Best SEO Crash Course for learners, business owners & marketers

Practical SEO Crash Course

Let us introduce you to the Purpalyn SEO crash course. This is the perfect crash course to learn SEO in a very very short time and easily.

This short and easy crash course gives SEO training in a very simple, effective and straight forward way.

If you want to learn SEO fast then this is the course for you. If you want to learn how to do SEO fast then this is the best course for you.

When you are a beginner then learning SEO can be very confusing. There are lot of terms, thousands and thousands of blogs, courses, tutorials and what not.

But you are a beginner and you need to start learning search engine optimization. And like every beginner you want to learn what is SEO and how it works and actually how to do SEO.

So, you learn here only what you need to learn to start doing SEO.

SEO crash course syllabus

Chapter 1: What is SEO

Chapter 2: Why we do SEO

Chapter 3: How to find keywords

Chapter 4: On Page SEO: How to use keywords

Chapter 5: Mobile (Responsive) Website

Chapter 6: Open Google Accounts

Chapter 7: Take GA tracking code

Chapter 8: Create & submit sitemap

Chapter 9: Submit website

Chapter 10: Build links

What you will learn from our SEO crash course

  • Open Google search console & analytics accounts
  • How to submit websites to Google
  • Know, understand and track SEO metrics for your website
  • Do basic level technical SEO
  • Check and improve your site speed
  • Select keywords for your website
  • Optimize your pages for the selected keywords
  • Know where to use your keywords on every page
  • Know and understand what makes keywords rank in search engines
  • Know and understand the concept, benefits and need of link building
  • Start building links for a website


How this SEO crash course can help you

The best learning benefit of this SEO crash course is that you can quickly learn about SEO and how to do it. You can easily & quickly learn how to do SEO steps with this crash course and then start applying these right away to your websites.

With this you will learn and practically see how SEO works for websites. You learn how to do SEO for websites with this course on crash learning search engine optimization steps and techniques.

The best scenario is that you have a website or are going to get your own website. Then start learning with course and side by side apply what you learn on your website.

In a matter of just few days you will learn how to do SEO on a new website. You will also learn and see how SEO works on a website. But most importantly you will learn what SEO does to a new website and how you can make your website target keywords on your website.

Slowly you will also see and learn how your website starts building search visibility for keywords by doing the necessary SEO techniques and steps. You will see your website improve search visibility and your keywords start to improve search rankings.

Why (and who) you need this SEO crash course

This is a very practical and short SEO course where you quickly learn all the necessary techniques and steps on how to start and do SEO for a website to make it search friendly.

This course focuses on the actual steps and techniques (only) you need to learn and do to help your website gain search visibility and rankings through keywords.

You quickly learn SEO and can easily start applying the same on any website. So, if you are a marketer, a business owner, a blog writer and site owner, then you can take this course and immediately learn and apply SEO to your website.

If you are a social media professional, a content writer and marketer then you add SEO skills and learn to do it with this short SEO crash course.

This is best SEO course for small business owners, professional services providers and even startups. With this course you can see how and what SEO can do for your website.

You actually see how you can grow your website and your business with SEO. You begin to see the SEO potential when you see your site actually targeting your desired keywords.

And after this course you can either learn SEO complete and make your website rank on first page. OR you can then hire professional SEO consultancy services because now you actually know what SEO can do for your business.