Know how to learn & teach yourself SEO and others too SEO in 2020

The 101 guide on how to learn and teach yourself search engine optimization. Learn how to become SEO teacher and expert and teach SEO to others.

how best to learn SEO in 2019 & 2020

There are two ways to look at teaching search engine optimization. One, is how to teach yourself SEO. Two, how to teach SEO to others.

But for both you need to start learning it. In case you missed you can read how to learn SEO fast and from scratch. And since we are talking about how to teach it we should know as much as we can about learning search engine optimization at home and online.

No matter who you want to teach SEO, yourself or others, you need to learn it first. There are things which you should know before you start learning it. Two of those things you should know and if you missed these are how to learn SEO fast from scratch.

And since we are talking about how to teach it the second thing which you should also know is how to learn search engine optimization at home and online.

Let us now start with how to teach yourself SEO.

What is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is also called as organic search engine optimization or organic SEO.

Search engine optimization means and involves specialized and unique methods and techniques which we do to help improve the visibility of a website on search engines.

We do SEO to make a website visible and rank higher in search engines like Google. If you want your website to rank in Google or be visible then you need to find a keyword for it. It is the keywords that rank. The keywords are the terms or phrases which someone will use to identify you or your business. It is also what a user will search in Google or Bing or Yahoo to find a website like yours.

SEO is actually a continuous and multi step process involving various techniques and methods and strategies. What we do in SEO is basically target certain keywords which are important for a website, optimize the pages and content of the website for the same keywords and then make those pages rank higher on search engine pages, again for the same keywords.

The objective is to increase visibility of our website for those keywords and related queries to get organic clicks and visitors from search engines to our website and its pages.

What to learn in SEO

SEO basically involves five important and fundamental steps. These are:

  1. Keyword Research
  2. Writing content
  3. Technical SEO
  4. On Page SEO
  5. Building Links

These five steps complete the search engine optimization process. Let us now look at what to learn and do in each of these steps.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process of finding all relevant keywords for your website. Keyword research aims to find all the keywords which we can use for a particular website and for each of the web pages of that website.

The purpose of keyword research is to find the words or phrases which people use to find your business and website are keywords. These are the words or keywords which you will target on your website.

The way to find keywords is to think of few words, terms or phrases which represent your business and its products and services. Then head over to Google and type in all those terms one by one.

Then look at the websites in results and keywords suggested by Google to the how people use that particular term to search for your type of business or product.

Writing content

Every page has content. Content mainly covers the written text. But it also covers the media we use on websites and webpages. These include images, videos, etc.

Once you have your keywords then you need to create the page for it and write content that covers that keyword. You cannot target a keyword for ranking without good content.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO means optimizing various technical aspects of a website to improve its functioning, accessibility by search engines, and user experience. We do technical SEO optimization to ensure better & smoother crawling and therefore better indexing which helps a website in improving its organic rankings.

Technical SEO is also often called on site SEO as it covers and improves the functionality of the entire website. Many of the technical SEO techniques are often seen and covered as on page techniques.

Key techniques to learn and do

  1. Create & submit sitemap
  2. Create & submit robots file
  3. Improve site speed
  4. Make site mobile ready or responsive
  5. Look at the site structure

On Page SEO

On page SEO means optimizing a webpage and a website for the targeted keywords. It is the process of using keywords at the right places and making the content relevant for those keywords.

On page helps in establishing the relevance of a keyword on a web page and improve its ranking on search engine pages.

Once you have your content then onpage SEO basically means using the selected keyword at the right places so that you can target it properly. This is the basic step of optimizing a page in SEO.

There are three places where we use our main keyword for every page. These are

  1. URL or the link of that page or site
  2. Title
  3. H1 or the first and the main header tag
  4. Building Links

    Link building is the part of SEO where you now aim to build authority of your website to make it rank in the search engines. This is primarily done by building good backlinks.

    Backlinks are links from one website to another website. So, you start to build links on other websites that point to your website. The more good and relevant links your website has the better and stronger will be its authority.

    As the authority of your website will improve it will start improving its rankings for its targeted keywords. When this happens site’s search visibility for keywords improves and it starts getting organic traffic or clicks from search engine pages.

    One can start to build links with these basic linkbuilding techniques:

    1. Google listing
    2. Business listing on sites
    3. Social media profiles and accounts

How to start learning SEO professionally

This is the next step and very important one. This is what we cover uniquely in Teaching SEO. Here we will give you a unique list of persons and institutions who teach SEO.

You can use this list for two purposes. One, use these list of SEO teachers to continue and finish learning SEO. Two, refer to this list and chose one of the ways how you want to teach SEO and become an SEO teacher or instructor.

Know the SEO Teachers, Expert, Instructor or the Institute teaching SEO

This is one of the important factors to decide your best course. For us, it is little more important hence we decided to cover it as a separate section. This section will tell you all about the types of SEO institutes or SEO experts and other individuals or organizations or websites who or which provide or can offer various SEO courses.

There could be few types of websites or providers for any SEO course. Looking at the course and its factors is important. Equally important could be to look at who has designed or created the course. Please note, the instructors who teach in classrooms are not the ones (usually) who designed the courses. They are just teaching it. Let us look briefly and explain to you who all are the persons or organizations behind the various SEO courses and who are the course creators.

BEST SEO Experts

SEO or learning it can be of much little fun and excitement if it were not for these renowned and true SEO experts. Every industry, field has experts, but SEO experts are in their own separate league. Learning from any of these experts is like learning the best, most advanced and truly complete SEO.

This section or anything about "Learning SEO" cannot be complete without two names, Brian Dean and Neil Patel.

SEO Institutes

The first one is the institutes. Many of these institutes are owned and were started by SEO professionals and experts. While some were started by digital marketing pioneers and entrepreneurs.

So, while selecting SEO courses from any of these institutes you can, and you should, look for who started it. They are the ones who would have designed the courses or at least played an important part in creating the course material. Institutes usually have, and should have, a page about their founders. You can also find this information in their about us page.

Few of such institutes may have contributors who can also be professional or industry experts and have helped in designing the courses. These institutes and their courses can be considered best.

SEO Professionals

There are SEO professionals who have designed courses. Look at their experience, expertise and anything that can validate this.

More SEO experts

Then there are SEO experts. They will specifically tell you about their expertise. Because for them expertise matter more than experience. Please note expertise are different from experience. Not all experienced professionals have true expertise. Their courses are best for advanced learning.

SEO Agencies or Consultants

Some of the SEO consultants and agencies also offer courses on search engine optimization. These courses can provide some practical knowledge and perspective on SEO for beginners. Such courses are also called SEO agency course.


There are bloggers who provide their own courses which may be focused more on blogging and SEO for bloggers.

Course Aggregators

You will also see plenty of course aggregator websites like coursera, udemy where SEO experts have their own courses which are provided through these course focused websites.

Reputed SEO sites

There are reputed and authority SEO websites like MOZ, searchenginejournal which provide SEO tutorials for free.

Non SEO websites

Lastly, there also could be any other non SEO websites which may offer SEO courses. These courses may be designed by someone else and are just offered through these websites. It is important to look at who has designed the courses.

Concluding on How best to learn SEO online at home

Now I believe you are in a much better to know what all to learn in SEO, how best to learn SEO, and that learning SEO online is the best and the universal way. You will be learning much about SEO online during your SEO career and growth journey, so why not start it that way.

And yes finally, you can of course attend SEO classes but on the other hand learning SEO at home can be a much better approach and option. And when can learn so much and everything in SEO right at your very home with all the comforts and flexibility then why not take this approach.

To start your Home SEO journey, take this next step to get new insights on online SEO courses and know how to select the best online SEO course.

Few interesting facts to conclude and say learning SEO online is fast & complete

SEO is done online and is best learned online too. Why? Because

  1. You are already & always learning SEO online - While practicing SEO you read blogs, answers, every now and then
  2. Online has many resources
  3. Online is both paid and free
  4. Learning never stops and so you will always be learning something in SEO and it will be online
  5. Online is easy and 24/7
  6. Online is convenient
  7. Online is fast

Learning SEO online is very easy and convenient way of learning. In fact it is the best and easiest way. Learning online means you can learn SEO at home, at office, during travelling or anywhere you are. You just need Internet, a computer or your smartphone.

You can even learn a full SEO course at home or anywhere else without always needing an Internet connection. That is learning SEO with PDF downloadable file. So, learning online and self learning is the easiest and best way to learn SEO, and downloadable pdf files are the best way to learn SEO online. Anything which you can download and save on your system gives you the easier way of learning anything.