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SEO Beginners Course - Be job ready in India

An SEO course for beginners is for all those who will be starting to learn search engine optimization and therefore are new to it, that is why the name for the course. This is why students and learners like you specifically search the net for an SEO course that is suitable for beginners.

A beginner looking for an SEO course is someone who does not have a thorough, in depth or professional knowledge or some level of expertise in SEO and is keen on acquiring it. Keeping that in mind, we designed this entry level SEO course just for you and is therefore best course for all beginners to learn SEO.

Advantages of our SEO course for beginners in India

What is or can be the biggest advantage for a beginner? A beginner in SEO is also someone who wants to learn SEO for job and career. So, the biggest advantage SEO beginners can have after learning from this beginners SEO course is that they will know more in SEO, and they will know in depth in SEO. Most importantly they will also be knowing the practical aspect of SEO even when they are still searching for their first jobs.

All this is because our SEO course for beginners covers

  • Covers SEO more widely through more chapters and topics in SEO
  • Gives you chance to see the practical and professional side of SEO with the help of exercises
  • Covers SEO in depth by covering details
  • Makes you learn all this easily with examples

What you learn from this beginner SEO course

  •  What is SEO
  •  How SEO works
  •  What are search engines and how they work
  •  How websites are ranked
  •  How to prepare websites for search visibility
  •  What do we mean by submitting site to Google
  •  How to submit site & URL for indexing & re-indexing
  •  How to ensure all pages are ready to rank
  •  What is technical SEO
  •  How to do technical optimization
  •  What are keywords
  •  Why keywords are important
  •  How to do keyword research
  •  How to optimize keywords
  •  How to make pages ready for search engines
  •  What is on page SEO optimization
  •  What are best on page techniques
  •  What is local search and local SEO
  •  How to do local SEO
  •  What are backlinks
  •  What are Dofollow and Nofollow backlinks
  •  What is Off page SEO optimization
  •  What link building
  •  How to build links for a website

What you can do in SEO after this beginner course

Do complete keyword research

You will be able to do better and complete keyword research. You will be able to find better and more keywords after knowing 16 types of keywords and 21 keyword research tools you can use.

Do better Technical SEO

You will learn technical SEO basics and techniques. This course will teach you more and in depth on technical SEO and more techniques to make your site best technical SEO ready.

Better optimize with On Page SEO

On Page optimization or On Page SEO is very important for doing search engine optimization. This is why we cover it the best in our beginners SEO course. You will understand the basics and also master more techniques to cover on page SEO better. You will be able to optimize a page better to push your whole SEO in the right direction and prepare it for better results.

Do Link Building for better results

After learning SEO from this beginners course you will understand link building with more clarity. You will know various aspects related to link building and which impact it. Link building is the most important part of SEO, without which you cannot achieve the results fully. Therefore, we teach you more link building techniques in this course.

Best SEO Course to prepare beginners for jobs & careers

Our course is the best for beginners to learn search engine optimization. This is because this is an entry level course designed for beginners. But this course has more to learn in SEO for all students, graduates and under graduates than other SEO courses which are for career starters.

This is the best and the right course for all SEO beginners who want to start their career. This course will prepare you best for your career start.

When you want to make a career in search engine optimization field you need to be well prepared to land your first job. You should have complete basic level knowledge of how SEO works when you go for job interviews.

That is why our beginner level SEO course starts from and teaches all the basics about doing search engine optimization. It teaches you keyword research, technical optimization, how to optimize a website with on page techniques, and how to do off page SEO and link building.

Who can enroll in our course

  • Graduates from any stream
  • Unemployed persons of any age
  • All job seekers
  • Students with interest in websites and online marketing
  • Students with interest in social media and content writing
  • Students with technical bent of mind
  • Graduates who want to a start career early
  • Students who want to enter into SEO field
  • Beginners who want to make a career in digital marketing

Our course syllabus

Chapter 1: What is search engine optimization (SEO)

Chapter 2: Why learn SEO

Chapter 3: How to start SEO Career and types of jobs

Chapter 4: Understand search engines and how they work

Chapter 5: Google Algorithms — Rule book of SEO

Chapter 6: Major Google Algorithms

Chapter 7: Setting up Google Accounts

Chapter 8: How to submit site to Search Engines

Chapter 9: A checklist on how to do technical SEO for website

Chapter 10: Keywords research to build keyword portfolio

Chapter 11: On Page SEO Optimization

Chapter 12: Off page SEO and link building and how to do it

Why you should enroll for beginner level SEO course

  • SEO provides a high paying career
  • Persons of any age can start doing SEO
  • SEO proovides many career and earning opportunities
  • SEO is the best way to enter into digital marketing
  • SEO professionals also know how to use social media

Who all can benefit from a basic SEO course, and how

  • Small business owners can make their websites grow
  • Business owners need to understand how SEO works to benefit fully from it
  • Bloggers can increase organic traffic to their blog websites
  • Content writers can benefit from SEO
  • Website owners can take full advantage of websites with SEO
  • Individuals of any age can take up freelancing
  • Anyone can start their own agency

Why you need a beginner course in SEO

You need this basic level SEO course for beginners because you are just starting to know search engine optimization. It is because you want to start your career and get your first job after learning from this course.

Typically a beginner in SEO is someone who is at the start of his or her career and wants to start their first job. They want to begin a career in SEO and this course will begin their professional journey and be the stepping stone of their career.

When you go for your interviews as a fresher you are expected to have a good knowledge about what is SEO, how search engine optimization works, what are search engines and what are their roles, and what is the process of doing SEO.

Your interview questions will also be covering these topics and aspects of SEO. You will be recruited at the entry level SEO jobs and therefore you are not expected to know advanced and professional level SEO which also we teach through our professional complete SEO course.

An SEO beginner is also someone who has read few things about search engine optimization. There are number of free SEO learning material available online which makes you know what is SEO and what it does. This might have created the interest in you to pursue SEO as a career. You read and know about rankings and how one can grow a website with SEO.

And now you want to be that person who can rank keywords and websites and make websites grow. For this you now need to learn about the basics of how to do search engine optimization. This is what this beginner level SEO course covers. It will teach you all the basics and aspects of SEO which work together in order to make a website or webpage rank for keywords and bring organic traffic to that site.

Jump right in now and start your SEO Career journey with our Best SEO course for beginners.

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