Online SEO Course for Beginners in India (2020)

Best beginners SEO course for students, bloggers, websites, business

SEO Beginners Course - Practical, Simple & Complete

This is the best course to learn SEO for beginners. You get professional training in SEO with this website optimisation course. Learn the optimization techniques, link building methods and training to do complete SEO for any website, right from beginning.

Who is an SEO beginner?

A beginner in SEO is someone who wants to know what is basic SEO and wants to learn how to do SEO professionally for jobs or to grow own website with optimization training. This course is for bloggers, website owners or business owners to learn what is search engine optimization and how is SEO done.

This is the best course for beginners for learning search engine optimization from the start and to get professional training in SEO. You get complete training in SEO, understand it from the very basic and learn how to do it in the best way.

Where to learn SEO, if you are a beginner? This course is the best for learning SEO for beginners, to get full knowledge and learn all about on how to start and do it for entry level jobs in India.

Who is the beginners SEO best for

  • ⇒ Learners looking for their first SEO jobs
  • ⇒ All those who want to build a successful career in SEO
  • ⇒ All those who want to start a rewarding career in digital marketing
  • ⇒ Beginners who want to be a SEO professional
  • ⇒ Small business owners to make their business website grow and get traffic and leads
  • ⇒ Website owners & Bloggers to start ranking and get traffic to their websites
  • ⇒ Content marketing professionals to learn to add value to their content & make it RANK #1
  • ⇒ Website designers to learn to make SEO ready websites for clients & add SEO services to their portfolio

Complete Beginners SEO course syllabus

This is the complete course syllabus which a beginner will learn online from our SEO training course for all learner in Delhi and in India.

With this syllabus and course you will learn complete basics and all the techniques you need to learn and use to do SEO. Learn the complete and more techniques which you can use to do SEO for Delhi based websites and businesses.

Look at the modules, chapters and what to learn in SEO in Delhi:

  • Module 1: Start with knowing about SEO & Career

    • What is SEO
    • Why Learn SEO
    • SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
  • Module 2: Understand SEO Background

    • What are Search Engines and how they work
    • Google algorithms as rule book
    • Major Google algorithms
  • Module 3: Learn how to set up website for SEO

    • Google accounts set up
    • Submit site to search engines
  • Module 4: Understand how to do Technical SEO

    • HTTP vs. HTTPS
    • Mobile friendly website
    • Link Internally
    • Absolute or Relative URLs
    • Use Canonical tags
    • Site structure
    • .htaccess file
    • Missing pages
    • Improve website speed
    • Submit Sitemap
    • Submit robots.txt
    • Thin Content
  • Module 5: Understand Keywords & how to do Keyword Research

    • Know Keywords
    • Various Types of Keywords
    • What is Keyword Research
    • Find keywords using related searches
    • How to find more keywords using Google auto suggest
    • Amazing FREE TOOL to FIND EVEN MORE Keywords
    • More Keyword Research Tools
    • Long Tail Keywords and their importance
    • LSI Keywords
  • Module 6: Learn how to do On Page SEO & learn the techniques

    • Title tag optimization
    • URL optimization
    • Meta description
    • Unique Meta Tags
    • Main Header tag optimization
    • More header tags optimization
    • Alt tags optimization
    • Image file names
    • Folder names
    • Content
    • User friendly design & layout
    • Responsive design
    • Optimized Images & other media
    • Keyword Density
  • Module 7: Learn Off Page SEO and link building techniques

    • What are Backlinks
    • What is Link building
    • Off Page and its Techniques
    • Link Building Techniques
      • Business and NAP Listing
      • Profile creation
      • Forum participation
      • Q&A participation
      • Blog commenting
      • Publish Articles
      • Links through image publishing
      • Links through PDF/PPT publishing
      • Links through video publishing
      • Links through infographics publishing
      • Social bookmarking
    • Dofollow & Nofollow links
  • Module 8: Understand Local SEO

    • What is local search
    • What is Local SEO
    • Need for Local SEO
    • Types of Local results & rankings
    • On Page Local Optimization techniques
    • Local SEO link building
  • Module 9: Learn how to SEO Audit websites

Complete & Best SEO Course, INR 990 ONLY.

Well Begun is Half Done

BEST SEO learning for beginners

With Simple & Detailed SEO Course online

Complete beginners SEO you learn from this course

Begin Well: Learn the right things & be better

The right way of doing SEO is when you know and understand why you are doing SEO, know the best way for that and do it in a complete way.

You are beginning your SEO learning. What we learn and how we learn anything in the beginning normally stays with us for a long time. Therefore, it is very important to start learning SEO in the right way and best way.

What you learn now will play very important roles. This will build your complete understanding of SEO and will build the platform for your job, career and further learning.

Most importantly, you need to have the best and complete SEO understanding as you are going to begin your career with your first job.

Complete SEO understanding for newcomers to be the best

This course gives the best beginners SEO training on how to do SEO for a new website step by step. You learn how to select right keywords, do technical & on page optimization & build right links. You also get the right understanding on doing SEO to help get better results.

SEO is all about connecting a business with its audience. It is a detailed and a unique process of achieving it. For this, you need to learn more than just keywords, optimization and link building.

Before learning and starting SEO, you need to understand the business and the website which are the base of everything you do. This will help you build the right platform to achieve the best results which are rankings.

We teach you more and full in SEO. What is important to get results from the search engine optimization process you do is to understand why you are doing it. With this you also learn how best to start SEO.

How you will learn to do SEO with our beginners training

Understand SEO background

The first thing you need to understand is the background for doing SEO. This covers understand the business and the website. Website is what you do SEO on. To get better results we train you on the structure of website. A website is also important as the platform to present and share all the business information that a searcher is interested in.

Understand SEO framework

Now you should begin with understanding what is SEO and how it works. For this, you need to learn about the framework around which search engine optimization works.

This covers learning about the search engines and how they work. You will learn how websites are ranked so that you can use SEO techniques in the best way to improve rankings. You will also learn which techniques we should follow.

Technical SEO fundamentals & beginners techniques to learn

Starting with a complete understanding of what is technical SEO and what is the need to do it. We train you on doing better technical SEO optimization of a website by teaching you the key technical SEO techniques. Our course trains on how to better implement these techniques for better results.

Beginners Keyword Research training to find right keywords

Keyword research is the most important part of doing search engine optimization. Therefore it is very important that you understand what is keyword research, how to do it. For this you also need to understand what are keywords and the role they play in SEO. We teach you in depth on keywords and its various aspects.

We train you perfectly on keyword research through our online SEO training courses. We train you on how to find your keywords and how to select the best and most relevant keywords for your website.

We use the important criteria and also have developed few of our own parameters to find keywords, validate those keywords and check their difficulty levels and select the best ones. We teach and train you on all these in our online training courses.

Simple & Practical On Page SEO training for beginners

Through our training courses we teach and train you on how to best optimize your website. We cover all the important on page SEO techniques which you need to follow. Our courses also cover unique perspective on these techniques and teach you to do innovative and unique on page SEO optimization through new techniques.

Beginners Off Page SEO Guide

Off page SEO that part of learning and doing search engine optimization which is not often fully understood. We teach you what is off page completely and make you properly understand it so that you can do it better than others. We teach the techniques of doing off page SEO.

Step by step Beginners training on how to build links for a new website

You will start learning link building with why we do it. Then you will learn the right way to build links. The third step is to learn the techniques to build links. We also teach and train on how to build links to a new website.

The link building module covers three types of link building techniques, starting from the very basic, to beginners and then to the professional techniques of building links.

Learning what is link building, how to do acquire links for your website and to rightly understand the need, role and importance of links for your website is very critical for doing and learning search engine optimization. Not learning it properly can make you do it in many wrong ways which can ultimately destroy all your SEO efforts and gains.

Our online training courses teach you all about link building which you need to know to be better in linkbuilding and link acquisition.

Why this online course best for beginners to start learning SEO

Best & complete way for all newcomers to learn to do SEO

Best training in SEO for all new comers & beginners

Being a basic level course on SEO, this is good for every beginner, student, learner who wants to start learning search engine optimization from the very start. If you do not know anything about search engine optimization then this is the best course for you. You will learn the basic concepts of SEO.

If you are totally new to SEO then you can start doing basic level SEO after learning from this course. If you are looking for your first job then you can face basic interview questions and start SEO job hunting after this course. To learn full SEO as a beginner and to be fully job ready, we highly recommend our beginners SEO course to you, which brings us to our next reason.

BEST SEO Beginners course for job seekers in India

Learning SEO from this complete course can help you in many ways. For beginners learning complete PLUS advanced search engine optimization will make you know more in SEO and improve your skills and qualifications. Knowing more and in depth will always help you in interviews, make you more confident and therefore help you get better job and faster.

This advanced search engine optimization course is the best and perfect learning platform for beginners and entry level professionals to learn in depth, and more about search engine optimization (SEO). It advances, perfects, compliments and completes your SEO learning and skills and help you to be the best in your jobs and careers, and this makes it one of the TOP SEO courses in India.

Online SEO course bloggers & website owners need to rank their sites

Every blogger and website owner wants to make their blogs and websites reach many people. And believe me, SEO is one of the best, cheapest, flexible and long term beneficial way to make your website reach as many organic visitors as you want. Growing a blog and making it reach thousands of people is best done with SEO. But you need to learn it more thoroughly, little more deeply and more completely. Just learn that you can select a keyword, put it in meta and title tags and do some link building is never enough.

A complete SEO knowledge can make you grow your blog to as many search visitors as you want and also in a faster and more effective way.

This is why we all need to learn complete SEO and for this our course is one of the best.

What you learn with our online SEO beginners training

You will be able to increase your knowledge, professional skills and expertise in search engine optimization from learning the following from our course and training.

  •  What is SEO and how it works
  •  Complete perspective on SEO, its scope and what all it involves
  •  How best to start SEO for a new website
  •  How best to SEO audit a new website
  •  How to find perfect keywords
  •  How to do technical SEO optimization
  •  How to do on page optimization
  •  How to make your keywords rank
  •  How to optimize websites for more keywords
  •  How to do off page optimization
  •  How to do build links for your website

You can also look at this advanced, expert & complete SEO master course with full professional & practical training on how to rank #1 with SEO.