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How to Rank SEO course overview

Getting results from SEO in the real world requires a professional be expert in many tasks and to know many more things. And SEO is also one of the most attractive, growth oriented and a very rewarding profession and career option.

This professional course is meant for you if you want to excel in SEO and want to do better than others at your level. Learn in depth each & every task and step of SEO, right from keywords, technical optimization, on page optimization to how to build links. Be one of the best SEO professionals in India with this How to Rank SEO training.


  • Be an Expert on how to find Easy to Rank Keywords
  • Learn how to do the BEST optimization for ranking top
  • Be a link expert by learning how to build MORE BACKLINKS EASY
    • The easy techniques and the super easy technique
    • Techniques you can avoid to be safe

What you are getting

A full professional SEO course best for all beginners, business & website owners, and good for working professionals in SEO or digital marketing.

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Do not just learn SEO but LEARN TO RANK with this Full SEO master course. If you are a beginner then this course will launch your career in the top gear. If you are in entry level SEO job then you can learn how to rank keywords faster than others with this course. If you have been working for in SEO for some time and are a professional then you can start ranking your websites much faster and easier and start achieving much better results for your clients or your own websites.

The best SEO course to learn professional and trained way to SEO, step by step

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Expert SEO Course on How to Rank

We give you a 2 techniques on How to Rank Top. This 2 step process gives you two most important advantages in SEO.

  1. Understand your keywords and find most relevant and easier ones
  2. Find many more easier keywords to rank your website on top

This process covers few general and few unique techniques which not all SEO professionals use. So, when you apply these keyword finding and validatin techniques then you will be able to find easier to rank keywords. In the process you will also add many more keywords on your page.

So, you will optimize your pages to RANK FOR MANY MORE KEYWORDS, with this 4 step SEO keywords finding process.

SEO is all about ranking your website and your keywords on the first page. That is a complete process of doing search engine optimization the right way. It also means learning to do it the right way.

Do you know what is the most important factor for ranking websites on the first page of Google? It is your keywords and knowing which keywords to target.

This How to Rank short expert SEO course is all about training you on how to select the right keywords. You can rank almost any keyword if you have few years of time and are willing to do advanced SEO. But this expert ranking course teaches you how to rank new websites. You get training on how to select keywords for a new websites so that you can rank it on the first page, much easily than others.

This is how you will learn How to Rank EASILY

Module 1: SEO and Search Engines

  • Understand SEO
  • What SEO does
  • Why do SEO
  • What is SEO aimed at
  • About Search Engines
  • History of search engines
  • Major search engines of today
  • How do search engines work

Module 2: SEO Career Opportunity

  • SEO scope and opportunity
  • SEO Career advantages
  • Types of SEO Jobs
  • Skills and Qualification needed to excel in SEO Career

Module 3: Submit Site to Search Engines

  • Why get your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more
  • How to submit entire website
  • Google accounts you need
  • How to open Google Search Console (GSC)
  • How to open Google Analytics (GA)

Module 4: How to do Technical SEO Optimization

  • Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Checklist of Technical SEO techniques to follow
  • How to do Technical SEO Optimization
    • HTTP vs. HTTPS
    • WWW & Non-WWW
    • Setting up your Preferred Version
    • Optimized & unique URLs
    • Site structure
    • Mobile friendly website
    • Link Internally (One of The MOST IMPORTANT RANKING FACTOR)
    • 301 Redirect
    • Page Speed Optimization Tips

Module 5: Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword Research
  • Base of Keyword Research
  • Examples

Module 6: 2 Techniques on How to Find Easy to Rank Keywords

  • Understand your Keywords to rank easily
  • Find easier keywords to rank more keywords faster

Module 7: How to do On Page SEO

  • What is On Page SEO
  • How do we optimize a page
  • 9 On Page SEO Optimization (Do the BEST optimization for ranking top)

Module 8: What are Backlinks

  • What is a link
  • What is a backlink
  • Why backlinks are important
  • Types of backlinks

Module 9: Link Building Techniques

  1. How to build backlinks (How to build MORE BACKLINKS EASY)
    1. Business Listing
    2. Profile creation
    3. Social bookmarking
    4. Q&A participation
    5. Publish Articles
    6. Image publishing & distribution
    7. Video marketing
    8. Use infographics
    9. Create and share documents
    10. The super easy technique

Module 10: Aviodable Link Building Techniques

  1. Links that matter less & WHY (and can look spammy)
    1. Link Techniques which matter very less for ranking (and can make your link profile look spammy and can be a waste of time)


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