Best SEO courses in India for online learning

Best SEO courses in India to learn everything from basics to how to rank from Purpalyn

Online SEO courses in India for best SEO learning

Best online SEO learning & career growth with Purpalyn SEO courses

Purpalyn has created best online SEO courses in India that provide very easy way to learn search engine optimization online, at home or at office and at your pace and speed. We have courses that are for everyone, from a beginner to a working professional and also for experts. Our courses are also suitable and best for small business owners, digital marketing professionals and other professionals. They can learn much more about search engine optimization and acquire skills and expertise to do SEO in a more effective and result oriented method.

The prime focus of our online SEO courses is to teach you all that you need to know at each level of learning. We also aim to train you in effective use of search and Google optimization basics and application of ranking techniques to achieve better results.

Our full series of SEO courses in India is designed to teach search engine optimization in the best way. Our web SEO courses focus on your career development and growth through skill building, depth of knowledge, building competency, training on techniques, and a result oriented approach.

Our SEO courses online are web based and self-study based courses with easy to understand language and teaching methods with examples to make you understand. You can learn at your convenience and pace and even fast track it if you want.

List of SEO courses in India

We present a list of 3 top best SEO courses designed from experience and expertise. We have created one of the best SEO courses in India. Each of our courses are the best and are designed for different set of learners including students, professionals, business owners, entrepreneurs. Each of the courses teach different level and aspects of SEO. But every course covers search engine optimization in the best way which means wider and more in depth coverage and teaching of topics.

List of best SEO courses in India

SEO course in Delhi

What you will learn  –  The BEST SEO course in Delhi to make you best SEO professional in India. This course teaches you complete and best SEO for all beginners and even professionals in Delhi. This is the best SEO course for anyone across India to learn SEO. This is because it covers SEO more in depth, in the best way, and most widely. Learn best & full SEO in Delhi to best prepare for the best of SEO jobs anywhere in India.

Visit our SEO course in Delhi page here for more details and to enroll.

Advanced SEO course

What you will learn  –  This is the BEST advanced SEO course in India. This course will make you SEO experts. I designed this course on the years of experience of doing SEO and on the experiments I did in that journey. You will learn expert level techniques and insights into SEO. After this course you will be able to do much better SEO. You will master the art of keyword ranking. After this course you will be able to smartly find easy to rank keywords. This course will also teach you how to improve rankings of any keyword with better and smart optimization and content.

Visit our advanced SEO training course page here for more details and to enroll.

Complete SEO course

What you will learn  –  This is our BEST online SEO course in India. You will learn everything which our SEO beginner course covers. In addition to this, this course will go deeper into techniques and how best to do SEO. We will teach you how to know which keywords you can rank for and select the best of the keywords for your site. You will learn how best to do on page and best strategies for on page techniques. It will teach you step by step link building techniques and how to do off page SEO. You will also learn how to do SEO audit for general websites and for local websites.

Visit our complete SEO course page here for more details and to enroll.

SEO course for beginners

What you will learn  –  This is our beginners SEO course. This is perfect and best for all who want to start their careers in SEO. This course will teach you all the things that you need to know to start your career. You will understand SEO and how it works, what are SEO career requirements & skills, how best to start your career, search engines & algorithms. You will learn how to submit website to Google, how to do technical SEO, understand keywords, how to do keywords research, how to find and select keywords, understand on page SEO and what is optimization, know how to do on page SEO and learn the techniques, learn what if off page SEO and link building, learn way and techniques to do link building.

Visit our beginner SEO course page here for more details and to enroll.

Basic SEO course

What you will learn  –  This is a basic SEO course and teaches foundation level and basic search engine optimization. This course is best to know about professional SEO and also learn how to start doing SEO. In this course you can learn all the basics and fundamentals of SEO and its process. You will know and learn the following: what is SEO; what is technical SEO; what are keywords, their roles and what is keyword research; know what is on page SEO; what is link building and why you do it.

Visit our basic SEO course page here for more details and to enroll.

What all you will learn from our top SEO courses

You will be able to increase your knowledge, professional skills and expertise in search engine optimization from learning the following from our courses and training.

  •  Deeper and wider knowledge of SEO
  •  How SEO works
  •  What creates SEO rules & its best practices
  •  What to do before submitting site for indexing
  •  How to submit site & URL for indexing & re-indexing
  •  How to ensure all pages are ready to rank
  •  Technical optimization techniques
  •  How to do technical optimization
  •  What are the 11 types of keywords
  •  How to find more keywords
  •  Best 21 Keyword Research Tools
  •  How to select best keywords for your site
  •  Learn to find more keywords to rank
  •  Learn to find easy keywords to rank
  •  What are long tail & LSI keywords
  •  Best on page SEO techniques
  •  Learn to create best SEO Titles for your site
  •  How to do local SEO
  •  Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks
  •  Role of Nofollow backlinks
  •  Off page SEO techniques & how to do it
  •  Best of Link building techniques
  •  Learn what is SEO audit
  •  Learn to do general SEO audit for a site
  •  Learn to do SEO audit for a local business site

TOP 3 online SEO Courses for 2019 and 2020

We have a list of 3 top courses to study SEO in 2019 and 2020. Our courses on search engine optimization cover and teach all the basics and advanced techniques. We teach what is latest in SEO and the content is updated with the latest techniques and methods.

The advanced or professional level courses which cover specific techniques are based upon the results I got in the year 2019 from using the techniques which I teach in this course. Therefore you can also learn and achieve the same in 2019 and in year 2020 and even beyond. Even the basic SEO course covers concepts and basics which are based and influenced by these recent results.

  • Based on evergreen search engine optimization techniques
  • All white hat and safe methods and techniques
  • Based on creating better content which is evergreen and core of SEO. Content is the King.
  • Keyword research valid for voice search keywords
  • Covers many techniques which will remain valid in future

Who can enroll in our set of courses

  • Students who want to enter into SEO field
  • Beginners who want to make a career in SEO
  • Graduates who want a start career early
  • Anyone who wants to have a high paying career
  • Individuals of any age who want to be freelancers
  • To take up projects in search engine optimization
  • Anyone who wants to start a career in digital marketing
  • Small business owners to make their business website grow
  • Professionals of digital marketing fields
  • SEO Professionals who want to advance their career
  • Working SEO Professionals who want to be SEO experts
  • Bloggers to grow their blog websites &aamp; get organic traffic
  • Content writers who want to grow
  • Website designing experts and professionals
  • Marketing professionals
  • Various types of website owners

How to select your online course from our list of best SEO courses

Each of our online SEO courses are the best in India. These courses are designed for different needs and different set of learners. The way you can select the top SEO online course for you is to enroll for the one that fits your learning needs best. Here we tell you what type of learning and expertise each of these online courses are good for. You will know what level and type of knowledge, skills and expertise you will get from each of our courses.

The first criteria is that if you want to learn SEO easily from home or from office, learn search engine optimization at your own pace then our online courses are best for you to learn search engine optimization. Apart from this easy to learn factor the other aspects and features of our respective online courses are as follows.

Complete SEO course

Why enroll for this course  –  This is our best SEO course for those who are working and have little time to go enroll for and attend SEO classes. This course is also for those who want to learn more and full SEO. Those who want to acquire expertise in search engine optimization should enroll for this professional course. This professional level SEO course makes you expert in keyword research - finding the right and best keywords for any website. This course teaches advanced and professional level on page SEO and link building techniques to make your selected keywords rank higher in search engines. Learn everything from SEO audit to best optimization and to rank keywords.

Visit our complete SEO course page here for more details and to enroll.

SEO course for beginners

Why enroll for this course  –  This is the perfect course for beginners to learn SEO online. A beginner is not always the one who is looking to start a career. He or she can also be the one who wants to add new skill and want to learn from the start. This SEO course for beginners is the best as it teaches you much more than what typical beginners SEO courses teach. You will know more about search engine optimization and also know the popular and common techniques to do keyword research, technical SEO, on page SEO and link building.

Visit our beginner SEO course page here for more details and to enroll.

Basic SEO course

Why enroll for this course  –  This is the best and the simplest and easiest of the courses to learn SEO. This course is best suited for all those who do not know anything about what is SEO. After enrolling in this course you will know what is SEO, what it includes and covers, how it is done. You can start doing basic SEO after learning from this course. So, this basic SEO course is best for bloggers, content writer & professionals, website owners, small business owners, professionals offering their services through their websites, and more people like these. You will be able to know why you need SEO and can do the basic level of SEO for your own websites by learning from this course.

Visit our basic SEO course page here for more details and to enroll.

Skills you gain from our SEO training courses

By enrolling and learning from our range of SEO courses you will become Complete SEO Professional and Ranking Expert. So, you will be able to full search engine optimization and handle full SEO projects, from start to finish. What most SEO beginners and SEO executives, with very less or no experience, do is small parts and tasks of search engine optimization. With our courses and some practice you will be able to take on larger SEO job responsibilities and grow more in your career.

This is because of these skills and capabilities that you gain from our courses and the online training:

  • Complete SEO Expert
  • Website analysis experts
  • Keyword research experts
  • Keyword ranking experts
  • Technical SEO experts
  • On page SEO optimization experts
  • Content writing and optimization
  • Full scale Link building experts
  • SEO Audit experts

Why Learn SEO & with our best courses

  • To become complete professionals
  • To gain true SEO expertise
  • To start a career in SEO
  • To take up freelancing work
  • To make your own website grow
  • To get organic traffic to your blog website
  • SEO as a career has bright future
  • One of the most sought career by students
  • One of the top careers in 2019, 2020 and beyond
  • For a high growth career
  • For a high paying career
  • By learning SEO one can enter into digital marketing
  • First & most important step to be digital marketing expert

If you want to learn only the basics of SEO then you can take our beginner level SEO course which is the best entry level course for beginners and prepares them well for starting their careers and for their first job in search engine optimization field.