Terms and Conditions

The website

The Purpalyn website represents and is owned and operated by the entity and brand named Purpalyn. The website is and focuses on SEO or search engine optimization primarily and also or will cover related topics which are broadly covered under digital marketing.

What we are about

Purpalyn, focusing on SEO, has three verticals or operations. One, it provides online training and is an online SEO institute. Two, it provides consultancy services in SEO. Three, it also has blogs on topics which we believe are helpful for our audience and readers.

We do or may often ask for contact information from our readers about which you may read further and in detail in our privacy policy. You can also know more about Purpalyn here.

Our Audience

Since we provide training, courses, blogs and consultancy in SEO, our readers audience or readers are all those who are interested in search engine optimization or related areas of professions. They can be students, learners, businesses, professionals.

Use of our Website

All the material, and specifically content including text, images, video, etc, which we have created and used on our website, is the property of Purpalyn and is not allowed to be used by any one in terms of reproduction in part or full without the written consent of the company and/or without proper credit and attribution to the company which is Purpalyn.

Any such use of any of our material for commercial, public or private purpose would be against our terms of use and liable for action.

Payment for services

As we provide SEO training course and services, you would be required to make payment for the same. We currently use third party software, systems and platforms to collect. We may continue to use such other reliable websites for payment or may integrate or build the complete online payment system on our own website.

As of now we use instamojo for collecting payments.

Money back policy

We do not offer any type of money back policy. We will not say or notify you about any such offer on our website or through any online promotional material.

We offer courses and services which are based on expertise and they do not in any way guarantee any particular type of result of benefit. However, all the content and services we provide are made to help you in the best way and to benefit you only.


We publish information or content on our website which we believe is helpful and beneficial for our readers. We also provide, publish and distribute content which is specialized through our training programs and courses. All these content and information that is published and delivered through Purpalyn and its website is or can be in three forms or based on it.

The specialized content in our courses and training programs is based on knowledge, expertise and experience in that particular field. The blogs can be a mix of knowledge, expertise and experience and opinion. Third type of content and information could be a mix of reference to and what others say about a subject or topic. This third type could be published by us on our website or as links and reference to other websites.

We would like to state that it is after a reasonable research and diligence that we publish information and content on our website, however we cannot under any condition guarantee its accuracy. We never imply or ask you to accept any or all of it without your own reasons. Hence in no event can Purpalyn or its owners or partners be held liable for any damages (including, without limitation, damages for loss of data or profit, or due to business interruption) arising out of the use or inability to use the materials on Purpalyn's Internet site.

Third party Links

Our website may contain links to third party websites as reference or for other reasons like relevancy, etc. However, being third party website, we cannot take responsibility of their content or your experience on their website. They may or may not be having their own policies and conditions which may differ from ours. and as mentioned above we do link to such websites after due consideration. Our linking to such third party sites shall not be considered as our endorsement of their website or content. Use of any such linked web site is at the user's own risk.