Understand Syllabus of SEO course, training and tutorial, 2020

SEO Syllabus: Select best way to learn SEO by looking at SEO course syllabus of professional course, advanced training, practical training, and syllabus of free tutorial

What is Syllabus of SEO Course, Training, Tutorials and guides

Before we go into the Purpalyn SEO course syllabus, that covers beginners to advanced SEO and our training syllabus, we need to first understand what is the syllabus of a SEO course. When we explain this, you will also understand that there are two terms, SEO course syllabus and SEO syllabus. The two are different and we will explain how the two are different, what is the difference, and why you need to understand and know both.

We will start with understanding syllabus of an SEO course, read in detail the Purpalyn professional and complete SEO course syllabus, find out more about SEO syllabus, need and importance of syllabus or curriculum and finally to selecting the best course through its syllabus.

SEO Course Syllabus meaning in detail

An SEO course syllabus is the outline of the modules and chapters of an SEO course. It means full SEO course syllabus which gives an outline or overview of the entire course. An SEO course syllabus shows you a list of all the subjects and topics that every search engine optimization course covers. The course syllabus means the curriculum of a course outlining all the modules and the chapters, lessons or subjects within.

SEO course syllabus shows the coverage of the complete SEO course telling students what they will be learning in search engine optimization through the entire course. It also tells them the process of learning including the timeline; how the search engine optimization course is designed and organized; and also the steps & schedule of learning.

There are two different ways to show and publish SEO course syllabus. It can be in a very brief format which only lists the chapter names. The other way and the better way is to publish a detailed and informative SEO syllabus which has a list of all the chapters and also briefly introduces what each chapter covers. This gives a student much better idea about the course.

You can find the detailed or brief syllabus on the website along with the course or also as a separate page in case it is a detailed and more informative syllabus. It can be published in both ways also.

Contents of the syllabus of SEO course

The syllabus of a professional and complete SEO course is detailed. This course syllabus will have modules and chapters. For every learner it is important to understand what are modules and what are chapters. This way you will also understand that chapters and different from modules.

Course modules are like sections of an SEO course. Modules are what a course is divided into. You can get an overview or outline of the course with the help of its modules. You can also think about modules as small but separate sections of SEO which you need to learn.

The modules are in a way complete in itself. SEO course modules generally have list of chapters within. But it also happens that the entire module on a part of SEO is covered through a single chapter.

When we tell you about our complete professional SEO course, we cover and list modules and chapters separately. Chapters are exactly what a course will teach you.

Purpalyn SEO course Syllabus

SEO course Curriculum outline 2020 - List of 32 Modules on SEO Course content

The 32 detailed modules of this exhaustive search engine optimization course syllabus will give the best outline of our course. This course is the perfect beginners to advance level SEO course and therefore the syllabus is nicely organized as professional SEO syllabus, practical training syllabus of SEO, and advanced SEO course syllabus.

This will properly show you how widely and how in depth we have covered search engine optimization in our course. When you read through the syllabus content you will know how you will benefit from our course and why it is the best SEO course to start and grow your career.

SEO Course Syllabus 2020 – Complete SEO course content outline by levels of courses and Modules & Chapters-wise curriculum details

Professional SEO Course Syllabus

Module 1: What is SEO

  • Understand SEO
  • What SEO does
  • Why do SEO
  • What is SEO aimed at

Module 2: Why Learn SEO

  • SEO scope and opportunity
  • SEO Career advantages

Module 3: SEO Career options and best way to start your Career

  • Types of SEO Jobs
  • Skills and Qualification needed to excel in SEO Career
  • Best Way to start your SEO Career

Module 4: What are Search Engines and how they work

  • About Search Engines
  • History of search engines
  • Major search engines of today
  • How do search engines work
  • Detailed process of Search Engines

Module 5: Google Accounts Set Up

  • Google accounts
  • How to open Google Search Console (GSC)
  • How to open Google Analytics (GA)

Module 6: Submit Site to Search Engines

  • Why get your website on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more
  • How to submit entire website
  • Submit individual web pages for indexing or re-indexing
  • Keep site indexed by repeating the process
  • One more important thing which no one will tell you

Module 7: How to do Technical SEO Optimization

  • Introduction to Technical SEO
  • Checklist of Technical SEO techniques to follow
  • How to do Technical SEO Optimization
    • HTTP vs. HTTPS
    • WWW & Non-WWW
    • Setting up your Preferred Version
    • Site Level Redirects
    • Optimized & unique URLs
    • Site structure
    • Mobile friendly website
    • Link Internally
    • Use Canonical tags
    • 301 Redirect
    • .htaccess file
    • Missing pages
    • Broken Internal Links
    • Broken External Links
    • Improve website speed
    • Submit Sitemap
    • Submit robots.txt
    • Duplicate content
    • Thin Content
    • Social media links

Module 8: Website Speed optimization

  • Importance of Page speed
  • How to know & Improve your website speed
  • Page Speed Optimization Tips

Module 9: Know Keywords

  • What are keywords?
  • Why need keywords
  • Keywords and Queries
  • Examples
  • Forms of keywords – queries, key phrases
  • Examples

Module 10: Keyword Research

  • What is Keyword Research
  • Base of Keyword Research
  • Examples

Module 11: How to find your keywords

  • How to find Keywords for your Website

Module 12: How to do On Page SEO

  • What is On Page SEO
  • How do we optimize a page
  • 9 On Page SEO Optimization

Module 13: Content Optimization

  • What is content
  • Content objectives and types
  • How to optimize content
  • Content Purpose
  • Content Structure
  • Content Length
  • Keyword Density
  • How to avoid Keyword Density & still maintain keyword focus
  • User friendly design & layout
  • Right use of media
  • Optimized Images & other media

Module 14: What are Backlinks

  • What is a link
  • What is a backlink
  • Why backlinks are important
  • Types of backlinks

Module 15: What is Link Building

  • What is Link Building
  • Approaches to building links

Module 16: Off Page and its Techniques

  • What is Off Page SEO
  • How to do Off Page SEO optimization

Module 17: Link Building Techniques

  • How to build backlinks
    • Profile creation
    • Forum participation
    • Q&A participation
    • Blog commenting
    • Publish Articles
    • Write guest posts
    • Image publishing & distribution
    • Video marketing
    • Use infographics
    • Social bookmarking
    • Create and share documents
    • Directory submissions

Practical SEO Training Syllabus

Module 18: Google Algorithms as rule book of ranking system

  • Search engine landscape
  • The guiding and deciding factors in SEO
  • Google Algorithms – What you should know
  • Updates vs. Filters
  • What is Ranking and how websites are ranked?

Module 19: Major Google Algorithms and updates

  • Major Google Algorithms and updates

Module 20: Ready Website for Indexing

  • Navigation
  • Link Internally
  • Accessible Content
  • HTML sitemap
  • Use of proper keywords

Module 21: 11 Types of Keywords

  • Four methods to know keywords
  • 11 Types of Keywords
    • Generic Keywords
    • Examples
    • Specific and Intent Keywords
    • Examples
    • Head or Main Keywords
    • Examples
    • Body keywords
    • Examples
    • Local keywords
    • Examples
    • Company based keywords
    • Examples
    • Product or service based keywords
    • Examples
    • Branded keywords
    • Examples
    • Informational keywords
    • Examples
    • Transactional keywords
    • Examples
    • Navigational keywords
    • Examples

Module 22: 21 Free Keyword Research Tools

  • 21 Free Keyword Research Tools
  • How to use these free tools to find keywords

Advanced SEO Course Training Syllabus

Module 23: Understand SEO Platforms

  • What to know about a website
  • How to understand and target aspects of a business on website

Module 24: 4 Pre-SEO Factors for SEO

  • What are the Pre SEO Factors that affect your SEO
  • The 4 types of Factors which affect your SEO
  • 18 factors explained in detail

Module 25: 5 ways to get pages ranked without indexing

  • 5 ways search engines can index your pages

Module 26: The 3 key On Page SEO Techniques

  • The 3 key On Page SEO Techniques
  • Why these 3 are the most important optimization techniques
  • How search engines display websites in 2020
  • How to best optimize your keywords using these techniques

Module 27: More Advanced On Page SEO Techniques

  • How to properly set up WWW & Non-WWW with 4 steps
  • Absolute or Relative URLs
  • target_blank
  • Use Canonical tags
  • On Page Meta redirect
  • 404 pages
  • Readable content
  • Optimized Image file names
  • Optimized Folder names
  • Optimized Images & other media
  • Internal Linking for optimization
  • Duplicate Content
  • Thin Content

Module 28: 404 pages

  • What are 404 not found Pages
  • How to deal with NOT FOUND OR MISSING PAGES
  • How to design a 404 page

Module 29: How to use htaccess file for technical SEO

  • What is an .htaccess file
  • How to redirect non WWW site version to WWW site
  • Page level Redirects
  • Use 404 redirect for Missing Pages

Module 30: How to do SEO Audit

  • What is an SEO Audit
  • SEO Audit checklist
  • How to do SEO Audit step by step

Module 31: Advanced Google Search Analytics

  • SEO metrics to check with Search Console
  • SEO metrics to check with Analytics Accounts

Module 32: Mobile SEO

  • What is Mobile SEO
  • Why you need Mobile SEO
  • Uses of Mobile SEO
  • How to optimize website for Mobiles

This is our Complete Beginners to Advanced SEO course.

More information to understand SEO Course Syllabus

Importance of syllabus of SEO course

The SEO syllabus of any online SEO training is the first and also one of the best parameters to know how good that course is. The course syllabus can show both the width and depth of the course and how complete and comprehensive the course is. A syllabus can also make you differentiate between two different courses or programs. An online training program teaches search engine optimization in a different way than the best SEO course, and you can know that by looking at their syllabi.

When students want to start learning search engine optimization or even digital marketing then they need a good and easy way to look into the courses and institutes and also look through the courses to know how good these are. Also it is best if the method is quick because visiting each and every institute can take lot of time & effort and waste crucial time of students which could be invested in actually learning.

A syllabus provides that quick and easy method. A syllabus is a very important tool or method with which students can evaluate different courses and programs. They can see which courses provide what and also check which courses are better and more suitable to their career needs and can help more in starting and growing their careers.

One of the important factor which a syllabus can show and help you evaluate is the quality of the best SEO courses is what makes the syllabus best. However, it is also the presentation of course aspects in the syllabus that makes it more relevant and student friendly. Also, the focus and emphasis any institute gives on providing a complete syllabus for students to see also contributes towards the quality of syllabus and also shows the willingness of the institute to help students.

SEO Course Syllabus - Types and their need

There are many different types of courses in SEO like basic or beginners course, professional course, advanced course, and training or training courses. Each type of course caters to different learners and therefore the content of each course syllabus is different.

And so, syllabus, content, outline and curriculum of each course is different. But it aims to cover the SEO syllabus as much as possible and as per the course teaching or training objectives.

A basic SEO course syllabus is different from a professional SEO course syllabus. Similarly, an advanced SEO course syllabus is totally different from the syllabus of a basic and even a professional course. And so in the same way an SEO training syllabus or the syllabus of an SEO training course will be completely different from all other types of courses mentioned above.

So, an SEO learner should not get confused between the content of different courses but take it as an outline of what they will be learning in those courses and what is the focus of each one.

SEO course syllabus tells you what the course teaches

A syllabus is a summary of the course. Therefore, syllabus is just as good as the course itself. Syllabus also tells you what the course will teach you in SEO. When you look at the syllabus of our SEO training course for beginners, or a basic SEO course you will know and understand from its list of chapters how and why it is the best beginner level course. You can know the depth of learning a beginner can get from it. Also, what a working SEO professional will understand that it is not an expert course yet good for an entry level SEO professional to improve knowledge and skills for doing SEO.

Why students need SEO Course Syllabus

Students can know which all modules are there in the course which tells them the coverage of the course. The syllabus also lists out the various chapters or lessons of the SEO course which tells students exactly which topics they will be learning. A course syllabus helps students in knowing more about how to learn SEO.

If you are an SEO professional and are looking for a complete complete advanced SEO course to gain SEO expertise, learn proven SEO techniques and advance in your career then their syllabus is the first thing you need to look. From there only you will know what that course actually teaches.

SEO course syllabus is a very important aspect of the course. It is needed so that students can have the initial knowledge of the course. Students generally look for best of SEO courses and institutes in their own cities e.g. Delhi or Mumbai. Syllabi of any best SEO course in Delhi can help students do a preliminary assessment of the course and helps them to do the initial level comparison of different courses.

Students can read the SEO syllabus to find out how good that SEO course is and what all it covers.

SEO syllabus and SEO course syllabus: Different yet Similar


Both, SEO syllabus and SEO course syllabus are about one thing and one thing only: Search Engine Optimization or SEO and what all it covers.


It is like this:

THE Syllabus of SEO vs. Syllabus of an SEO course.


The Syllabus of SEO covers the whole SEO as a profession and subject. The syllabus of an SEO course means, and is limited to, what that course teaches in SEO.

SEO syllabus vs. SEO course Syllabus: Understand what is SEO syllabus and what is SEO course syllabus. Know the difference and similarity. Know why you need to understand both SEO syllabus and what is SEO course syllabus to better learn search engine optimization.

Let us explain.

An SEO course syllabus is the outline of the modules and chapters of an SEO course. While SEO syllabus covers the SEO field in detail a syllabus of an SEO course tells you what a course covers and teaches in SEO.

Syllabus of SEO generally covers all that search engine optimization covers. This is basically the universe of SEO and includes everything one can or should learn. Syllabus of an SEO course covers, includes and is limited to what that course teaches in SEO, but not everything that is associated or related to or is part of search engine optimization.

Which one you need to read and understand?


For a learner in SEO, knowing both is required. Learners should look at the syllabus of every SEO course. They should also (obviously) know what all SEO covers or at least try to know as much about it as possible. This makes them know and understand the outline or syllabus of SEO in general.

What is a SEO Syllabus

SEO Syllabus is the Curriculum to learn & understand SEO

SEO syllabus means and includes all the things to learn or know in SEO. SEO syllabus is also the content outline of all the courses, guides, tutorials which cover and teach search engine optimization. It is the complete curriculum of SEO.

SEO curriculum or syllabus is meant as a reference for all learners who want to know what learning SEO covers and what all they can and should learn to understand and do search engine optimization.

To help all the learners who are looking to know, understand and learn search engine optimization here is a basic but extensive list of subjects which SEO covers. These are the subjects and topics which one will learn in SEO. This is the broad SEO curriculum which learners can use as reference for SEO learning. These are also what every SEO course will cover in their modules, at different levels.

SEO syllabus with content and details

Training Course Subject 1: Why learn SEO

This is the introductory section of this SEO training course. Here you will get to know about search engine optimization as your career option. You will know and understand why you should learn SEO, what SEO and technical skills you need for your career and how best to start towards building your SEO career.

Training Course Subject 2: Understand SEO

In this second section of SEO course and training you will understand what is SEO properly. Your learning will be incomplete without this section. You cannot fully learn how to do SEO without first properly understanding it. This section is all about that.

This SEO training section will formally introduce SEO and explain it in detail. You will also learn about the surroundings of SEO or the various factors which make SEO what it is today. So, you will understand what are search engines and how they work. You will also understand what are algorithms and their role in SEO. And you will also know about the best practices of SEO and how we came upon to decide these practices.

Training Course Subject 3: Setting up for SEO

This is the section of our SEO course where you will learn about setting up things before you start doing search engine optimization for a website. What you need to do SEO all along are the few key accounts and these are free Google accounts and also few of the most important SEO tools which you will always need in SEO.

Training Course Subject 4: Understand Technical SEO

This is the section of our SEO course where you will learn about starting search engine optimization for any website. There is one important thing you need to do when you start SEO and that is letting the search engines know that you have a website and you are going to do SEO for that. Know how best and fully to do that step.

The second important thing to do to start SEO is to make your website ready for search engines. This means getting your website technically ready. But it is not that technical to understand and do. All SEO professionals do this. This is called Technical SEO or Technical optimization of a website.

Training Course Subject 5: Understand Keyword Research

Whatever we type and search in search engines like Google are called keywords. All the words or phrases which people use to find your business and website are keywords.

You cannot do any type of SEO and get any sort of results in terms of rankings and traffic if you do not know, find and define your keywords. The process of doing that is called keywords research. This is what you will learn in this section number 4 of our SEO course training.

Training Course Subject 6: Understand On Page SEO

Keyword research is of no use if you do not know how to make best use of it. The sole purpose of finding keywords is to use these in the best way on your website. This is what on page optimization is all about, how to use your keywords to help a website get rankings and traffic.

This is what you will learn in this section 6 of the training course on SEO. On page SEO means on page optimization. It refers to and covers everything we do on, and for, a particular web page to make it more relevant and targeted towards particular query or queries and keywords.

You will learn all the various important techniques and methods of doing on page SEO optimization in this section.

Training Course Subject 7: What is linkbuilding

Linkbuilding is one of the most important part of search engine optimization. All the techniques and steps of SEO mentioned above are very important to provide a website its direction and purpose in the eyes of search engines and users. And linkbuilding is that step that will actually take your website to its goal which is ranking.

You need to build links to your website to increase its authority and popularity on search engines so that your website starts ranking for the targeted keywords. These links are called backlinks and are very important factor for ranking of any website.

This section of our SEO training course will introduce you to off page SEO and linkbuilding. You will learn about the various techniques you can use to get backlinks for any website that you want to do SEO. You will know about the types of websites from where you can get backlinks for your website.