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ONLINE SEO Training in Delhi, Mumbai & across India

Now in 2020, you need the best online SEO Course. The best & complete search engine optimization course online helps you learn more & in depth and trains you on how to do professional & advanced SEO.

With online SEO course you can learn as fast as you want and at your home too. Our training course gives you much more. It helps you become expert professional with advanced training & tools.

This complete & best SEO course from our Expert Institute in Dwarka Delhi is available online for everyone in India and abroad too. You learn with detailed PDF chapters, insightful & explanatory videos. And you will have FREE TOOLS to help you do full professional SEO.

The Purpalyn SEO Training online is best to start and grow your search engine optimization career.

SEO training ONLINE in India for beginners to learn how to do professional SEO

  1. Complete SEO basics and fundamentals

  2. Understand business websites & how to make them SEO friendly

  3. Learn how to start doing SEO for any new website

  4. Learn the best and complete Technical SEO optimization

  5. Learn how to find keywords

  6. Learn how to do on page SEO optimization

  7. Learn how to build backlinks for a new website

  8. Learn how to find keywords for local businesses

  9. Learn how to do local on page SEO optimization

  10. Learn Mobile SEO and how to optimize websites for mobiles

That is what our professional advanced SEO training provides for all beginners who want to learn search engine optimization. You may be looking to start a career, do SEO for your blog or website or make your business website grow by mastering SEO techniques. This is online SEO optimization & ranking course for all to get proper advanced SEO training online in techniques and strategies.

This is more than just a theoretical SEO course. This is a complete SEO training to learn how to rank keywords. This search engine optimization training course covers everything from teaching you SEO to how to start SEO, what are SEO friendly websites, to how to audit, mobile & local SEO.

You get training on link building strategies to learn how to do SEO for a new website. Learn how to build links for local business websites and other websites. Watch your keyword rankings grow with complete off page and link building techniques.

Master the art of keyword research, on page and content optimization, technical SEO and building backlinks with this best online SEO course in Dwarka, Delhi and whole India.

SEO Course Outline

2 STEP Learning Process for SEO Expertise

How you learn digital marketing with this BEST SEO Course and also get professional & practical training and tools to get expertise in how to do SEO better.

Professional SEO Course with practical training & insights on how to rank better

FREE tools & resources to do full & easy SEO


Beginners to Advanced SEO TRAINING ONLINE

Complete Training to find best SEO keywords

3 step SEO technique & tip to help you rank keywords faster & rank more keywords for any page

How to do EASY website analysis

Learn how to improve ranking of more pages with this one SIMPLE HACK or TECHNIQUE

Learn Full Mobile SEO


Learn what are responsive websites & how to design these

Learn how to build links STEP BY STEP

Start building backlinks INSTANTLY (with a ready linkbuilding list) and do FULL SCALE SEO without working on live projects


WITH 108+ AMAZING RESOURCES & TOOLS ABSOLUTELY FREE, to make you experts & get results fast

100+ FREE SEO Backlinking Sites

5 FREE SEO Tracksheets

Basic Website Designing Tutorial

FREE Thank You Page Template

FREE 404 Page Template

The Complete Practical SEO course with the FREE resources & tools at 75% OFF.

Online SEO Course Modules

Module 1: Start with knowing about SEO & Career

Module 2: Understand SEO

Module 3: Understand Website for SEO purpose

Module 4: SEO Friendly website

Module 5: How to start SEO

Module 6: Initial Site Analysis

Module 7: Learn how to set up website for SEO

Module 8: Submit site to search engines

Module 9: Understand how to do Technical SEO

Module 10: Mobile SEO

Module 11: Understand Keywords & how to do Keyword Research

Module 12: How to find your keywords with Keyword Research

Module 13: 20 plus Keyword Research Tools

Module 14: Learn how to do On Page SEO & learn the techniques

Module 15: Learn Off Page SEO and link building techniques

Module 16: Local SEO and How to optimize and rank

Module 17: 10 Video SEO Lessons

Module 18: SEO Tools & Resources

SEO Course Syllabus

    Section 1

  • Module 1: Start with knowing about SEO & Career

    • Why Learn SEO
    • SEO Career options and best way to start your Career
  • Module 2: Understand SEO

    • What is SEO
    • What are Search Engines and how they work
    • Major Google algorithms
  • Section 2

  • Module 3 - Understand Website for SEO purpose

    • Business or entity behind the website
    • Website and its composition
    • Creation of the website
    • Structure of website and its pages
    • Basic Website Designing
    • Getting a website live on the Internet
  • Module 4 - SEO Friendly website

    • Title
    • Description
    • Viewport
    • Favicon
    • Design
    • Flash
    • Javascript
    • Pop-ups
    • Canonical
    • Use of images
    • Properly optimized Footer
    • Use of proper keywords
    • Navigation
    • Linked pages
    • HTML sitemap
  • Chapter 5 - How to start SEO

    • 7 things you need to start SEO
    • 4 types of accounts you need to start SEO
    • 3 lists you need to start SEO

    Module 6: Initial Site Analysis

    • What is Initial Site Analysis
    • Why need Initial Site Analysis
    • Steps to Initial Site Analysis
    • How to manually find indexed web pages
  • Section 3

    Module 7: SEO Video Lessons

    • Process of SEO
    • Why we need SEO
    • Search Engines & Visibility (Rankings): SEO vs. PPC
    • Keywords
    • Keyword Research
    • Google search & Indexing
    • Content, Optimization & Backlinks – 3 pillars for Ranking
    • Link building: basic to advanced
    • Role of On Page SEO
    • Role of Technical SEO

    Section 4

  • Module 8: Learn how to set up website for SEO

    • Google accounts set up
      • How to open Google Search Console Account
      • How to open Google Analytics Account
      • How to install Google Analytics website tracking code
  • Module 9: Submit site to search engines

    • When to submit website to search engines
    • How to submit site to search engines
      • Submitting sitemap
        • How to create a sitemap
        • How to submit a sitemap
      • Submitting robots file
        • How to create a robots file
        • How to submit a robots file
    • When and How to submit URLs for indexing
  • Section 5

  • Module 10: Understand how to do Technical SEO

    • HTTP vs. HTTPS
    • Link Internally
      • How to create Internal Links
      • HTML code for creating a link
      • How to use anchor text for internal links
    • Absolute or Relative URLs
    • Use Canonical tags
    • Broken Links
    • Redirects
    • Missing pages
  • Module 11: Mobile SEO

    • What is Mobile SEO
    • Why you need Mobile SEO
    • Uses of Mobile SEO
    • How to optimize website for Mobiles
    • Responsive Design
    • Responsive CSS codes
    • Media Queries
    • Improve website speed
    • How to make your site light and fast
    • Image Size Optimization
    • Code Optimization
    • Space Optimization

    Section 6

  • Module 12: Understand Keywords & how to do Keyword Research

    • Know Keywords
    • Various Types of Keywords
    • Forms of Keywords
    • 11 Types of Keywords
    • Breakup the keywords
    • Singular vs. Plural Keywords
      • Examples
    • Keyword Variations
      • Synonyms, related and variants
  • Module 13: How to find your keywords with Keyword Research

    • What is Keyword Research
    • Keyword Research Tools
    • How to find keywords
    • How to find more keywords
    • How to use Google Suggest
    • How to use Google Related Searches
    • Amazing FREE TOOL to FIND EVEN MORE Keywords
  • Module 14: 20 plus Keyword Research Tools

    • 9 Google Tools
    • 2 Social media tools
    • 2 Free tools
    • 4 Freemium Tools
    • Competitors
    • Wikipedia
    • Quora
    • Forums

    Section 7

  • Module 15: Learn how to do On Page SEO & learn the techniques

    • Title tag optimization
    • URL optimization
    • Meta description
    • Unique Meta Tags
    • Main Header tag optimization
    • More header tags optimization
    • Alt tags optimization
    • Image file names
    • Folder names
    • Content
    • User friendly design & layout
    • Responsive design
    • Optimized Images & other media
    • Keyword Density
  • Section 7

  • Module 16: Learn Off Page SEO and link building techniques

    • What are Backlinks
    • What is Link building
    • Off Page and its Techniques
    • How to build backlinks with these Link Building Techniques
      • Business and NAP Listing
      • Profile creation
      • Forum participation
      • Q&A participation
      • Blog commenting
      • Publish Articles
      • Links through image publishing
      • Links through PDF/PPT publishing
      • Links through video publishing
      • Links through infographics publishing
      • Social bookmarking
  • Section 8

  • Module 17: Local SEO and How to optimize and rank

    • What is local search
    • What is Local SEO
    • Need for Local SEO
    • Importance and Benefits of local SEO
    • Types of Local results & rankings
    • Organic local results
    • Snack pack results
    • On Page Local Optimization
    • Mobile optimization & Local SEO
    • NAP Optimization
    • Embedd Google Map
    • Optimizing for Local Keywords

    Section 9

  • Module 18: SEO Tools & Resources

    • 100+ FREE SEO Backlinking Sites
    • 5 FREE SEO Tracksheets
    • Basic Website Designing Tutorial
    • FREE Thank You Page Template
    • FREE 404 Page Template

Get this BEST SEO training with FREE TOOLS & RESOURCES worth INR 21,600 of professional learning, for INR 5,400 ONLY. Special Price. ONLY FOR NOW!

SEO Course Content

2 Reasons to Enroll in SEO Course in Delhi, Mumbai (India)

Professional & Advanced SEO Training in India online

Online Professional SEO course every beginner needs to become a professional expert in 2020

This professional SEO course from Dwarka Institute is best for online career oriented SEO training in Delhi & India. This is the BEST course to learn SEO and your best learning platform to start professional career and also grow fast. Get the BEST professional SEO training in Delhi & across India, from this online PDF course in Dwarka to learn complete SEO at your home.

This online Delhi SEO course from Dwarka Institute, Purpalyn, teaches you search engine optimization from the very basic, in detail. It gives you complete perspective of what is SEO, why we do it and how we do SEO. This makes you a better candidate for the job and a better professional.

The examples included in the content & curriculum of this Delhi course on SEO and the simple & easy to understand language of teaching makes it the best course to learn search engine optimization. As a beginner you learn search engine optimization easily, complete and even faster with our Dwarka based training course available online in Delhi & India.

What is more important than live projects?

Live projects help you use what you learn in your course and learn practical SEO. They help you see the practical side of how to do SEO. But there is one thing which is more important than live projects. This is the right base or platform for learning & doing SEO.

You need the right professional SEO learning which you can apply in live projects. If you do not learn full and well SEO then what will you use and apply in the projects?

To practically understand how to do SEO in the right way. If you do not learn the basics, techniques & how start & do SEO then how will you learn fully from live projects?

When you enrol for a professional SEO training like ours and learn how professionals do SEO then you learn more than live projects. This also true practical training.

This is why we teach you this:

How to understand Website for SEO purpose

How to find SEO friendly and non friendly websites (so that you know how to start doing SEO for those websites)

How to start SEO (if you do not know the 7 things you need to start SEO, you will take more time to do full scale SEO and become professional)

How to set up website for SEO and open all the accounts

How to submit whole website to search engines

How to submit URLs for indexing and when to submit these

How to make your website mobile friendly

How to know which keywords are best to target

How to best optimize pages and prepare keywords for rankings

You also learn basic website designing which helps you in Mobile SEO, optimization (no course teaches you this). And you get designing related tools to use for SEO & make website more SEO & user friendly.

This is what makes your professional course more practical, career oriented and The BEST SEO course in India.

Practical SEO Training

A practical SEO training course can be your best investment, especially at the early stage of your careers. Learning and to be able to do SEO properly and fully is more practical than theoretical. Many courses offer live projects. BUT with this course you can learn more practical SEO than any LIVE PROJECT.

This is because you learn from experience. AND MORE IMPORTANTLY you are not only getting knowledge BUT you instantly get SKILLS and EXPERTISE with the FREE TOOLS with this course.

More than any course, it is your experience makes you learn more. With experience you get to know which are the best websites and techniques to get easy backlinks for SEO. This course gives you ready list of backlink websites from where I (and other high ranking websites) GOT BACKLINKS. This you WILL NOT learn with PROJECTS.

Another very important tool is the tracksheets. This you WILL NOT GET with any course or live project.

FREE SEO course TOOLS to learn & do practical SEO

This SEO course teaches you best and practical SEO. This training course prepares you BEST for your career and future by offering FREE TOOLS & RESOURCES to make your SEO EASY and smooth and help you in all your future SEO campaigns.

100+ FREE SEO Backlinking Sites (genuine, trusted & safe)

Backlinks are one of the most important part of SEO. More and quality Backlinks bring fast results and rank improvements, and make you an EXPERT. This list of 100+ backlink websites will help you do SEO and rank your keywords fast in every campaign. This is a READY LIST of BACKLINKS.

5 FREE SEO Tracksheets

It is very important to track all your SEO activities. It also helps in reporting what you did for your clients. These tracksheets will help you track and monitor MANY SEO activities, WITHOUT SUBSCRIBING to any PAID TOOLS.

Basic Website Designing Tutorial

If you know basic web designing and can identify important HTML and CSS codes then it helps you SEO too. With this you can do MORE for your clients. Plus, this will help you go from SEO expert to DIGITAL MARKETING professional. This will ADD another DIGITAL MARKETING SKILL.

FREE Thank You Page Template

A thank you page can be used for many purposes, and especially when a use buys or subscribes to your products. It adds value to a site and user satisfaction. You can use this template for your clients and add value to your services.

FREE 404 Page Template

404 pages are very important for websites and especially for SEO. We teach you when you need a 404 page and what are they in this course. But you need to create or design a 404 page. Now with this template you will have a ready 404 page, which you can even modify or improve as you also learn basic web designing.

Is this practical SEO course best to learn how to rank?

Yes, this is the best practical course on search engine optimization that you will ever need to learn how to make websites rank.

This is because you learn from years of experience of doing real life search engine optimization. You learn:

  • the approach that works in SEO
  • how to start and do complete SEO
  • how to do it more effectively to aim for better results

Online SEO Training Methodology

Practical SEO Training in India online (Videos, PDF)

This is a complete online SEO course which is delivered to you on mail once you enrol. It has two parts, SEO PDF course and video SEO course. The short video course will introduce to you full SEO.

The PDF SEO course and modules teach you SEO in detail with all the concepts, aspects, basics, techniques and how to do it. It has snapshots, examples to help you understand everything this course teaches. Plus the language is English and is very simple.

How you learn to do SEO practically

This is how you will learn search engine optimization from this best SEO course in Dwarka Delhi.

Start with understanding what is SEO

Doing search engine optimization always starts with understanding it properly and completely. SEO is one of the channels of digital marketing but it works in a totally different and in its own way.

You need to know the factors that make and influence it. You need to understand search engines. The way these search engines work actually guides how we do SEO.

When you understand search engine optimization you then understand how it is done, what all you need to do and why we do it.

All this builds your foundation to further learning.

Learn how to set up for SEO

For every website for which you need to do search engine optimization you need to build the platform which will help you in every aspect of your SEO all throughout your campaigns.

You need to learn about setting up things before you start doing search engine optimization for a website.

This covers learning how to open and operate accounts which Google provides. These are free accounts and professionals can operate, manage and supervise their campaigns for SEO of any website through these accounts for free.

These are the most important free tools of SEO which you need to learn to open and operate.

Letting Google know you have a website for SEO

You cannot do search engine optimization and get proper results from it if the search engine does not even know that you have a website and you are doing SEO for it.

When Google knows your site only then it will make it ready for the searches.

You need to tell Google to index your website and then keep it properly indexed. Only then can you aim for ranking for the right keywords.

This is done through submitting your website for indexing.

In your career you will be doing SEO for many websites. Whether it is your clients’ website or your own website, every SEO campaign starts with this step only.

Learn Technical SEO

Doing search engine optimization involves learning and doing few technical things for your website. However, these are easy to learn and do. All these are covered as Technical SEO. These are called as Technical SEO optimization techniques.

You have already learned the first and the most important technical optimization technique when you complete learning how to submit your site for indexing. It is an important technique under Technical SEO.

There are other important techniques that you will learn. These techniques make your website fully ready and functional for search indexing and for technically optimized for future searches.

Learn Keyword Research and how to find your keywords

What is the main goal of doing SEO? It is to make your website rank for various keywords. Understand this before starting to learn SEO. Your keywords connect you to your audience or the searchers.

If you select and target the right keywords then you target and reach the right audience.

How do you do this?

This is done through keyword research.

Keyword research is a complete process which is the important part of every SEO campaign.

If you want to know what are keywords then here is the answer.

These are the important words or phrases which represent a topic or your page and its content and also sub topics. These are the terms which your audience or searchers will search in Google or other search engines to find your website and all what you offer on your website.

You can say that all the words or phrases which people use to find your business and website can be called as keywords.

So, you will also learn few types of keywords which various websites target for SEO.

Learn On Page SEO

Why do you do keyword research and why do you find your keywords? Because you want to make your website rank for these keywords.

Simply finding and using these keywords on any website or web page will not help you rank that website or web page for those targeted keywords.

There is a method, a process and a set of techniques for this.

This is called on page SEO optimization. The techniques of on page SEO help you in using those keywords in the right way so that it helps in ranking.

It also involves optimizing the content to assist in your keyword rankings.

All this you will learn in our on page SEO optimization training Module and Module. You will learn the important techniques and methods to optimize your website and your web pages.

Learn what is linkbuilding and how to do it

If you have learned well all the previous Modules then you have properly optimized your website for its keywords. Now you want to rank your website.

Linkbuilding is that step that will actually take your website to its goal which is ranking.

This is called building backlinks to your website. Building backlinks or Linkbuilding is one of the most important part of search engine optimization.

Why you need to build links to your website?

Google and other search engines look at backlinks as a vote for your website and content. The more quality backlinks you build the more votes you have.

This helps your website to increase its authority and popularity on search engines. This authority is what actually makes your website start and improve its ranking for the targeted keywords.

This is the best way to learn search engine optimization with our online SEO course in Delhi (Dwarka)

So, this is the complete process of how to do search engine optimization which you will learn from this professional SEO course in Delhi (Dwarka) or in India, wherever you are from.

After learning this complete process and all its steps, methods and techniques you will be able to start and do SEO for a new website and make it rank on Google.

Now you look at the various Modules and its important content of our SEO course Dwarka, Delhi. This will help you know all that you will learn with our training course.

Why Everyone Absolutely NEEDS THIS online SEO training in Delhi & Mumbai

Complete SEO training for job seekers & beginners in Delhi

Learning SEO from this complete course can help you in many ways. For beginners learning complete PLUS advanced search engine optimization will make you know more in SEO and improve your skills and qualifications. Knowing more and in depth will always help you in interviews, make you more confident and therefore help you get better job and faster.

Our complete SEO course is the perfect learning platform for beginners and entry level professionals to learn in depth, and more about SEO. It advances, perfects, compliments and completes your SEO learning and skills and help you to be the best in your jobs and careers, and this makes it the best and complete SEO course in India.

Best SEO training online for Delhi bloggers & website owners

Every blogger and website owner wants to make their blogs and websites reach many people. And believe me, SEO is one of the best, cheapest, flexible and long term beneficial way to make your website reach as many organic visitors as you want. Growing a blog and making it reach thousands of people is best done with SEO. But you need to learn it more thoroughly, little more deeply and more completely. Just learn that you can select a keyword, put it in meta and title tags and do some link building is never enough.

A complete SEO knowledge can make you grow your blog to as many search visitors as you want and also in a faster and more effective way.

This is why we all need to learn complete SEO and for this our course is one of the best.

Online SEO training in Delhi & Mumbai: to make you BEST in India

Learning from our best course in SEO then you become a complete SEO expert and professional as our course teaches the best in search engine optimization. This course offers 5 SEO specialization, in depth SEO teaching and helps you gain more expertise covering much more of search engine optimization. You can therefore have the best of the careers and job and apply for best of jobs in any of the major cities in India right from Delhi to Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore or Bengaluru, Chennai, Kolkata. Al this opens up many new career opportunities for you.

ONE, you will be able to get better jobs in SEO as you know complete SEO with our course. TWO, you can also go for digital marketing fresher or entry level jobs as you not only know complete search engine optimization but also you now have good knowledge and understanding of what is social media, how social media works, how to do social media optimization and social media marketing, which are the best social media platforms used in India, and how to use these best social media platforms in India for marketing.

BEST Online SEO Training for 2020

This is the best and complete course for beginnners to learn SEO in 2019 and beyond for 2020 because it is complete and covers much more of search engine optimization and its techniques than other similar courses in India. After this course, you may not need to learn anything else in SEO from any other course.

I got these results in the year 2019 from using the techniques which I teach in this course. Therefore you can also learn and achieve the same in 2019 and in year 2020 and even beyond.

  • Learn complete SEO and how to do it
  • Learn all the relevant and required techniques
  • Learn to find and target more keywords
  • Learn to best optimize websites for keywords ranking
  • Learn to build links with safe and white hat techniques
  • Learn local search

SEO Institute, Delhi & Mumbai

Online SEO Training Institute with locations in Delhi & Mumbai

To get the best online training in Delhi and across India

We are Purpalyn and we are SEO experts and an expert SEO Training Institute having locations in Delhi & Mumbai and the one of the best SEO Institutes in India. As an institute operating within the digital marketing industry and domain area, we focus purely and solely on search engine optimization.

Our training course in search engine optimization is designed to teach and train the best, relevant SEO in the most effective and practical way. We are an online Institute with SEO courses delivered online and as PDF formats to make in a very easy to understand language.

Our Motto

We look forward and are working to establish and brand Purpalyn as an institute which offers most effective and best SEO learning and course content, in India. Then we aim to be the best provider of SEO course material and content across the world.

As an institute are committed to providing courses, content and learning material which covers search engine optimization in the best way for the learners. The way to make it effective is to make the SEO learning content easily understandable. The learners should be able to understand SEO concepts, basics and techniques easily and also understand how to apply the same to get results.

What we teach in our SEO Institute

The Institute that teaches the BEST SEO

We teach search engine optimization in the best way. We aim to cover SEO extensively and also make it really simple for students and learners. There is no point in teaching SEO or any other digital marketing channel in a way that the learners are not able to understand, follow and apply it.

As an SEO teaching institute we are not teaching SEO to prove our expertise but to use our expertise in search engine optimization and convert our knowledge in SEO learning content which everyone can understand and apply.

Why we teach SEO at the Institute?

We believe only in teaching what we are best & expert in, and not just everything that we know.

We teach only SEO. And we provide training on best and expert search engine optimization. This is because, we are based on experience and expertise in doing search engine optimization. The other reason why we teach only SEO is that we are not teaching for the sake of just teaching.

We are teaching because we believe and have proved also (with results) that we have gained authority and expertise in one field which is SEO. This puts us in a strong position where we can teach the things, which we have learned and achieved, to many more learners.

We teach SEO (only) because we believe we can help learners become SEO professionals (and not just another few job seekers), because we can help them become SEO experts and to SEO in a more effective and better way.

We can help them understand SEO in a better way so that when they start doing it they are more knowledgeable, more aware and better prepared. And so they will be able to do SEO in a far better way.

Also, we believe it is much better to teach (and do) that thing or things only which you are good at. And not do all the things which you just have some knowledge and you think you can do.

And we also focus on and teach SEO because it is a wonderful professional field. It is a very good career option which has plenty of growth opportunities. There are many benefits of learning SEO which we have list below for you to read and know. SEO is one such field in online marketing which not only gives you opportunities to do wonderful things, grow but also opens up many doors and opportunities in digital marketing.

What we teach in our SEO course online

We specifically designed this Purpalyn SEO course in a way that this course becomes the go to course and the best course for SEO learning. And this is based on the course content and what we cover in SEO in this course.

What you learn from our search engine optimization course is:

  1. Complete Professional SEO
  2. Practical teaching method & language with examples for easy to understand and learn SEO
  3. How to start and do full scale SEO for a new website.

This is the best SEO course which makes you specialized in various SEO areas. This course is actually a bundle of 10 SEO courses. It is simply not good enough to just know what SEO covers. Our course will make you specialize in many aspects of doing SEO.

Also, besides learnings the basics, fundamentals and even advanced SEO, there is one another important thing which you need to learn in SEO. Without learning this your SEO learning is incomplete.

And almost all learners have to learn this on the job. But our course teaches you this. That is application of SEO concepts and techniques.

Best SEO training Institute in Delhi & Mumbai (India)


Complete Beginners SEO Training to do SEO for websites in Delhi

SEO Course Details

SEO course fees

Entire Course Fee – INR 5,400 INR 21,600

Special Inaugural Price

Our SEO course fees in India is just INR 5,400, Special Inaugural FEES. You will learn complete professional search engine optimization with this course at this small cost.

Pay INR 5,400 ONLY for this advanced SEO Course in Delhi via Instamojo here

Skills you gain from our SEO training in Delhi NCR & Maharashtra (India)

One of the best features of our complete course on SEO is that it will add many skills and capabilities to your CV and therefore help you be better job ready and help you become a complete SEO professional. So, you will be able to full search engine optimization and handle full SEO projects, from start to finish. What most SEO beginners and SEO executives, with very less or no experience, do is small parts and tasks of search engine optimization. With this course and some practice you will be able to take on larger SEO job responsibilities and grow more in your career.

This is because of these skills and capabilities that you gain from this course.

  • Open and manage SEO accounts
  • Identify and track SEO metrics
  • Prepare complete website for SEO
  • Take up complete SEO projects
  • Do general website SEO
  • Do local website SEO
  • Do full technical SEO
  • Prepare and submit sitemaps
  • Know & Identify keywords
  • Find keywords for a website
  • Do complete keyword research
  • Do full on page SEO of complete websites
  • Fully optimize websites & keywords for rankings
  • Create better Titles & headers
  • Understand Dofollow & Nofollow links
  • Build links for a website
  • Do complete link building
  • Do full off page SEO

Who can enroll in our SEO Course in Delhi

  • Delhi students who want to enter into SEO field
  • Beginners in Delhi swho want to make a career in SEO
  • Delhi Graduates who want a start career early
  • Anyone who wants to have a high paying career in Delhi
  • Individuals of any age who want to be freelancers in Delhi
  • To take up search engine optimization projects in Delhi
  • Anyone who wants to start a career in digital marketing
  • Delhi based small business owners to make their business website grow
  • Delhi professionals in digital marketing fields
  • SEO Professionals in Delhi to advance their career
  • Delhi NCR based working SEO Professionals who want to be SEO experts
  • Delhi bloggers who want to grow their blogs and get organic traffic
  • NCR based content writers who want to grow
  • Website designing experts & professionals of Delhi NCR
  • Delhi based Marketing professionals

Why Learn best SEO in Delhi from this course

  • To start a career in SEO
  • To take up freelancing work
  • To make your own website grow
  • To get organic traffic to your blog website
  • SEO as a career has bright future
  • One of the most sought career by students
  • One of the top careers in 2019, 2020 and beyond
  • For a high growth career
  • For a high paying career
  • By learning SEO one can enter into digital marketing
  • First & most important step to be digital marketing expert

SEO Institute location and course details

This complete SEO training course is delivered online. You will be mailed the course in PDF with all the techniques and complete process. Keeping in mind the online teaching methodology and home based self learning, everything in the course is explained in detail and with examples where needed.

We are based in Delhi & have branch in Mumbai. In Delhi we are located in in Dwarka adjoining Janakpuri, Uttam Nagar & Tilak Nagar. In Mumbai we have a assistance branch location in Gorai, Borivali West. Yet anyone across India can enroll in our course. We will provide full support and learning assistance through mails.

For any query about this course and to ask questions after you purchase the course you can mail us at and we will reply to you as soon as we can. You will have email support with this course for doubts and problems. Please note that all these doubts, queries and problems will be addressed as per the availability of time, but will be answered.

SEO Training Course FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What are the qualifications for learning from this SEO course in Delhi

This course for learning SEO in Delhi is a professional and career oriented course. Generally students in Delhi who pursue SEO are graduates. You can be a commerce, science, arts graduate from any of Delhi University colleges. Someone having a vocational degree or diploma in any field or having a degree from open learning can also enroll for this course in Delhi and start SEO.

Students who are pursuing their graduations and are in second or third or final year of their graduation can also learn SEO from our course. You also need basic level knowledge and comfort level in English language. You only need some interest search and marketing and in the Internet or online things. With this you can enroll in this course and start learning SEO.

Are there any basic requirements for this course

To pursue this course you need an access to a computer like desktop or laptop. Everyone usually has a computer in their homes in Delhi. In case you cannot have a ready access to a computer you can also learn SEO from this course with your smartphones or mobiles. Even if you do not have your own computer, every college going student or graduate in Delhi has smartphones. You also need access to the Internet to purchase this training course download the PDF SEO course.

Once downloaded to your laptop or smarphone you can complete it without access to the net.

Is this an SEO course, SEO training or both

Our SEO course is an advanced level and specialized SEO course. It actually is a complete course on SEO which makes you expert in doing SEO at the basic as well as advanced level. Also, this course trains you in 3 types of SEO i.e. Mobile SEO, Local SEO and Ecommerce SEO.

This is not a classroom based SEO course. But it is a detailed and complete and in-depth training on SEO. Therefore it is a full SEO training course.

Why learn SEO online and what are the benefits?

We provide this search engine optimization course online. There are many methods to learn online and our course is in PDF which you can download or get on email. Learning online saves you time and makes it more comfortable to learn at home.

Learning SEO online is also fast as you do not have to depend upon the timing and duration of classroom training or classes. You can fast pace your learning. The added advantage of learning search engine optimization course online is that you can practice as you learn on your laptop and take as much time as you want to learn, practice it as much and master each and every step, task, concept and technique of SEO.

How is it better than classroom training

There are 3 features of this course which makes our SEO training course better than most of the SEO classroom training. First, The content and coverage of this course makes it better than 90% of all the SEO courses. Second, The content or the explanation in this PDF SEO course is in very simple language. Therefore you can easily understand everything from this course. Further, we have included examples across the various Modules of this course and wherever it was necessary to explain. Third, the price of this course is much much less when compared to all other SEO courses or SEO trainings.

So, you get the best and in-depth online SEO training at a very affordable SEO course fees.

Can anyone and everyone enroll in this course

Yes, everyone in Delhi can enroll in this SEO course, and start learning SEO from this course. It is very easy for anyone to learn SEO as this is PDF SEO course. Everyone from a college going student or a graduate, anyone working in any field, a business owner and even housewives can start learning from this SEO course. Just purchase and download this PDF SEO course on your computer, laptop, or mobile and access it from your home, office or anywhere else and even while travelling in the Delhi metro.

Is this course only for professionals

Our SEO course is a specialized course in SEO in Delhi. This course teaches you advanced level SEO. And typically SEO professionals in Delhi enroll for such advanced and professional SEO course. But, the way we have designed this course, even beginners without any knowledge of SEO can learn SEO from this course. This is because it covers all the basics and fundamentals of SEO and only then it goes on to the advanced levels. This course is for those who want to learn full and advanced SEO and it can be both professional or beginner.

Is this course for beginners only

This is the best SEO course for beginners. This is because it teaches and covers all the basics of SEO which a beginners wants to learn. But it also takes the beginners and learners from the basics to the advanced and specialization levels. It makes you a professional and help you become an SEO expert. After this course a beginner can learn much more about SEO than any other SEO course for beginners.

For this reason, this course is also good for early level SEO professionals or professionals in various digital marketing fields. Even if you are already doing SEO you can learn much more from this course and improve your SEO skills and expertise.

What are the types of links in SEO that I will learn

Links means a source webpage connecting to another destination webpage where you can go to the destination page from the source page by clicking on the link. Links are mainly of three types in SEO:

Internal Link – It is the link which connects one webpage to another webpage of the same website. When you click the link then you go to another page but remain on the same website.

External Link – It is the link which takes you to another website and its page when you click on the link. For the source website these are called external links as you go to another website.

Backlinks – These are the links coming to your website from another different websites. The external links of a source website become backlinks for the destination website.

Is learning SEO better than PPC

PPC means pay per click advertising. PPC is a part of search engine marketing. When you search for some product or company in Google you will see advertisements in the form of “paid search results” on the top of the organic results. That is done through PPC, also known as Google adwords. Both PPC and SEO use the same platform, Google and other search engines.

If you compare PPC with SEO then yes, Learning SEO is much better than learning PPC. SEO has much wider and greater career scope. PPC is also a much costlier method of getting search traffic. Therefore SEO is comparatively preferred more than PPC. However PPC can bring much faster search traffic and leads, but it costs much more than SEO, which is a slower but long term effective method of getting the same search traffic.

I want to learn digital marketing then why should I learn SEO only

Digital marketing is such a vast field comprising of many channels, methods, categories and techniques. Digital marketing or online marketing covers inbound marketing and outbound marketing. It is done through many techniques and channels some of which are

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Content Marketing
  • Pay-per-click Advertising (PPC)
  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

It also includes affiliate marketing, mobile advertising, display advertising and much more.

Not every channel is used by everyone, and it is very difficult to gain good level of expertise in all these channels. So, you need to pick the ones that are used more and can be learned in an easy and more beneficial way. In that way learning SEO will help you a lot. SEO is the most preferred and friendly channels of digital marketing, followed by social media and PPC.

Being thorough and professional in SEO will first of all make you an expert in the best digital marketing channel. Secondly, learning SEO completely and thoroughly can help you learn and do social media and PPC easily. So, learning SEO can also help you in becoming a digital marketing professional.

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