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Complete online SEO training course in India

We provide and aim to give the most valuable, complete and best online SEO training in India. We look to make Purpalyn as the best online training provider in India which covers search engine optimization teaching and training in the best way.

We offer deep insights into the SEO and its industry and practices. Our training programs are backed by years of experience in doing SEO and more on achieving wonderful results from it. We were able to rank one blog for more than 200 keywords on the first page.

We are presently offering this complete SEO course which covers everything in SEO from basics, fundamentals to SEO techniques. It offers much more and teaches and trains you to find more keywords for your website and make them rank too.

Our this course is best SEO course. It is also the best the ONLY SEO training course in India which gives you best learning and training on keyword research.

Look at this best and complete SEO course.

The SEO courses we provide currently, and plan to provide in near future, are actually training and more than courses. The way we designed these courses, the way we teach through, and the content we provided and the way it is written and designed, it is a step by step training on all aspects of SEO.

Best SEO online training

SEO Coverage

Best and most complete SEO course with 30 chapters covering everything to learn to be a professional.

All Basics & Insights

Learn all the basics and insights into how to best do SEO & how it works.

Exercises for practice

Practice what you learn in this SEO course with chapter wise exercises to develop skills.

Best Keyword Research Training

This SEO course gives you best coverage & training on keyword research to find many keywords.

Best On Page SEO Training

Best on page techniques & training with our course to rank more keywords.

Strategies & Techniques

Step by step guide on strategies and techniques to follow to achieve better SEO results.

Learn Right Approach

Follow the right approach to ranking and build many first page rankings and tons of traffic.

Rank your website to first page with our approach and techniques. I DID IT!

Not just SEO. Training to Rank Keywords on First Page.

Our Online SEO training modules to make you experts

Online Technical SEO training

Starting with a complete understanding of what is technical SEO and what is the need to do it. We train you on doing better technical SEO optimization of a website by teaching you the key technical SEO techniques. Our course trains on how to better implement these techniques for better results.

Online On Page optimization training

Through our training courses we teach and train you on how to best optimize your website. We cover all the important on page SEO techniques which you need to follow. Our courses also cover unique perspective on these techniques and teach you to do innovative and unique on page SEO optimization through new techniques.

Online Keyword Research training

Keyword research is the most important part of doing search engine optimization. Therefore it is very important that you understand what is keyword research, how to do it. For this you also need to understand what are keywords and the role they play in SEO. We teach you in depth on keywords and its various aspects.

We train you perfectly on keyword research through our online SEO training courses. We train you on how to find your keywords and how to select the best and most relevant keywords for your website.

We use the important criteria and also have developed few of our own parameters to find keywords, validate those keywords and check their difficulty levels and select the best ones. We teach and train you on all these in our online training courses.

Online Off Page SEO training

Off page SEO that part of learning and doing search engine optimization which is not often fully understood. We teach you what is off page completely and make you properly understand it so that you can do it better than others. We teach the techniques of doing off page SEO.

Online Link Building SEO training

Learning what is link building, how to do acquire links for your website and to rightly understand the need, role and importance of links for your website is very critical for doing and learning search engine optimization. Not learning it properly can make you do it in many wrong ways which can ultimately destroy all your SEO efforts and gains.

Our online training courses teach you all about link building which you need to know to be better in linkbuilding and link acquisition.

We also teach and train on how to build links to a website. We train you step by step on the process of building quality links to your website and to build its authority.

Online training course on how to rank for more keywords

This is the core of SEO. Ranking for keywords. All your SEO activities are focused on and ultimately leads to this one goal. Ranking your website for your targeted keywords.

We teach you all about how to rank your website for your targeted keywords on search engines and on the Google search engine. Google drives most of the search engine traffic and clicks for any website. Therefore, we train you to rank your keywords on Google. We train you on how to do Google SEO to rank keywords.

Online training on how to get more first page keyword rankings

If you want to be good, better and best in SEO then you need to learn how to make a website rank for many more keywords. This is what we train you with our online courses and training programs.

If you truly want to be an SEO expert then you need to master ranking a website for more keywords. This involves finding more keywords, optimizing webpages and websites for more keywords, and doing off page and link building to make more keywords rank on the first page.

We train you on how to rank any website for many more keywords. Not just ranking on search engines, we train you on how to rank more keywords on the first page and on the top positions.

Our Online training methodology

We teach and train you on search engine optimization and all its different aspects through our unique approach which involves different techniques and platforms.

Online SEO training courses

SEO case studies

SEO topic specific guides and videos

Exhaustive Blogs on SEO topics

Email support for queries, questions and doubt handling

Learn Smart SEO. RANK (& BE) Smart.

What you learn with our online training

You will be able to increase your knowledge, professional skills and expertise in search engine optimization from learning the following from our course and training.

  •  What is SEO and how it works
  •  Complete perspective on SEO, its scope and what all it involves
  •  How to prepare best for your SEO career
  •  How to find perfect keywords
  •  How to do on page optimization
  •  How to make your keywords rank
  •  How to get first page rankings
  •  How to optimize and rank websites for more keywords
  •  How to do off page optimization
  •  How to do build links for your website

Best SEO Course for 2019 and 2020

Our training course on search optimization basics and advanced techniques provides a curriculum which is latest and will be periodically updated with the latest techniques and methods.

I got these results in the year 2019 from using the techniques which I teach in this course. Therefore you can also learn and achieve the same in 2019 and in year 2020 and even beyond.

  • Based on evergreen search engine optimization techniques
  • All white hat and safe methods and techniques
  • Based on creating better content which is evergreen and core of SEO. Content is the King.
  • Keyword research valid for voice search keywords
  • Covers many techniques which will remain valid in future

Our SEO Courses

Advanced SEO training course

Best training on more and faster keywords ranking and building tons of search traffic faster.

Complete SEO course

Best and complete SEO course for any beginner and entry level SEO professionals.

SEO Beginners course

Best course for beginners to learn SEO in detail and in depth to best start their careers.

Basic course on SEO

Best basic level course to know and understand SEO and how it works.

List of our SEO courses