from any other course.

I got these results in the year 2019 from using the techniques which I teach in this course. Therefore you can also learn and achieve the same in 2019 and in year 2020 and even beyond.

  • Learn complete SEO and how to do it
  • Learn all the relevant and required techniques
  • Learn to find and target more keywords
  • Learn to best optimize websites for keywords ranking
  • Learn to build links with safe and white hat techniques
  • Learn local search
  • Learn how to audit websites

What you learn from this complete SEO course

This is complete and best SEO course for beginners. You will be able to increase your knowledge, professional skills and expertise in search engine optimization from learning the following from our course and training.

  •  Deeper and wider knowledge of SEO
  •  How SEO works
  •  What creates SEO rules & its best practices
  •  What to do before submitting site for indexing
  •  How to submit site & URL for indexing & re-indexing
  •  How to ensure all pages are ready to rank
  •  Technical optimization techniques
  •  How to do technical optimization
  •  How to find more keywords
  •  How to select best keywords for your site
  •  What are long tail keywords
  •  Best on page SEO techniques
  •  How to do local SEO
  •  Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks
  •  Role of Nofollow backlinks
  •  Off page SEO techniques & how to do it
  •  Best of Link building techniques
  •  Learn what is SEO audit

Skills you gain from our complete SEO course

One of the best features of our complete course on SEO is that it will add many skills and capabilities to your CV and therefore help you be better job ready and help you become a complete SEO professional. So, you will be able to full search engine optimization and handle full SEO projects, from start to finish. What most SEO beginners and SEO executives, with very less or no experience, do is small parts and tasks of search engine optimization. With this course and some practice you will be able to take on larger SEO job responsibilities and grow more in your career.

This is because of these skills and capabilities that you gain from this course.

  • Open and manage SEO accounts
  • Identify and track SEO metrics
  • Check SEO of websites
  • Prepare complete website for SEO
  • Take up complete SEO projects
  • Do general website SEO
  • Do local website SEO
  • Do full technical SEO
  • Prepare and submit sitemaps
  • Know & Identify keywords
  • Find keywords for a website
  • Do complete keyword research
  • Do full on page SEO of complete websites
  • Fully optimize websites & keywords for rankings
  • Create better Titles & headers
  • Understand Dofollow & Nofollow links
  • Build links for a website
  • Do complete link building
  • Do full off page SEO
  • Do a complete SEO audit from this course

Who can enroll in our SEO course in Mumbai

  • Students in Mumbai looking to learn SEO
  • Beginners who want to make a career in SEO
  • Mumbai Graduates who want a start career early
  • Anyone who wants to have a high paying career in Mumbai
  • Individuals of any age who want to be freelancers in Mumbai
  • To take up projects in search engine optimization
  • Everyone looking for a career in digital marketing
  • Mumbai based small business owners to make their business website grow
  • Professionals of digital marketing fields
  • SEO Professionals who want to advance their career
  • Working SEO Professionals who want to be SEO experts
  • All the Bloggers in Mumbai who want to grow their blogs and get organic traffic
  • Content writers from Mumbai to grow & new skill
  • Mumbai based Website designers and developers
  • Marketing professionals based in Mumbai

Why Learn full SEO & enroll in this course

  • To start a career in SEO
  • To take up freelancing work
  • To make your own website grow
  • To get organic traffic to your blog website
  • SEO as a career has bright future
  • One of the most sought career by students
  • One of the top careers in 2019, 2020 and beyond
  • For a high growth career
  • For a high paying career
  • By learning SEO one can enter into digital marketing
  • First & most important step to be digital marketing expert

Our Complete SEO course methodology

This complete SEO training course is delivered online. You will be mailed the course in PDF with all the techniques and complete process. Keeping in mind the online teaching methodology and home based self learning, everything in the course is explained in detail and with examples where needed.

For any query about this course and to ask questions after you purchase the course you can mail us at and we will reply to you as soon as we can. You will have email support with this course for doubts and problems. Please note that all these doubts, queries and problems will be addressed as per the availability of time, but will be answered.

SEO course duration

60 to 75 in Hours

2 weeks to 1 month

This is a self learning SEO course. You can finish this course at your own pace and speed. We recommend you to study 2 to 3 hours a day and you can complete the entire course in about a month or less. You can also study fast track by devoting up to 5 hours a day and complete this full SEO course in 2 weeks time.

Complete SEO course fee in Mumbai

Full Course Fee – INR 3,400

If you want to go for SEO classes or study online SEO in Mumbai then the fees for some of the Good SEO courses as charged by the institutes in Mumbai is ranging anywhere from INR 7,000 to INR 10,000 and even goes higher than INR 15,000. And the fee charged for an online SEO course in Mumbai is more than INR 10,000.

Our course costs only INR 3,400 and in this small price you get FULL SEO course with all the basics and advanced SEO PLUS 3 SEO specialization.

BUY NOW before the price increases to the level of other Mumbai SEO courses.

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