Basic SEO course - Learn and Do SEO

Basic SEO course to make you ready to do SEO

If you are interested in learning about what search engine optimization and how it works then this is the best basic SEO course for you. In this course we have explained all the basic aspects about SEO which you need to know to fully understand search engine optimization.

Anyone and everyone can take this course and learn from it. It covers SEO in a very easy to understand and simple language. After learning from this course you will know what is SEO and how it works. You will know and learn about the various aspects and the process of search engine optimization.

This fundamental course will help you understand search engine optimization fully and completely. You will understand what is search engine optimization and how it works. You will learn how you can bring organic traffic and visitors to your website by using SEO. You will be able to start doing SEO after learning from this basic course.

This primary course is good and sufficient enough to make you fully understand SEO and also make you start doing it at a basic level. What this means is that you know what are keywords and how to select them for your website; how to do optimization and where and how to use the keywords on pages; and how to build backlinks for your website to make keywords rank higher. When you know all this, you know how to do SEO, and you can do SEO for your website and start getting traffic and search engine visibility.

Who is our Basic SEO course best for

All new comers & SEO beginners

Being a basic level course on SEO, this is good for every beginner, student, learner who wants to start learning search engine optimization from the very start. If you do not know anything about search engine optimization then this is the best course for you. You will learn the basic concepts of SEO.

If you are totally new to SEO then you can start doing basic level SEO after learning from this course. If you are looking for your first job then you can face basic interview questions and start SEO job hunting after this course. However, to learn full SEO as a beginner and to be fully job ready, we highly recommend our beginners SEO course to you.

Business & Website owners

With the help of this basic level SEO course, small business owners, website owners, bloggers and professionals can understand SEO and how it works. This course will teach you good basic level SEO so that you can even do search engine optimization for your website. You can even make your website target right keywords and start getting some organic traffic from search engines.

All the various small scale companies and businesses and startups can benefit enormously from SEO. Many of these businesses and especially startups have employees who have interest and some knowledge of internet, search engines, websites, technology, etc. These are the guys in your company who can with some learning and little devoting of daily time can do the basics level SEO for your company. This way you will be able to know the benefits SEO can bring to your business or startup and then you can always go for full scale services from SEO consultants and experts.

This way our fundamental & basic SEO course is best for such companies and startups, employees who want and can add new skills and some SEO proficiency and skills with easy and online learning.

What you will learn from our Basic SEO course

  • Open Google search console & analytics accounts
  • How to submit websites to Google
  • Know, understand and track SEO metrics for your website
  • Do basic level technical SEO
  • Check and improve your site speed
  • Select keywords for your website
  • Optimize your pages for the selected keywords
  • Know where to use your keywords on every page
  • Know and understand what makes keywords rank in search engines
  • Know and understand the concept, benefits and need of link building
  • Do basic and foundation level of link building

Basic SEO course syllabus

Chapter 1: What is SEO

Chapter 2: What are search engines

Chapter 3: Setting up to start SEO

Chapter 4: Technical SEO

Chapter 5: Keyword Research

Chapter 6: On Page Optimization

Chapter 7: How to build links

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