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Complete SEO Tutorial content outline

This is what this online SEO tutorial will cover and teach you about search engine optimization.

  • Chapter 1: Understand what is search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Chapter 2: Why learn SEO and how you can start your career in SEO
  • Chapter 3: Understand what are search engines and how they work
  • Chapter 4: Algorithms, Search Engines & SEO
  • Chapter 5: How to enhance search presence and submit site to Search Engines
  • Chapter 6: A checklist on how to do technical SEO for website
  • Chapter 7: How you can select build keyword portfolio with keywords research
  • Chapter 8: How to optimize pages for keywords to benefit from keywords research
  • Chapter 9: How to do off page SEO to build authority and boost online presence

FREE SEO Tutorial - FULL online guide on SEO

Learning SEO or search engines optimization and taking it up as a career option can be rewarding, satisfying and exciting, all at the same time. SEO is also the best way to enter into the digital marketing world. You will know about all this in our chapter on SEO careers. Search engine optimization (SEO) is one such area where learning never stops, and most of the learning is self-learning.

In this FREE online SEO learning tutorial you will learn complete search engine optimization from what is SEO, what are its basic fundamentals and how to start optimizing your website for search engine rankings.

Learning SEO in these days of digital marketing is very rewarding and a good career option. An online complete professional SEO course can help a lot. It also helps you start learning SEO from your home. There are SEO institutes offering SEO course in Delhi and SEO training course in Mumbai and other cities which can provide the right and complete learning of search engine optimization.

The chapters in this tutorial covers the important steps and processes for doing full scale SEO. If you are new to search engine optimization then by going through this online tutorial you will know what are the steps you need to follow in SEO. Learning these will help you optimize web pages and build authority of a website to make it rank in search engine pages.

Why Learn from our SEO tutorial?

We created this SEO tutorial to add more value to our complete and best online SEO learning. We want to create the best online learning resource on search engine optimization for all the learners and readers. It is because I believe, it takes a keen eye, interest and observation to learn anything along with the years of experience. We give you following reasons why learning SEO from this turorial is best.

1. First it is a detailed and exhaustive search engine optimization tutorial divided into 9 chapters, and is free for everyone to learn organic SEO and gain knowledge.

2. These chapters cover the topics you need to know and learn to enter into the SEO industry and become an SEO professional.

3. Every chapter is then a detailed and in depth SEO guide on respective search engine optimization chapters where everything that you need to know is covered and explained in detail.

4. Our tutorial cum guide covers in depth knowledge on each of the chapters which are the result of SEO knowledge gained years of experience, experimentation, and extensive study and reading.

5. We cover SEO from the very basic and start to not just make you understand SEO but also why it is done.

6. The chapter wise guide covers not only theoretical but also practical knowledge which is also reflective of experience and observation.

7. The detailing and explanation of the concepts is done in really simple way and with simple to understand examples wherever necessary.

So, we have designed this exhaustive SEO tutorial. It is not exhaustive just because it gives you more 18,000 words of SEO coverage and knowledge. It is because what we covered through those words which we put into the 9 chapters of this tutorial.

If you want to really learn SEO or any other skill then you need to invest some time in really understanding that skill. Just knowing the theory is not enough. Knowing what all to do is also not good enough unless you understand why is it done so that you can understand how it is done or how it should be done. The same applies in this field too.

Or perhaps more. Search engine optimization is a very exciting and unique field. It is because you are given freedom to design your own ways and strategies but staying within the guidelines of search engines. This makes all the more important for all aspiring and even currently working professionals to know the basics, to understand why you should do something which you need to do.

Best way to start learning SEO

Search engine optimization (SEO) is one such area where learning never stops, and most of the learning is self-learning. You can keep learning and knowing and even discovering new and advanced things, techniques, practices by reading various SEO resources.

The best and full way of learning it can only be through an advanced SEO tutorial or course, to get complete, best, in depth, thorough and expert level SEO training and learning. Our online tutorial covers some advanced and expert SEO techniques and insights. Usually SEO professionals who already know how search engine optimization works go for advanced learning. So, this becomes the best SEO tutorial for you to learn practical and complete SEO.

But for a beginner, he needs to start learning. So, how do you start learning the basics and the concepts. There are three ways you can start learning SEO:

  • Enroll for a professional search engine optimization course,
  • Study online from a complete guide or a SEO tutorial for beginners like ours,
  • Go through many SEO websites and resources, books to learn and figure out everything on your own

The first option is of course a paid one, but it can give you complete learning. This is also the best option for a beginner. Everyone teaches different things yet each of the courses teach you SEO in their own ways.

When you decide to go for paid SEO courses then you can select from five different types of courses or ways in which you can start learning:

  • find an expert SEO institute and enroll into their online or classroom training
  • find yourself the best beginner SEO course, or
  • get a complete SEO course for good learning,

Then you could use an online search engine optimization guide or a more in depth SEO tutorial like this one to start. This could be the best start because it is free. More importantly, you get to know many things about SEO at one place. And our tutorial covers more and in depth.

Third option is to figure out every by yourself by reading blogs, websites, books, etc. It is another free option but can take a lot of time. Besides, you can always take this option after you gain some good understanding and knowledge. In fact, I recommend every starter to develop a habit of reading SEO blogs, websites, case studies. This is required because in SEO nothing is enough, and there is no upper limit to expertise and growth.

So, let us briefly tell you why this tutorial guide will help you gain good level of understanding about search engine optimization and make you ready to practically start doing SEO.

Complete SEO Tutorial syllabus

This is the course syllabus of our SEO tutorial. The tutorial covers 9 chapters on search engine optimization. These chapters cover SEO in a comprehensive way teaching you the basics and fundamentals of search engine optimization and how to do SEO.

Chapter 1: Understand what is search engine optimization (SEO)

The first thing you need to know is what is SEO and what it does. You need to understand the meaning of it and also know the reasons why everyone does it. We all know and have seen many website, but you need to know how do you look at a website from search and ranking perspective. What is ranking and how websites are ranked. Find all this in this first chapter on SEO.

Chapter 2: Why learn SEO and how you can start your career in SEO

You are here because you want to learn search engine optimization, and most probably you are new to it. And it is to make a good career out of it. Know what all career options you can have in this field. It is a career option with many positives and so know the advantages of being an SEO professional. Getting a job as a fresher in any field can be tough, but here, you can gain experience and add value to your CV if you follow what we suggest you in this second chapter of SEO. You can gain advantage of over other freshers and even beat experienced ones.

Chapter 3: Understand what are search engines and how they work

Where does everybody mostly go to look online for information? Who ranks all these websites? Yes, these are search engines. Google is one of those search engines where most of us go. Do you know there are other major search engines too? These search engines will be ranking your website when you start doing search engine optimization. So, it becomes important here to know how do they rank. Search engines have a detailed process of ranking these sites and it is important that you know this before you start doing SEO. This is exactly what our third SEO chapter will teach.

Chapter 4: Algorithms, Search Engines & SEO

Search engines and SEO have a brief still long and interesting history. Both these have evolved over the years, and these were not like what you see now. This evolution of search engines changed, defined and continues to guide how we do SEO. When you start doing SEO, two things you will often hear and read are "best practices in SEO" and "algorithms or updates". Know what makes and defines best practices. This fourth chapter tells you how algorithm release and updates changed the way search engines evaluate and rank website, and also how we do SEO.

Chapter 5: How to enhance search presence and submit site to Search Engines

How does a search engine know that you have created a website, which is about some industry and subject and has content which talks about all these topics? It is very important that Google and other search engines find your site. But what is more important is they are able to find all the content and understand its meaning and objective. There are steps you need to take before your website is seen and added by search engines. This is one of the important part of doing SEO. We tell you what all to do and how to properly submit your site to search engines in our fifth SEO chapter.

Chapter 6: A checklist on how to do technical SEO for website

Your website is important and is the base of SEO hence it becomes very important to make sure that it works in the right way. Your website is seen by your visitors, but more importantly it is accessed by search engines, to include it in search results and to make it rank. They prefer sites with features and functionalities which makes the website better, and also help in their rankings. This is covered under technical search engine optimization and this what our sixth chapter teaches you in detail. Know what are the important technical optimization techniques and steps you should do to improve visibility and rankings of a website.

Chapter 7: How you can select build keyword portfolio with keywords research

A website is made up of various pages, and all the pages have content without which they are more or less worthless. How do you tell search engines and your visitors what your pages and its content is talking about? How do search engines categorize your web pages and how do visitors find information and content online and what do they search for? The answer to all these is keywords. This is the most important aspect of SEO as it connects a site with search engines and with the visitors. Know what is keyword research and how to find your keywords with this process in this SEO chapter seven on keywords and keyword research.

Chapter 8: How to optimize pages for keywords to benefit from keywords research

Things look beautiful and better only when you put them in their right places. This is equally true and even more applicable for keywords. You need to understand all the different types of keywords and know where to use these. This is what is done when you do on page SEO optimization. Keywords and content does not work on its own and make a website rank. The right keywords and using these at the right places and in the right way can significantly power SEO and ranking of a page and a website. In this eighth chapter of our SEO tutorial we tell you what is on page SEO and how to do it. This chapter will cover the important techniques of doing on page optimization. You can learn advanced techniques from our on page SEO training course.

Chapter 9: How to do off page SEO to build authority and boost online presence

This stage is very critical and crucial to your SEO. This could take your website to the top page and to the number one ranking on search engine pages. And if done in the wrong way, this could also destroy the visibility, reputation of your site in the eyes of search engines and therefore destroy and kill all your rankings. This is also very dynamic, interesting and ever evolving process of SEO, and perhaps the one which is often misunderstood. Know what is off page SEO, and whether it is just link building or more than that. This final chapter of our SEO tutorial teaches you about backlinks, about link building and about off page and what all it covers.

Reasons to learn SEO

Start SEO Career as a beginner

You could be interested in learning SEO to start a career in this field. An SEO tutorial like ours, can be a good guide to your SEO career. If you do not know anything about SEO or search engines then you at least know that or can see that there is an increase in internet usage. This also has increased and will keep on increasing trend of online search through search engines. This means more demand for SEO.

Also, with this the number of websites in the world and especially in India are increasing and will keep increasing more in future. A website is of almost no use if it does not reach its target audience. And SEO is the best way to do this. And the reason for this is the huge marketing opportunities that search engines provide.

Reasons to grow using SEO knowledge and skills

Yes, you can gain a good level of expertise in digital marketing by learning its key channels one by one, and learning how to optimize websites for search engines is very important as the practice and skills in SEO go beyond and cover website designing, using social media, content marketing, and even go to include email marketing and relationship building. All these areas somewhere become part of advanced search optimization and marketing and all these benefit your search engine presence and rankings.

Even if you want to learn how to do search PPC, understanding keywords and knowing how to do keyword research are an important part of it. After all, search marketing is SEO plus PPC.

So, it is always a good idea to have some basic knowledge of SEO if you are already into and doing some form of digital marketing.

As we mentioned above, this tutorial on search engine optimization covers all the basics through its 9 chapters. We offer you information, theoretical concepts and practical knowledge about search engine optimization in our detailed and exhaustive SEO tutorial to help you start your journey into this world of growth and opportunity.

Jump in right now and start your SEO journey with our best SEO tutorial for beginners this first chapter on understanding SEO.

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