Basic course to learn SEO

Learn what is SEO and how it works

If you are interested in learning about what search engine optimization and how it works then this is the best basic level SEO course for you. In this course we have explained all the basic aspects about SEO which you need to know to fully understand search engine optimization.

Anyone and everyone can take this course and learn from it. It covers SEO in a very easy to understand and simple language. After learning from this course you will know what is SEO and how it works. You will know and learn about the various aspects and the process of search engine optimization.

There are many small business owners and professionals and website owners who can benefit from SEO if they decide to hire consultants or agency. But often times what stops them is the understanding of SEO and its benefits. Often they have heard a bit about search engine optimization which is not very positive and that may stop them from taking any SEO services.

This course will help you understand search engine optimization and what benefits it can bring for your business or for any business. Why SEO is the best way to bring traffic to a website and to bring audience and customers for a business. You will understand why and how SEO is the best digital marketing channel.

All those who are confused about starting a career in SEO can also benefit from this course. They will have a clear understanding about search engine optimization and will be in a better position to decide about taking a professional and complete SEO course.

Basic SEO course syllabus

Chapter 1: What is SEO and how it works

Chapter 2: Understand search engines and how they work

Chapter 3: Keywords, Search engines and huge traffic potential

Chapter 4: Who can benefit from SEO

Chapter 5: How everyone can start SEO

Chapter 6: Your website and role of SEO

Chapter 7: SEO starts with keywords

Chapter 8: SEO means targeting keywords

Chapter 9: SEO builds site authority to make it rank & get traffic

Chapter 10: SEO is not a cheap and easy way yet the most cost effective digital marketing channel

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